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  1. again thanks for the replies. ScottiE and myosys the plans and pictures look to be what i will have to get organised. if anything else comes up please share it. nice looking interiors on the boats. are they finished in gloss?
  2. thanks again for the replies. myosys - i assume the dolphin striker floats up and down through the beam. does the beam have anything welded into it to keep water from entering the boat? are the stainless plates top and bottom of the beam to locate the dolphin striker and stop wear on the beam? i see some "rope" from the bottom of the dolphin striker to the intermediate beam, were you having problems with the striker moving around? martin- i could be very tempted to go with bigger(read higher ) composite beams a bit further into the future. the weather protection is important. i'll get this problem sorted first
  3. hello all ive been absolutely flat out.finally got a bit of time to get back to my boat. thanks to those who have taken the time to reply. Martin- what a great site you have lots of info. i'm very interested in your composite beams, does this let you do away with the dolphin striker? Freedom thanks for the compliment on boat looks ScottiE any info will be appreciated
  4. would anybody have any photos (close ups) of mast bases used on Tennant style cats. does non rotating make any difference to the loading on the mast base? thanks
  5. Everybody Sheet tension is an idea i hadn't considered but will certainly give more thought, could be improved without much effort. Boom vang on a dinghy does wonderful things. Interesting comments about sail material. I am confident that the main is suitable for the job as it is not that old, the jib may be a bit under so could be stretching as it is loaded up, maybe a bit full for a cat as well. The mast base is is set up to allow rake adjustment but nothing sideways so i'm sure it is getting loaded up in all sorts of odd ways. I'm sure i have seen some deformation whist sailing but put it down to imagination. I have crawled all over the boat looking for cracks but can find none. Looking through the mast beam i'm sure i can see a couple of marks (like a crease ) where the mast base would be but have been unable to verify with a camera, maybe to close for clear focus. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated Ken
  6. My sagging stays are when going upwind. I'm thinking it is excessive because when sailing against boats of similar size but probably more weight as they are bridge deck boats as the breeze increases my pointing angle gets much worse as the breeze increases. The mast base arrangement sits on the main beam with support from the strap, possibly this needs to be re-engineered back to the original design of the support post through the beam to sit above the beam with most loading on the strap. More tension on the strap may be part of the solution. I think I have about 8:1 purchase on the main not going to winches. Any ideas on what sort of rig tension i should have? My seagull striker sits vertical on the beam would angling this back towards the forestay improve its effectiveness or affect? rig tension
  7. hello all the wise people of Tennant land. I'm a long time reader but first time poster. I have a T10 stretched to 11m Dakota cat style i am hoping that i may be able to draw on your collective knowledge. Except for the stern extension and a small inboard blister on the cabin the boat is built to plan. I will probably ask lots of basic questions but i come from a dinghy background not multis. I believe i am suffering from excessive fore and leeward stay sag as the breeze increases and was wondering weather my rig structural set up may be causing my problems. I have a non rotating rig that has a mast base arrangement that clamps around the beam and is supported by a strut and stainless flat bar strap. I'm wondering if this is loading the main beam in funny ways and what might be done to correct this. I'll attach some pix if I can sorry for the long winded description Ken
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