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  1. No fun BP, but the only person who will look after your interests in this is you. Sometimes you just have to stand up & slice the meat buddy! KMcC's advice sounds pretty good to me.
  2. Can't last forever, down to the last 3 cases of Pinot Noir. Poked our nose into Whananaki, pretty short of water in there but it is beautiful. Moving on................
  3. Anyone been in here recently? Chart shows some nav marks, but not much other detail, Ta,
  4. There's always 1 ars*#ole isn't there booboo! We're putting up photos of Waiheke, Rangitoto, maybe Barrier if we're being really adventurous, and you slap up a photo spread like that! I hope you drop your bar b mate in 3000mtrs of water & have to cook for 6 weeks without one.
  5. Bottom photo of KM's, bottom right of frame under the strut that holds the wing on is where I mean to anchor. Much further than that and there's a whole lot more moored boats, & it will shallow up. I think you'll be ok at 1.8, tricky bit is every tide change you'll swing 180 & fall back the other way in the channel.
  6. Yep, owner is pretty out there, but knows something about bondage for sure.
  7. Entrance is fine unless it's a really good easterly & swell. Don't cut the corner outside the entrance, there are rocks to the NE of the stbd mark. Motor up thru the moored boats & take the channel to the south toward the wharf & boat ramp. I'd anchor just past the moored boats in the gap before the second lot of mooring up by the wharf. Pretty crowded once you get up there. Reasonably strong tidal movement, maybe 2 knots? Holding is good though.
  8. Sorry to hear that, sad day. But on the bright side, at least now you can start looking at cats! Too soon?
  9. Probably not this trip, headed toward the Cavalli's now,
  10. Well it's been a mixed bag of weather out here, from hiding out in Whangaroa with 50 knots & plenty of rain, to this at Cape Maria Van Diemen a few days later! Had 3 nights at 3 Capes, North, Reinga & Van Diemen, still glassy calm up here with days of it still by the look of it. Hope everyone came thru the blow ok, Bad Kitty
  11. Awesome, thanks Chewing Gum,
  12. Anyone been in here before? Understand it's only good with no easterly for the entrance, anything else anyone can share? Thanks,
  13. But we don't have much control what happens with ships, or even our useless councils, but we can make sure we aren't contributing to the problem. A whole turd pumped straight onto a shellfish bed can have a pretty big impact. Every boat that has people overnighting should have a holding tank by now.
  14. NZ whites, Aussie reds, except for the stunning Central Otago Pinot Noir of course.
  15. Bad Kitty

    Boat wifi

    If you have a Spark plan with mobile data already then you can get a Spark MF910 hotspot, about $140, and pay $5.85/month to share your data with it. It'll take an external aerial input also, but as IT points out, you need cellular coverage. Vodafone may have a similar product/plan? If you need sat coverage then there is no cheap option, Iridium probably the best way there still.
  16. Race boat or just a toy? If weight is an issue then 2 stroke, we had a 9.9 high thrust 4 stroke on slipstream (GBE) bigger prop, more push, more frugal on juice. But heavier.
  17. That looks fantastic, and I don't get the fuss about building the new bit of wharf. While it does fill in a bit more harbour it doesn't go out past the existing wharves, no big deal IMHO. I'm way more pissed about the stupid dolphin, more specifically the walkway that stops boats going inside it.
  18. Bad Kitty

    New Sails

    Norths 3di are stunning kit, was hoping they would make a difference to the sailing for the price but it's hard to describe just how good they are. They are expensive, but it would be hard to go back to something else once you've had them.
  19. Apparently it only likes rubber ducks!
  20. If the dolphins were put in without the walkways at least we could sail around them when there's no cruise boats there, the walkways are just to make it easy for Ports to use them. They run a friggin port for f**ks sake, get in a damn boat & go out there to use it.
  21. Different fittings, some eurotrash thing, maybe a good gas fitter could do an adapter?
  22. I'd cut it out till all the soft & rot is gone sorry. Putting a bit of ali or steel over the top is just a Band-Aid. It's a bit of a drag having to lift the rig, but once it's done its done. And it's only labour & a bit of timber & epoxy, you won't need a whole lot of expensive parts.
  23. No there's an aerial already there for an Iridium phone cradle, just thinking we might be able to lose it. But for 2 bars of coverage I'll keep it. Thanks for the input y'all,
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