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  1. (sobs) But I want to be on my boat!
  2. I see there are plans for racing starting in December in Auckland, and the story I read said that the competitors are en route. So the next question is whether I (and thousands of others) will even be able to come to NZ by then. In the best scenario, the pandemic will have been brought under control and borders opened, but my god, how much will air travel cost? I had been looking forward to sitting on Above the Fold off Brown's Island and watching the action. Now???
  3. Just a follow-up. Clicking on the number link still doesn't work, but if I right-click and use "Open in New Tab" I get (as you might expect) a new tab with the page I want. (Or left-click if you use the mouse with your left hand ... there is probably a term of art that covers both but I don't know it.) Of course, I then wind up with a zillion open tabs, but into each life some rain must fall.
  4. Open Link in New Tab (or Window) still works.
  5. I'm on a MacBook Pro, running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6). I use Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit). It's an odd one; I just noticed a few days ago. regards MS
  6. Not sure where to direct this but ... When I am reading a topic and get to the end of a page , I can't get to the next page or any subsequent pages by clicking on the widget at the bottom of the page. Instead, I have to go back to the forum listing, and click on the page I want from among the numbers that follow the topic name. Anybody else noticed this? Or am I doing something wrong?
  7. ... to Martin and Aaron Robertson at Mahurangi Marinas and Kevin at Reef-Rite for their expeditious and efficient job repairing/upgrading our foresail furler. Worked a treat coming back from Kawau Thursday.
  8. We used James Newcombe from Pacific Rim when we bought Above the Fold; he had saved us from an absolutely disastrous purchase a few months earlier and did a good job on both surveys. M
  9. Kevin: Does it release at all? And are you anywhere near Westhaven?
  10. Can't seem to find anyone who sells even new ones. But if there was a used pole suitable for a Wright 10, I'd be interested. I have one but the end has snapped off just below one of the caps, which leads me to think the metal of the pole is compromised. It might be possible to to clean up the broken end and shove a new cap in but it would take tools and a workspace don't have. And again, not sure about the metal.
  11. Used Aquaplumb. Quick service. Now have a new faucet and the tide in the head appears to be lower than it was. So all good.
  12. I have two small issues: The faucet on the galley sink is leaking and the toilet (a Jabsco macerating job) overfills slowly after a flush, which can make the 4am pee a chilly shock. I think it's probably a leaky seal. Probably about an hour or so to fix both, but what do I know?
  13. Yesterday, I was filling my portside water tank in Westhaven, using my new curly hose from Bunnings, Think a 25-metre pig-tail, very tightly curled. One section was dragging in the water so I flipped the hose to try to get it out. Splash! No luck. Tried again. Splash! Tried a third time ... and Happy Teeth lunged out from under my bow and snapped at the hose just as I finally got it out on the dock. Once I changed my shorts, all was well. But that's as close as I want to get to the beast.
  14. Doesn't it depend on what profession you are in? When I went freelance after years on staff at a newspaper, I never again reached the the same absolute dollar amount. But my net income, after various deductions, was not much different from my wife's, who stayed at the paper. Depended on how much I worked, of course. And it was in Canada, so it might not apply directly; dunno what the tax laws are like here, but I got a few breaks.
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