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  1. I checked. It’s “CRC 808 Silicone”.
  2. For me personally this isn’t an option but I can see the appeal for those able to go. But if it was me then I’d want to do 2 weeks in isolation anchored somewhere secluded in the Gulf before weighing anchor in case I had an incubating case of Covid onboard. You wouldn’t want to get sick underway to Fiji and it would be hell to arrive there crook and probably unwelcome by the local health system. Could be a grim scenario.
  3. You could well be onto it with that. Especially if the stanchion is a leaker. Diesel meets water and all that...
  4. Trying to engage gear? Is it saildrive? Slipping clutch cones?
  5. Look like IT is looking good for a commission from this sale via his website.
  6. Mine was one of the CRC silicone sprays “lubricates & waterproofs etc”. Can’t recall exact version but will check. In the past I’ve given the cars a good spray by standing at the mast as the sail is hoisted but you can only reach up 2-3m. So this time I invested the energy in climbing the mast and spraying all the way down. Difference was night vs day.
  7. The theory of lubing the mast track obviously makes sense but I could not believe the difference it actually makes in reality. Yesterday I went up the mast and sprayed the whole track plus the cars. Then hoisted. Previously I started by hand but had to resort to winch by about 1/3 way up. After lubing yesterday I literally pulled the whole mainsail up by hand until it went ‘clunk’ at the masthead. I only put it on the winch for some final tension. This is a 42ft boat with a 15m hoist so not tiny.
  8. Maybe you’ve got Covid-diesel bug and it’s coughing? You are in a hotspot in Europe after all. Do you think Volvo have considered this?
  9. Have you got a holding tank? Could it blocked? Maybe every 14.3 engine rotations it tries to clear a stubborn blockage and gets a blowback?
  10. Haha! I think you’re right the honest answer is that we’re all pretty clueless and hopeless and helping you aren’t we? Be v interesting to see what the verdict is.
  11. Please move this thread to the gutters of Smalltalk where it now belongs.
  12. Aleana

    Boat insurance

    I don’t think they do which is a shame. I think their nearest operation is AUS.
  13. DrW — did you send video to Volvo for their assessment?
  14. If Indonesia can find a way to offer safe haven why can’t ‘innovative’ NZ?
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