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  1. Tillsbury

    Dock lines

    I like 8-strand nylon, easy and neat to splice and less twist.
  2. Yes, always 18 and dual watch. Not something you want to forget, since it’s clearly instructed on the chart.
  3. His fb page says he was building a deck on Saturday, but worth a try...
  4. Tillsbury


    Some good ideas, but it would cook down below over here, or any place sunny...
  5. Bit of a long shot, but I don’t suppose the guy piloting the drone in the middle of Lyttelton Harbour this afternoon is reading this forum or knows someone who does? From the movements they might have got some half-decent shots of my boat and I’d love to see them if they have...
  6. That's a hell of a lot of money for a 30-year-old 33-footer... isn't it?
  7. I was seriously impressed by Nautical. They’re the only ones who would insure my rig over 9 years old (unless racing) and would take my figure for replacement cost. Great value too — I hope they work out when I have to claim but at least there’s an office I can go to.
  8. I don’t want to know how much a lift in that thing costs...
  9. "How much it costs" isn't particularly relevant. But down here the (entirely commercial and locally considered high) rates are almost exactly half those listed, for much higher quality pontoons and environment, and includes power and water and wifi. So someone is taking the michael. I sure hope they don't see the Westhaven prices and start getting ideas...
  10. Blimey that's expensive... and you have to pay for power and leccy too!
  11. He says in hope... is there in anyone with half an hour spare in Waikawa marina who might be prepared to do me a massive favour?
  12. Yes, same results here after looking into it. Also remember that a lot of prices on Trademe are dreaming. Keep your eyes open and wait for realism to hit, then often boats are dropped to a reasonable price and go fairly quickly. Talk to lots of brokers and find out the true value of boats here, and you'll find that it really isn't going to be cheaper to import one. If you want the trans-pacific experience, then you can do it cheaply by buying abroad, but if you don't then it's not worthwhile.
  13. How did you get on with weather windows BP? What with both Conway and Cook forecasts having numbers of 40 and more in them I managed to find a window to come up yesterday. Leaving kaikoura with 40 knots apparent behind us flying along at 9 knots with just a scrap of jib up, ended up with a beautiful smooth Pacific reflecting the supermoon past Cloudy Bay and a dawn entry into an empty Tory Channel with loads of tide behind us and full sail up in 10-15 knots all morning to arrive at Waikawa an hour before the travel lift was booked. Your comment reminded me — sometimes it’s obvious why we do this
  14. Lol. Good job too. I moored up on the visitor pontoon there and was 30cm in the mud at low tide (I draw 2.1m), so it wouldn’t have worked well for you. Meanwhile I got blown backwards past Cape Campbell this morning and with the forecast for increasing to a northerly 50 I took the better part of valour back to Kaikoura for the night. I passed here in flat calm at midnight, took me 8 hours to motor back, now I need to fill up my diesel...
  15. That explains why the berths in Te Ana marina have huge dividing poles at the entrance and amidships. I couldn’t understand it at first. They would have to screw up comprehensively to be able to hit me, but I’ve never seen the like in Europe. Just don’t get me started on the quality of workmanship by the “marine tradesmen” down here... I’m trying out Sounds Marine in Waikawa next week so we’ll see how that goes.
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