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  1. But no one was posting in the sailing threads. Little bit about SSANZ and some obnoxious yank. The comments in your thread were very relevant to discussions with YNZ going on right now. I had referred a number of our club officers to it as a source of information to assist them while talking to YNZ. Deleting your post is not helping deal with the topic you started with, little bit of noise in the discussion but throwing the baby out with the bathwater isn't helping either.
  2. So suddenly one of my clubs is getting a visit from the regional support officer, as predicted. last time they visited same reason, club mentioned dropping affiliation. The club folded last time but since then YNZ has not improved, in our officers opinion, has become more Auckland performance orientated than ever. "in 2019 there were approximately 1,530,000 New Zealand recreational boaties" "The total number of recreational vessels owned in New Zealand is currently estimated to be about 960,000" : mnz YNZ Clubs have around 31000 members. Dave could work from home, save a fortune in empire building, coaches could be spread around New Zealand, development officers could spread around diversifying the membership base and increasing it. If YNZ wants to survive by hauling out the advocate argument then go get some funding from the other boaties too, there are plenty more out there maybe "Boating New Zealand" would work better
  3. I did have to take my budget fully sealed LED stern light back to Burnsco, it was full of water. It lasted one trip, no one could figure out how the water got in, it wouldn't come out again either.
  4. Without getting all technical about it, I want one and I bet there's a whole lot of others do too. I think the best flow on effect of the Cup foiling era has finally been well and truly realised. "Hi rest of the World. What are your kids sailing these days?
  5. That's what the definition of average is. Unfortunately, having average intelligence is often not actually enough to make you very useful.
  6. Only if that's your destination, try going somewhere else and your Gennaker might surprise you. Some Gennakers will happily sail wing to wing with the main, if you really must sail DDW then its a pretty handy option.
  7. BOIGuy

    Ross 930

    bet you one of the few lucky ones to hear that.
  8. Most storms seem to bring a yacht or two ashore around Auckland, from what I can seethe required standards for moorings are a little bit behind most other parts of the country, Pretty rare to see a boat brake loose up north since their standard were introduced, the ones I have seen have all related to failure of bits on the boat.
  9. The stories I get point more to the demographics of the cruisers changing being at the root of the problem, locals using damaging the environment as a legit reason to try to gain control.
  10. Think there may be some confusion here, I just asked for an "EASY MOOR FLOAT SYSTEM" from moorings Northland, I thought it was also called a easy bouy system, see the website https://www.mooringsnorthland.co.nz/productsservices/ not expecting any magnets. Pretty sure its what the use in the Sounds too, similar to Fergie Bouy but with a soft buoy. I've got a normal mooring too and rent another, both locations have strong currents and a bit rough at times, can be a battle on my own some days. The Fergie and Easy Moor mean you don't have to lift any chain weight to get the headline up and on the bollard. Thought it would be worth a try.
  11. depends were you look I suppose
  12. Pulling a pretty long bow to hit that target, be pretty hard to put a loss of life down to a flare failure during a race. Have you read a Cat 1 /2 SI or NOR lately? By the time your 3 different emergency response GPS linked tracking system buttons didn't work and your several expensive methods of communication have failed, and Epirbs PLB's etc, blaming a flare failure for a death is pushing it to say the least. Lets get back to focusing on how to make sailing, and racing, more accessible and cheaper, not trying to stop people doing it because it might appear to be a little bit dangerous to a bureaucrat / Lawyer. I do however agree that the wording of the regulations might benefit from review by someone competent in English and Logic.
  13. I'm up North and they aren't up here
  14. Hears some stuff to think about, quickly done so I stand to be corrected, in each case I believe there are subtle differences as to who is initially meant to do what, some are similar to the extent the actions are the same but some are quite different. Granted by the stage collision is imminent both are required to avoid collision, untill then its not quite so simple. Two Motor Vessels on collision Course Head on Two Motor Vessels on collision Course 90 deg to each other Two yachts racing on head on collision course, i.e. 180deg to each other. Windward boat on Starboard. Two yachts racing on head on collision course, i.e. 180deg to each other. Windward boat on Port. Two yachts racing on collision course on same tack, one beating the other going down wind, beating boat on Port Two yachts racing on collision course on same tack, one beating the other going down wind, beating boat on Starboard. Two yachts not racing, on collision course, one is motor sailing, in all the above situations... Two yachts one is racing, one not racing, on collision course....
  15. HT, your just plain wrong, read the rules. I have already given you the clause and the link. Its what makes racing under RRS legal in NZ. IT, I already pointed out your technical error, HT seems to have missed it.
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