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  1. Pighunter has just done hers, you wont know yourself both racing and esp cruising
  2. Square the back of yer boat off Addem and you'll have a super yacht
  3. I was on a pretty new PCC late last year, was shocked to see that it only had one engine... and also how small it was.
  4. That will come off his total
  5. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    Yea mate got 15 2 stroke from Fishing Boats NZ over on the shore... and was happy with the deal. They were really good to deal with as well and gave some good advice on few other questions I had. Id recommend them and use them again no issue
  6. HI guys am keen to get a mooring for Coastal Classic, Oct 23 and 24. Boat is 40 feet, 3ton and draws 2.9m Please PM if you able to help, happy to pay top dollar! Cheers Tom
  7. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    Thanks all, some good info
  8. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    Cheers lads... Few mates have the Yammy and love it and something as light as possible is what Im keen on. Ill go hunting Cheers
  9. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    Hmm yea 50kg is probably a bridge to far. No wont be removing it. But Ive got really poxy wheels which love wet sand more than I, so weight is def a factor. Prob bit unfair to blame the wife... the kids are slowly packing on the pounds as well...... Tender is a monster Zodiac... the previous one and the 9.9 worked well, but it died of old age after a very long innings, new tender much heavier
  10. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    HI can someone please talk me into or out of a Yammy 4 stroke 15hp.... leaning towards a Yammy 2 stroke 15....for a Zodiac tender. Wifes put on few pounds and the 9.9 just isnt doing it for me anymore Cheers
  11. Cheek of it, bet it didnt have resource consent for ripping out the mangoves
  12. Ive got a genny to test which North Sails promised would get me 10 knots on all points of sail, though they wouldnt put that in writing.... And I was giving the crew on Ronaza some lip last night about best dead bird seasoning, till I worked out its model is call Rapid 60...... We apprec everything you guys do Jon, so thanks for having us, in the prestart at least......
  13. 5 fkn knots,,,, what are you doing to me Jon Henry!?
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