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  1. Well move the government and public servants to Tiwi Point, it will free up a lot of power in the south of the North Island........what a nice outlook looking over the Buff. Sorry of to Small Talk.
  2. Crikey I will miss the smell of the marlin cord and the creaking floor boards especially the third step from the bottom.
  3. I think I have been volunteered to assist in building one of theses flat pack things soon.
  4. Does it mean we get the same trolls??😉
  5. The £450 BILLION yacht: Concept for 200-yard-long mega-catamaran with a built in HARBOUR for less gigantic vessels and an 80-yard pier is created by German designers https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8454759/The-450-BILLION-yacht-Concept-200-yard-long-mega-catamaran-built-HARBOUR.html
  6. Crikey Crocket......showing your age there.......I have the same issue when I get the occasional ride, no bits of paper, hurst plotter, dividers, hb penicls, rubber, hand bearing compass. Just like at home with the paperless office......the printer works flat out!
  7. Wrong size of buoy, I am using 150 - 200 mm dia fish net floats.
  8. I am after some small galv chain for some new marker buoys to go in the Onehunga Basin for DF65 radio sailing. I have permission to leave permanent marks in the water. Can anyone help, I do have 6 buoys already. Thanks
  9. DP you will have to update the colour of the car like this>
  10. The line normally goes over the stern not the bow.
  11. Whats is thing you call a sextant?........just kidding. It's us more matured gentleman that can pull the sun down to the horizon.😊
  12. Is the green one thats be in the back yard for ages and ages and ages??????
  13. I have had communications with the Onehunga Local Board and Steve Rixen of the Auckland Cable Wake Park about setting some permanent marks on the basin, “IT’S A GOER”. When we break out of the lockdown and after making and positioning the marks inside the wake board cable of the headland for courses to suit the SW & the fluky NE breeze we will be able to go sailing during the week say Monday, Wednesday & Friday as the basin is normally drained and refilled on Tuesday and Thursday, what day suits????? Please let me know if you are keen to have a sail, nothing to serious as there are new skippers to radio sailing, there’s always “The Goodhome” just up the road for a debrief. If you know of other DF65 skippers please let them and me know so I can put them on the list.
  14. Try this! https://issuu.com/nbaddour/docs/alexbergeron_undergradthesis
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