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  1. Main was 3/4 up when it came to the surface. Jib was also up. Watched them cut halyards and drop them.
  2. The best way to learn radio protocol is to listen to the professionals. Keep your vhf on dual/triple watch on ch16 and a couple of the port operations working channels eg 12 / 13. And if you hear 2 ships or commercial traffic calling on ch16 switch with them to the working channel and listen. It will help your learn the lingo by infusion and when you come to do the course (or use the vhf for yourself) you’ll be more confident. Do not listen to the trip report working channels Eg 60/64 - it will teach you bad habits and drive you nuts.
  3. Must admit I’ve never heard (or been a member of) of a forum with a daily posting limit. There might be good reasons but it kind of goes against my instinct for free-markets ie let the ‘market’ judge the quality of the posters and let that determine usage patterns. We already have a voting system so you can vent your reactions easily enough - if you so choose. And the more prolific posters don’t prevent me or others posting. So I don’t really see the problem. As humans we tend to prefer fewer restrictions not more (deliberately topical I know 😊). It won’t affect me - I’m not a prolific poster - but I’d prefer this place remains unrestricted in terms of quantity and instead let quality be the yardstick.
  4. Aleana

    Ovlov charges...

    The entire NZ marine services industry never fails to disappoint me (and I have very low expectations). It’s lazy and traditional and ripe for disruption and it’s the kind of scenario that I work on fixing in other sectors on a global scale. The thing that keeps the current laggards safe is that the market is too small to make it worth the energy of working out and setting up a better business model. Maybe I’ll tackle it one day as a retirement project...
  5. I’m going to choose my words carefully and not mention any names in a negative sense to avoid getting into a legal stoush.... but let me say that having bought a brand new webasto heater 2yrs ago and getting it professionally installed I had problems - that we’re ultimately deemed to be partly a product failure and partly a service / installation failure. And the so called “warranty”?.... well let’s say the suppliers of said goods quietly stepped back and had no interest or capability to support a warranty claim here in Auckland. What I will say, is that if I was repeating things I would do it differently and I would buy my unit via the official NZ webasto distributor (HMB Marine Electrical in Half Moon Bay). When others fell by the wayside HMB stepped up and helped resolve the problem despite having not sold me the unit originally. In return for their impressive service support they get mentioned and recommended here for anyone considering a heater.
  6. Pretty little boat - hope she’s recovered ok. Re the fishing boat, I’ve never heard of a well founded sea vessel sinking due to heavy rain 😳
  7. Agree about feeling uncomfortable having no paper onboard having been brought up on charts. A few weeks after buying our current boat the ageing plotter screen suddenly starting giving up - and we happened to be in a dead spot for coverage in the gulf so for a while neither phone nor plotter was working. I was familiar with the area so no drama but it’s not unheard of to suddenly find all your electronic aids letting you down at the same time (sods law)...
  8. Aleana

    Navman 5500 crook

    Does shutdown coincide with using another appliance on boat eg fridge or water pump? My navman used to shutdown every time I started the engine.
  9. Can go boating from Thursday morning
  10. Yup. You can either obsess with the small details and pick holes in other folks efforts... or step back and see the bigger picture.
  11. Why? Wasting a while lot of time (and tax-payers money) wandering around giving people friendly warnings and second chances when they should be slamming them with a charge straight up. Yes, sure they are talking to everyone with respect but they are also treating adults like forgetful 5yr olds. That last case was a perfect example. Those guys were not only in the wrong but they LIED to the police with their initial answers but still got off with a ‘go home’ warning. WTF?! This isn’t day 2 of lockdown it’s month 2. The ‘warm & fuzzy’ approach should be long gone and the handcuffs should be out. Videos this make me feel like I’ve been an idiot sticking to the letter of the law since day 1 of this whole episode and I feel like breaking out of any restrictions back to totally normal behaviour tomorrow morning - because the consequences if I’m caught are obviously nil. Seriously.
  12. Stopped fishing couple of seasons ago. Read a book or go swimming instead. I know people who basically fill their day fishing in one spot or another taking pride in a photo of a bucket load of fish t at the end of the day. Totally unnecessary. Admittedly I don’t know exact numbers of private vs commercial catch but why don’t they turn the mantra “just catch what you can eat” into law by limiting the catch to 1 fish per person per day - that’s an obvious way to match catch with appetite. Yes I know, that’s totally unthinkable to the fishing addicts and fishing lobby. But so was a 4 week lockdown 4 weeks ago.
  13. 😂 It’s hilarious how many people do this kind of thing!
  14. Q1. What was the highlight of your summer season (as far as it went)? Q2. What’s the first trip you’re hoping for as soon as we can go (weather permitting)? Starting off with myself: 1. Highlight was first family weekend at the end of Feb after my wife & baby son came home from 3 months in hospital 2. A few days at the bottom end - ideally including a swim and walk ashore on Rotoroa
  15. Aleana

    LPG consumption

    I find with average daily family use I go through about 1kg per week ie a standard 4.5kg bottle gives me about a month. Sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less depending on how you cook. If you pan-fry all your meals / meat then it’s obviously over in a few minutes. But if you fancy a winter-warming slow cooked pot or oven roast then obviously you chew through more.
  16. Yes but only it’s boating-related Covid discussion then talk about it here. If it’s not please don’t and take it to Smalltalk. I’m being very polite / kind in my request!
  17. I know you guys are passionate about this stuff but these last few posts really are off topic (boating) and belong in Smalltalk.
  18. I think a combination of lockdown and lack of boating seems to getting to some of you guys...
  19. Mmm, that’s interesting (and unusual). Was that for a standard local NZ cruising policy or for offshore & liveaboard cover?
  20. But that’s been shown to be an inaccurate indicator. Many newbies to boating (rightly) go and get some basic competency quals and these might help but we also know many boaties with zero qualifications but have accumulated a lifetime of boating experience that is far more valuable than a newbie with a fist full of certificates. So in short, it’s not easy hence the fallback model of general stats tends to dominate.
  21. Yes you’re right in your example risk #1 is probably worse than #2 because of the specific extra details you’ve outlined. But in the insurance scenario how do they assess that at time of underwriting? Can you imagine them asking you “Are you an accident waiting to happen with more money then sense?” or “Are you a sensible, safe and experienced mariner?”. They obviously can’t so instead use general questions and statistical models based on a large pooled risk concept plus some additional personalisation of risk as far as they can eg age, location, usage etc. But these questions are just proxies for risk indicators but often very crude. Car insurers have started to improve on this by offering more accurate risk-based premiums by getting you to download their App which assesses your actual driving behaviour (acceleration, braking, location, time of day, weather, traffic, texting & driving etc) and they are using this as far more accurate indicator of true risk than a bunch of general questions at time of sale - resulting in real-time premiums that literally vary by hour of the day and how you’re driving. But boat insurance is a long way off that...
  22. Agreed that CG has many flaws as an organisation - their PR machine is unnecessarily aggressive for example - BUT I’d rather they were there than not. And I’ve seen various sides of them from internal Ops to front line service (I was active crew for a few years) through to being a ‘customer’. And overall they are a great outfit of well intentioned operators (if sometimes slightly misguided and overzealous). And finally I admit I’m biased because when a CG boat turns up in the middle of the night to transfer your seriously ill child to a helicopter for airlift to Starship hospital - it kind of locks in your appreciation and loyalty. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to need the same kind of assistance you’d probably soften your critical attitudeS towards them too.
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