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  1. Like thousands of other yachts do, the safest way. But they don't stick a gas bottle in it. Some of the regulations don't make too much sense, the bit about lockers does.
  2. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32805885613.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.3e612e0eBUMa8u Starting to look pretty appealing at this price
  3. refugees jumping the cue rings a bell but seriously can't see the problem, maybe run out of competent Public Servants to organise and monitor even though it seems to be pretty fully organised by the private sector already. Pretty hard to reopen a country with this sort of decision making going on. Maybe there will be a big turn around once all those votes are in.
  4. BOIGuy

    Interior ply

    I bought some okume for a few jobs recently. Nice to work with, thought the grain on meranti splits off a bit easier when cutting. Pretty sure meranti used to be the cheap stuff, seems to be the other way round now. Used to get Fijian Kauri that was real nice, not sure if its around anymore.
  5. BOIGuy

    Slight issue

    There are plenty of sandpits for TP52 kids to play in already, I want to see this new thing racing.
  6. My mistake, I meant wet and forget, there are definitely two different approaches to these types of cleaners this not sodium hypochlorite based, some sort of ammonia compound is used :N-Dodecyl / Hexadecyl-N, N-dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. Sounds scary and the mist is not nice to breath but it works amazingly on the mould etc on the teak. Spray it on, come back a few days later, hopefully a shower of rain, teak spotless.
  7. Kiwi garden moss and mould remover from warehouse (same as 30 second) works brilliantly on the green stuff, teak comes up brilliantly.
  8. There seems to be lots of stories about how easy it is to fit a new blade and how cheap they are for Kiwiprops. Makes you wonder about why so many people with the experience. Bit like people that rave about the after sales service and warranty replacements from xyz company, why the hell do they need it so often? I would rather have something that didn't break in the first place.
  9. you'll be able to sleep easy know, knowing its all fixed.
  10. Thats what I use too, found the teflon ones, like dryglide, to be not as effective and leave a residue that scapes off and builds up in places. Do be careful where you spray it, very slippery.
  11. I think you need another technician. That engines pretty clever if it can change its timing by jumping a tooth then jump back to perfect for a while.
  12. If you put it in gear, while its doing the knock, does it keep doing it? Or has it ever done it while in gear?
  13. I realise that, doesn't mean clutch is not engaging a bit, would check anyway, is the prop definitely not turning at all. Pretty easy for the various adjustments to be wrong, or something gone wrong in the gearbox letting the clutch grab
  14. Does look a bit like my engine when one blade of the prop wouldn't open, but intermittently. Any sign of prop wash when its happening? Prop slowly turning, blade flops down, somehow makes clutch cones grab, rests itself... Clutch adjustment?
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