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  1. First day of boat movement in a long time . One boat came in from barrier this morning hard to tell where they were going as the were gybing back and forth . Two boats sailing together now past chicks heading north . came from Rodney so defi from the supercity but home port could be anywhere
  2. Kevin Dibley is another option . He specialises in foil upgrades and has done a fair few successful ones including mini maxis . Think he did Truxtons ?
  3. Na still too polite . We need some Queenslanders and San Franciscans to lower the tone . And some demented kiwis from Devonport
  4. This is just like AC anarchy thread ....but very polite
  5. https://eastdevonnews.co.uk/2020/04/05/non-essential-boat-use-warning-after-exmouth-rnli-rescues-duo-from-grounded-catamaran/ outcome wouldn’t be so soft here I don’t think ?
  6. Yeah , came in too hot ...in reverse too
  7. Yeah and it’s great to see you guys being fun ambassadors down at the local . The return for sailing as whole is far greater than spending millions on a select few to go to the olympics
  8. And a bit of stuff at manly YC sponsored by a few peeps , NZ sailing being one local sponsor
  9. Exactly the point I’m trying to convey . Everyone has had their recreational activities curtailed , from bridge players to tigermoth enthusiasts and maybe we will see some of them on the news or in the media soon ...”.illegal bridge tournament uncovered at banes wokes and wankers warehouse in wairau valley “ for example
  10. So it’s not possible to go to Fiji , raro etc or to Q town , Wellington or wherever for a break but it should be ok to go cruising ? im an ex Aucklander and have many friends and family there . I’ve also worked at several outfits that built large boats , power and sail in auck . Im not anti either of the above but sometimes understand the anti Auckland sentiment and the anti large boat view
  11. And many would have done this on the way to the beach or stopped off at the gas station
  12. So imagine it’s a gorgeous late summer day like that last 5 or 6 we just had . A large % percentage of the local beachside populace and several roads Back head down for a swim like they were allowed to last week . Fast forward to 6 o’clock news like last week and cheerful Takapuna locals are being interviewed about paddle boarding with poodles and going for a swim . Next day there’s shitloads more people that have driven in from the burbs to which ever beach is their fave .
  13. Send me your new boat when it breaks !
  14. What about the rest of the country that doesn’t have the gulf on the door step ? Or a boat in the marina ? Fark no wonder there is great disdain for Aucklanders and larger boat owners
  15. I imagine it would have to be on your passport and/or drivers licence
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