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  1. Seem to be forthright and full disclosure ads for the caravan and the hartley there.
  2. Paddle wheel effect. Understand that, understand how to use prop walk.
  3. We used ours again in 19 in a trip to Fiji. Bought new simcard,Did the firmware update. Nothing about the process is intuitive but support is good and they're patient enough to work you through it.
  4. John B

    Pogo 36

    Congratulations and thanks for the photos. Further to Windsor landing and coincidental to our visit,and to pass on the latest news..... I read just last night of a Rahui placed on any development of the ramp area past what is there now because of the fish traps and proposed dredging, and the impact that will have on the inlet. So that's actually big news and probably will kill the council plans there. That's good news for the locals I think, but it will mean more effort and weight behind the rather over the top plans for the Rangitane side involving reclamation of a rather astonishing scale.
  5. John B

    Pogo 36

    The Doc is probably out sailing on that machine of his. Bumped because we did another dinghy trip over to Windsor landing on saturday,Docs area. We met a lovely local woman, Betty, and chatted on her ramp about the goings on. Latest in the news is that fish traps around the northern edge might have cultural significance, preventing the council developing road access to the landing they own. It's kind of funny, like an episode of dad's army from the 70s. Have ramp, have queens chain, ohhh...forgot to get a driveway across private land so we can get to it. Now we've been here a little while we're getting to understand a little bit more of the politics in the inlet. Existing boat ramps are under pressure or quite poor, even dangerous atvtimes,so the council and various lobby groups are seeking more or better. That means Windsor landing because of the existing ramp, wharf and pontoon, and a massive reclamation for parking and ramps at Rangitane.
  6. John B

    Flying Fish

    The shoals of a hundred or thousand at a time up around Fiji is always a buzz. Not many kahawai around either, we finally hooked a couple inside the ninepin but that's all we saw in a couple of weeks. The day before is when Lanakai caught the 425 kilo black marlin there, on a dead kahawai , so I'm told. Say what, you mean 425 lb doncha? Nooo. ..425 kg.
  7. John B

    The Slippery Beaver

    Bugatti and Skoda is a bit tough....E type and Ford Escort maybe.????????
  8. John B


    Fridge tech kit retrofitted to the original freezer compartment in 2015 plus a couple of solar panels, I left it on until 2018 when I turned it off for a few months. It just did 4 months in Fiji at minus 17 or so, we brought a couple of sausage packs back. It's on now turned down to fridge temp so there's a cold beer ready when we get back to the BOI.
  9. I like Mates system. What I did is add a cam cleat to the mast, not a big deal. You put it just off the fair lead of the halyard. Make a fairing block out of umpy or wood, or cast in situ with epoxy. How big is the main we're talking about?
  10. In the nature is cruel but hey its nature file, we saw killer whales having a feeding frenzy thing in the Lau this year. Pretty unusual to see them there I heard since. Anyway they were on our track and we approached them thinking it was a boil up meatball kind of thing, except it wasn't. It was 5 killers attacking a humpback calf and cow. Targeting the calf.Quite traumatic actually, Relentless.
  11. John B

    Theft on piles

    It's interesting that Westhaven and by extension, Auckland City, doesn't care about a theif active on the property they manage. Failure to maintain law is the cause of vigilante action.
  12. John B

    Theft on piles

    Ah well, we must keep those thieves identities private, less they get upset.
  13. Can't comment on what people have done but here's a little historical titbit. I spoke to Dave Blundell once and he told me the design brief to LD was for a wholesome gulf cruiser designed without regard to rule, and to look like a small Riada. I've seen that in print somewhere too.
  14. The Clark 42s are magnificent sea boats and were high standard builds. You load them up with your 6 months of cruising stores and they don't go slower. Lazy 150 through 180 mile days. The last time I saw Quintessence she'd had a whole lot spent on paint and was in spectacular condition. See, if you want to go cruising, and you'd like to do that safely and make prompt passages in a boat you can trust to stay together when it hits the fan, that's the boat to be in.
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