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  1. Is the headroom absolutely essential? My No.2 son is somewhere over six foot and he recently upgraded to a Chico 35. He doesn't quite have full headroom but doesn't see it as a problem - the first thing you do when you go below is sit down. We lived on a Cav 39 for three years which gave us full headroom, then went down to a H 28 which we lived on for four months over each summer. We did not find going to a smaller boat with a lot less headroom a problem. If you can adapt to the need yo bend the head a little when under deck, you have a lot more options.
  2. 000

    Keel cooled

    Darned right! I have my first experience of keel cooling in the canal boat and would be most reluctant to go back to a raw water via heat exchanger system. It's as easy as running your car - check the header tank now and then and that's it. No dripping Jabsco type raw water pump to fret about (make sure you have a spare impeller), no need for a raw water strainer to clean. No need to keep an eye always on the temperature in case some bit of gunk gums up the inlet skin fitting...I realize the european canals are a bit grubby and a different environment to here, but we regularly pass raw water cooled boats stopped on the canal side whilst the owner scrapes the muck out of his strainer over the side. Keel cooling for me.
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  4. 000


    I think in my case a middle ground is required. At the moment the boat is in Hassalt in Holland and the Ijsselmeer is just down the road,and that is open to the sea via a lock. All the rivers of course also end up in the sea and they feed the canal system in Holland and Belgium. So that would be brackish water and aluminium anodes would be the thing. Go further inland (France) and you get into fresher water. And I suspect this is why people on the inland waterways try to cover both eventualities and use aluminium anodes. The only alternative would be to regularly test the water for salinity depending on where you are and change your anodes to suit. Not really practical.
  5. 000


    Thank you, that's what I needed to know. And in that case I will clean the anodes up a bit and get a couple more years out of them. What they tell me and do in Europe.. Zinc for seawater, aluminium for dirty skungey freshwater a.k.a the French canals and magnesium for pristine fresh water eg some of the Austrian lakes where you can drink the water.
  6. 000


    Like 99% of canal boats, mine is steel and presently on the hard awaiting a little underwater maintenance when we return to Holland in April. Before we came home last October I had a quick look around, specifically at the anodes and they are not showing much degradation at all. I am assuming that the anodes will be aluminium, being in fresh water and will have been on the boat for at least four years. So is there a rule of thumb regarding anode replacement? For example replacing after X amount of decay or X number or years. I'm inclined to just shine them up a bit with the angle grinder and save a few euros, but I don't want to sink the ship for a penny-worth of tar..
  7. 000

    Paint systems

    Good idea. Thank you.
  8. 000

    Paint systems

    Thinking to do a repaint on the canal boat when we go back to Holland in April. Undecided as to use one pot or two pot system and this will depend largely on what's on the boat now. Is there a simple way of telling?
  9. I'm kind of struggling to see the correlation between ants, flies and meat and the usage of internet,electricity and medicine. And I'm quite content in my dominance over other species because internet, electricity and medicine and every other advance and invention since the dawn of time has resulted from my ancestors, not the seal's. I think that puts us humans at the head of the queue.
  10. 000

    Masking tape

    You are right, I should just hand paint but this problem has taken on a life of it's own and there has to be a solution to paint undercutting, and, I now know what it is. And what's more you can mask off with el-cheapo masking tape and get clean crisp lines.To recap,what I want to do is spray the model with 2 coats of varnish to seal the timber, sand, mask off and paint small areas in black paint and then finish off with another 4 coats of varnish over the whole thing. The problem is the paint undercutting the masking tape requiring lots of clean up prior to applying the clear finish coats. The solution if anybody else faces similar issues on projects and for which I would dearly love to take the credit for but I can't, it belongs to an arty lady who advised me.. Spray the clear coats, sand and mask as usual. Then spray the area you intend to paint with one more light coat of clear and let it flash off. If it undercuts the tape, never mind because it's the same coating that's under the tape. This light coat of clear seals the edge of the masking tape preventing any further undercutting when you spray on the black. Peel off the tape when done with the black and there you have it - a nice clean line. This is great for me as the time saved pushes my hourly rate from $3 to $3.40. The same thing works of course for getting a sharp line between different paint colors. Hope you find this a cunning trick to add to your repertoire of cunning boat maintenance tricks.
  11. 000

    Fijian mahogany

    Thanks harrytom. Will check them out. Recently I have acquired a very beaten up little mahogany table that will provide an amount of usable timber. Whangamata never fails to amaze with what comes to light out of people's garages, sheds, stowed up in the rafters etc when you put the word out about what you want.
  12. As humans we are the dominant species and that means we get to make the rules. Hopefully this also means that we treat lesser species with respect but that doesnt mean allowing these lesser species to rule the environment and having their desires taking precedence over ours in spite of what DOC thinks. If you do think that animals have equal rights then stop swatting flies, killing ants and eating meat. Time for the seal to move along, or be moved along.
  13. 000

    Masking tape

    Cool..... pushed submit post button, got three for the price of one..
  14. 000

    Masking tape

    Cool.... pushed submit post, got three for the price of one.
  15. 000

    Masking tape

    Cool.... pushed submit once, got three posts..
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