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  1. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    Hmm yea 50kg is probably a bridge to far. No wont be removing it. But Ive got really poxy wheels which love wet sand more than I, so weight is def a factor. Prob bit unfair to blame the wife... the kids are slowly packing on the pounds as well...... Tender is a monster Zodiac... the previous one and the 9.9 worked well, but it died of old age after a very long innings, new tender much heavier
  2. Veladare

    Yammy 15

    HI can someone please talk me into or out of a Yammy 4 stroke 15hp.... leaning towards a Yammy 2 stroke 15....for a Zodiac tender. Wifes put on few pounds and the 9.9 just isnt doing it for me anymore Cheers
  3. Cheek of it, bet it didnt have resource consent for ripping out the mangoves
  4. Ive got a genny to test which North Sails promised would get me 10 knots on all points of sail, though they wouldnt put that in writing.... And I was giving the crew on Ronaza some lip last night about best dead bird seasoning, till I worked out its model is call Rapid 60...... We apprec everything you guys do Jon, so thanks for having us, in the prestart at least......
  5. 5 fkn knots,,,, what are you doing to me Jon Henry!?
  6. The first question you should ask yourselves is, whose dinghy was he originally charged with stealing and why did he plead guilty to that.....
  7. Their leadership is terrifyingly out of touch with the real world...its quite incredible how the pollies and heads of army/navy/maybe airforce can screw up every procurement they are tasked with doing. Though Im told this is a very good ship.... lets wait and see. To be fair some of the last things they have all bought look like they may actually be fit for purpose,...I guess when you have suck a low baseline, you can only go one way, or am I just kidding myself I read a great report of that battle we had in Afghanistan, where the LAV gun wouldn't go high enough. The solider said words to the effect they had better results chucking rocks at the taliban than shooting with the steryr rifle. I can think of the following which have been a not fit for purpose for all to see except those with the cheque book: Steryr Aug rifle Pistols Czech ammo that had to be binned Radios Lav That butt ugly thing that replaced the Unimog Sir Charles Upham Inshore patrol boats Seasprite choppers The new Air force chopper that a guy in full kit cant get out the door of and doesnt fit in a herc Good purchases New rifle AR15 variant? Supply ship New Hercs Posideon, though I wonder if being a jet they have restricted its operational ability Happy to be corrected on any of this....
  8. Thanks guys Thinking about it, a laaser bung would prob do it too..Rubberbits going to send me some photos Thanks again
  9. Ive no idea! I have heard of those but know not much about them other than someone made a plane or a gun with one....?
  10. Hi All Attached is some snaps of a freezer plug I have that is dying a slow painful death. Its proving elusive to find a replacement. Tried usual spots, hardware stores and even a couple of RV shops including google. Anyone got any idea where I could find one? Cheers
  11. Does this mean you have to register white spaces against a boat as well? Thats how I read that Hans?
  12. Ye ole terracotta pot over the element works pretty mint... and kids downstairs appear to sleep bloody well too...
  13. Veladare

    She's Back...

    Bullet my arse... its hurts its face on a nail attacking a fender or something similar
  14. Veladare

    She's Back...

    Well the owner was adamant. There is now more than one isnt there? The bag was shredded
  15. We headed to sea for the first 2.5 weeks for the lockdown and stayed at either end of Onetangi for the whole time. I spent several weeks prepping the boat just in case and took the view they had not said no to boating. The boat is designed for live aboard and had sailed here from France. Ironically, our sewage system at home failed on last day home and we had no wastewater. There were about a dozen boats to start, some headed to Barrier, others melted away as food and water ran out over the 20 days we were out The first 10 days were fine, you could walk on Onetangi beach and the locals were friendly. Then our fearless leader clarified boating was not allowed. Overnight nobody was kayaking or fishing in boats from off the beach. The hordes of daily paddle boarders who would come round and say hello dried up. We noticed an immediate change in attitude from the people staying at their baches to the few boats remaining, nothing was said but hands started going on hips as we wold come in for the daily walk and a few people gave us the death stares. Id say 90% were not locals but bach owners. We made the call to come back in as with two young kids, not being able to swim or paddle round the rocks made entertaining them quite trying after the boating clarification. We didnt once see any boat break any lockdown rules.... occasional beers on the beach showed people siting apart and some boats each night backed in stern to for an hour or so. We spoke to a number of friends who were at the barrier. They said all but 3 locals were very friendly, the shops were well stocked as people were expecting boats for Easter. They said Fitzroy Shop was very keen and selling as much as possible as they had supply in expectation of Easter Trading. However the 3 that were opposed made a big deal of ringing the media and beating up on the boaties. They also cut the line of water from Smokehouse Bay. But overall locals were very supportive. As for the 'raftup pissup', it never happened, 4 boats were rafted up, all family members who joined before the lockdown. Two boats had the owners on board who were over 70 years old and related to the other boats. One of the boats owned the bach in front of where they were parked as well. The police came around for a few days and told everybody they could fish but asked if they could stay close to Fitzroy, but Katherine Bay/Nagels was ok as well. The Police were then seen fishing in MOW passage before they headed back to Auckland. Overall we were happy being out but I can appreicate that they didnt want anyone out at least for the L4 lockdown. If they had given that clarity before L4 we would not have gone. However I can also see that from L3 its a bit of a nonsense that one can go for a surf, but cant live on a boat...bigger fish to fry I guess
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