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  1. T boned by a Farr 1020 on opening day last year at Akaroa
  2. Yes it just may remove that spare tyre
  3. Yeah. , or his boat fangs it backwards
  4. Have seen that lighting arrangement on a boat in Whangarei harbour ....at 5.30 in the morning doing 30 knots at least . Had to confirm with my crew that I wasn’t seeing things
  5. How many of the current politicians are sailors ? Or even seafarers for that matter
  6. I found a way to drive there from the south after many failed attempts and a bit of diplomacy with a local marae . That route has some very good spots too and sometimes we would stop on the way instead going on to K rua . A mate once surfed herekino bar and drove in there with his work Ute ....he looked into the beach after a few waves and the Ute was gone ....now he has a very violent streak being the smallest of 4 very large brothers , one who has played as prop for the Italian team at World Cup level . Anyway he paddled in and walked the half hour up harbour and started door knocking , bl
  7. That swing keel has got you thinking ! I will try and find an old photo of a timber ship being towed in to whangape by a steam tug ...on a fresh day . if the old timers could do it it crap weather you would be sweet in the pogo in good weather and in good weather the diving and fishing is top shelf . some very good surfing on that coast too that has unfortunately become very busy with jet skis on good days . Especially the spot Tamure named
  8. Yeah has done the last two regattas . Very cute bakewell-white trailer boat ...would be better suited to E division
  9. Should be all good . We aren’t actually sports boats ...no traps or racks and we have staunchions and lifelines . You beat us comprehensively in the island racing B last year so probably will again if it’s chop with light wind like last time .
  10. Good point . If the rich and famous are allowed to get their boats serviced and make their movies here , why not cruisers not cruisers arriving from Covid free islands ? . I think the spending is spread far wider with cruisers than with superyachts . The big boat refit industry is restricted to a few major players who outsource to a select few specialists . It will be interesting to see where the new refit hub/hubs evolve with the squeeze going on at orams to move the refit work out of there .
  11. 9k levy for our club ...we have 3 boats in the PHRF system which is paid for by boat owners separately anyway . Think the regional development person has popped by once in last couple of years to check out the dinghy action .
  12. 44forty

    Boat Dilemma

    Yeah pics ! Last ones you posted were of some dubious looking rudders about 3 years ago
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