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  1. https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/106959267/90m-mooring-extension-for-cruise-ships-proposed-for-aucklands-queens-wharf
  2. Places like AES & maybe General Marine sell a thing like a flexible screwdriver with the hose clamp size socket permanently on the end. Works in really shitty locations & round mild bends, saves a lot of skin.
  3. Hate to be rude KM but that shot of the guy sailing the Contender looks pretty physical for a man of your shape age ability weight, f&*k what's the polite way to say this?
  4. Is there anyone on this forum that actually thinks that their yacht can take repeated crash gybes in high winds without having a problem? Other than the odd wharram or prout with a table cloth sized main maybe?
  5. Let's stick with the drugs & stolen boats story?
  6. Haha! Ok so that shows how well they sail then, 50 knots, deep reefed mail & 10-13 knots!
  7. Thanks guys, need to stay away from public ramps, I'll check out Mt Rex. Ta,
  8. I don't think it had any sail up. Instrument shots showed 50 knots & 10-13 knot boat speed. Wind about 170 apparent. Even that block of flats would probably have been doing 10-12 with no sail up.
  9. Anyone know of a private launching area into the Kaipara Harbour? Needs to be capable of taking a triple axle trailer, about 6 tonne all up. Big 4WD tractor will be there also so it doesn't need to be immaculate. Privacy is very important, and we'd like a decent tide window, so a bit more water than some of the estuaries up there would be nice. PM's please, bottle of something nice for a referral that works out?
  10. Gotta agree with IT here, no dramas whatsoever, and I don't think it required anything on the cat that I wouldn't take anyway.
  11. Typo there? Should read "be home by November, leaving July, via New Cal, Vanuatu, Fiji maybe" There, I fixed it for you!
  12. I'm impressed that most of the crew.org mob understand that weather is just that, weather. Anyone that expects that a forecast is cast in stone will have some disappointments, and occasionally the forecasters get it totally wrong, even Predict Wind, whom I idolize. Welcome to the world, it's an imperfect life! Forecasting in Arizona is pretty simple, NZ, not so much. Happy sailing kids!
  13. Sorry to disappoint the tin hat wearers but wheels is correct. Paranoid sandwich stealers, thanks for the contribution, but your dysfunctional regulatory regime has no connection to ours.
  14. If you are relying on only 1 forecast, being the free public service, for your boating planning, then you’re in for some disappointing & probably dangerous times. Personally I really rate predict wind, but there are other options also.
  15. And good on him, not my sort of trip at all but best wishes all the same.
  16. Needs Cat 1 to leave NZ.
  17. That's version 1, bit of a test run, #2 coming out of the moulds now. Whole thing weighs less than the seat & lid of a standard version.
  18. All the best presents are made of carbon right?
  19. Given how rarely injectors need work, & that a 4 cylinder diesel still needs an injector pump anyway, albeit slightly simpler, I wouldn't have thought the running costs much different? Could be wrong though,
  20. Petrol in boats, Awesome!
  21. Or you can get an Eberspacher that heats glycol rather than just air, & circulates it thru little heater matrixes. Put a few of those where you want. You can even run it thru some pipe in the head & have a heated towel rail. On Bad Kitty it runs thru the hot water cylinder also, heats the water.
  22. Bad Kitty


    Barrier cream, always,
  23. When it comes to oil, IMHO, it is worth considering how much you can save buying some crap from supercheap over the manufacturers genuine oil. And how important oil is to the life of an engine. Just my 2 cents worth, I'm sure there are people that will tell you the $5 saved is worth it,
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