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  1. Hi All, we will be replacing our sail drive diaphragms in a few weeks. The question i cant seam to find any great information on is what product to use in gluing the new fairing boot with. I understand the preparation to the hull and the rubber boot itself, however would like to know what adhesive products other have used. Cheers.
  2. Bradz

    ECU repair

    try https://www.thecircuitspecialist.com/ He is in Manukau, repaired an ABS pump unit of mine, for a fraction for the replacement cost.
  3. +1 for the Quilosa
  4. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Crikey, 94 pages, that will require more attention with a few less quite rums than currently consumed. Thanks for the link.
  5. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Problem you need to consider with the soft shakle option Ed, is the tolerance you have above the headboard to the crane. I have know those who tie a bowline from a friction ring, down side is its never going to be a constant for luff tension.
  6. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    I'd like to see al the pics/diagrams from this thread Need some light hearted Saturday night reading.
  7. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Our Vote would be Tylaska we currently have the non sheave version. Never had an issue with it.
  8. Bradz

    New Boat

    Nice choice, she will bring many hours of pleasure.
  9. http://www.poal.co.nz/operations/schedules/cruise Looks like she is at anchor for the night before docking at Princes Wharf tomorrow.
  10. Pretty Woman paid Monday just gone.
  11. Bradz

    Dock lines

    We have always gone for 3 strand nylon, spliced to suit the berth. Thickness obviously to suit vessel.
  12. We have a similar problem now and again, find having tweaker hard on gives a better furl.
  13. I'd get in contact with them for any queries, very helpful and prompt reply, Brian is who you want to get in touch with. pelagicautopilot@gmail.com
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