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  1. Hi Guys Raymarine Axiom 7" Touchscreen GPS/Chartplotter Raymarine RVX-100 Transducer Navionics Chart Card All gear is new in box UNOPENED. Full warranty still available on the gear. Gear is surplus to requirements. Does radar/fish finder/chart plotter/tank levels/sailing etc with the appropriate transducers. Normally $2199 @ Marine Deals. Happy to let it go for $1700. Al
  2. Finally got the stack pack installed. Pretty happy with it so far:
  3. Looks like a speed machine! (Not the VW)
  4. I am very concerned at the health of the Gulf. To try to do my bit, whenever we walk along the beach the kids pick up plastic, and when we are on the boat we turn around to fish plastic (normally bait bags) out of the water - gives the kids good practice with the boat hook! On the land side of things it is heartening to see that now there are good Kiwi numbers on Motuhie, Motutapu, Rotoroa, Tiri, Kawau, Motuora, Little Barrier. I was on Motuhie recently watching the kiwi and Tuatara while looking at the sky tower. Awsome - wish we could fix below the surface as easily.
  5. Sounds like we agree on the price side of things!! There were the other reasons I went against gimballed. Is your mount dampened? How did you do it? Do you normally alter your G/SC settings or find that auto does a good enough job?
  6. Looking back I am still happy that we didn't go with gimbals. The Scan strut gimbal mount is very pricey, and I decided against it on both financial reasons and that its another moving part which could fail. Alll the flexing wouldn't do the cable much good either. Looking back - the only thing I might do differently is mount the radar a little lower - as IT pointed out less movement probably helps with a better image. I might consider a pole on the transom, as we have ours near the first spreader we loose small close targets at slightly under 10m. The beam is sufficiently wide (24 deg rings a bell) that even when heeling quite a bit it seems to work OK for other boats and buoys. I don't use the doppler mode much, as the color pallette takes away more than gives back in terms of relative motion - but you can get relative velocity vectors which is another way to show the same thing. The Quantum doesn't do dual range - IT I'm sure will advise re HALO if it can. Also check carefully about you particular brand of mast versus scanstrut hardware - we have a older kemp mast and found out that there was a special scanstrut part we had to use for our radar guard to fit the Selden/Kemp mast shape. Hope this helps.
  7. Good to know; about the rort on life rafts. IridiumGo Marine - Ebay - $1600NZD
  8. Thinking about going to the islands in the next year or so. A 6 person Life raft and IridiumGo are two items that I am unlikely to use again, so looking to rent. Is anyone who has these interested in renting them, and if so what would the price be per month? Just looking to get an idea of costs. If raft isn't current inspection, we would arrange that OFC, and for the Go would also use our own sim. Thanks.
  9. Agree with Winter on this - we had a issue the other day and the Maritime Police were reasonable and helpful.
  10. I would talk to both HM and Police Maritime unit. After you have filled with water they may put restrictions on how far you can then go (nearest safe anchorage). I have heard reports that those coming back from the barrier are not allowed to go out again.
  11. In the meantime post a pic of this view. It sounds magnificent, and I can just image what it was like today!
  12. Dagwood - thanks for your insights, sounds like you have been in the industry. I finally found the correct word for what we have - a reverse counter transom. Do you care to reccomend anyone? Someone out East Auckland would be great. Cheers,
  13. Looks bloody good. Nice job.
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