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  1. BOIGuy

    Tube clamps

  2. BOIGuy

    Tube clamps

    They are available from Anzor, they are called tube clamps and come in pipe and tube sizes, with or without threaded boss304 stainless. What the hell are the yellow pages? Its called google. Its not that hard. Several people have made the effort to help you, make an effort yourself,might be surprised at what you achieve.
  3. My post yesterday shows up in my profile but not in the forum. The forum goes into an endless spasm when i try accessing it.
  4. So I've got the dreaded old stainless box with a brine tank somewhere in the woodwork that's had an electric unit installed, small 12v compressor etc with plate inside ice box. Basically it actually works pretty well, may not be as quick as a perfect system but I don't live in a perfect world. The brine tank is probably cooling too but maybe this helps keep it all cool overnight when I turn it off so I cant here it running, food still cold in the morning. I don't waste a lot of time trying to make my world perfect, I go sailing instead. I have a a solar set up which more than keeps up with the fridge and everything else, about 5 hours running till thermostat kicks in, can freeze stuff if its in long enough and I turn thermostat down a bit. I wouldn't hesitate to use the same system again. All the experts here that have these amazing brine tanks that "absorb a LOT of energy" need to have another look at how refrigeration works, (cooling is all about removing energy, not adding it). The brine tank really doesn't make any difference in the long run, insulation is what affects efficiency.
  5. Got a Volvo seal on my yacht, super simple and seems to be lasting ok, grease it once a year. Nice to have a dry bilge.
  6. BOIGuy

    Flying Fish

    Biggest one I've ever seen, just after New Years near whale rock, flew for ages past the boat, first time my son seen one, pretty cool.
  7. I would advise using synthetic fibre PTFE (teflon) impregnated packing, flax will not last - it rots, carbon (graphite) on stainless is never a good thing. I used to repair and prepare for survey boats for a living, seen all the salesmen push their product, stick to the white stuff. PTFE asbestos was the best, not sure if you can still buy it.
  8. BOIGuy

    New chartplotter

    Bought a Garmin for my fishing boat, liked it so much I bought a Garmin for my Yacht. Found them very easy to use and, menu system seemed pretty intuitive compared to some others I had used. Phone support has also been excellent when I got a bit stuck. Prefer buttons, have not been that impressed with touch screens I have used, pretty easy to bump them and they take it as an instruction, suddenly your map disappears or changes and then you got to figure out how to get back to how you had it quick.
  9. How is forcing insurance going to reduce abandoned boats, more likely to increase numbers abandoned. If you cant afford to or don't want to maintain a boat your going to be hardly inclined to try get insurance for it. I like the bond idea, but an amount sufficient to cover costs incurred might be a little bit high. Bit like the Bio security charge in Northland, no benefit to boaties above that of the general population but boaties get the full costs because the council can target them easily.
  10. Get some Duralac https://www.jaycar.co.nz/duralac-anti-corrosive-jointing-compound/p/NA1026 https://www.burnsco.co.nz/shop/rv/paint-maintenance/sealants-adhesives/duralac-insulating-sealant-15213/115ml-tube?gclid=CjwKCAiA3abwBRBqEiwAKwICAw4wGkDsKBgKqbYm71z-Kmq1L7uWlv4OQ55GSs7W3ZQyON-zs6YrWBoCI1wQAvD_BwE Monel Rivets, Stainless Loop, Ali Boom. It will stop it.
  11. Saved yourself $500 and probably pretty satisfied too.
  12. BOIGuy

    Coastguard app

    Well maybe if they made the app do stuff boaties want, like windan, they might file a trip report too. You got to try sell your product a little bit - or at least make them want to use it. Coastguard cant be looking to hard if they cant figure out what people want and why they don't like the current app, its written in black and white easy to read in several on line places. Lets hope they hear the message and surprise us all. Merry Christmas Everyone
  13. Confirmed, it does look stupid
  14. BOIGuy

    Lanolin available

    Prolan is definitely available at Anzor in Porowini ave, ii've seen it on the shelf.
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