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  1. These 'Nomad' inverters at waveinverter.co.nz seem well priced. I've been considering pushing the button on a 1500w. https://waveinverter.co.nz/product-category/power-inverter/pure-sine-wave-inverter/
  2. I understand what some are saying about tougher measures = more damage sustained. However, I am attempting to prevent opportunistic petty thieves, not stop short an organised crime ring. Petty thieves will be armed with a large screwdriver and maybe a bolt cutter and will be looking at hasps and locks and other flimsy devices such as this. I realise I can't stop them power sawing a hole through the GRP. I am relieved to hear there's not too much of a problem down at the Tamaki River near PYBC. However, there's one person in this thread who has been victimised in the last 12 months. One person out of... not many in this thread. Statistically that is quite a high crime rate - though I accept not accurate - it's just the way this thread went. The old adage about locks keeping honest people out... here's my take on it ... 'flimsy locks and flimsy attachments only keep out honest people'. I am interested in security measures which will cause the petty thief to move on to the next boat and leave mine alone because it looks to difficult for him or will cause him to be noticed. I quite liked some ideas here... https://www.sailmagazine.com/cruising/security-sailboats Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I've got my boat going on a pile mooring at Tamaki River, Panmure very soon and I'm a bit worried about potential thieves and vandals from the nearby suburbs. I've had a look at the marine retail sites -> security , and there isn't a lot there really (alarms and cameras). I don't have much faith in CCTV - I want to prevent it happening. So, I'm interested in what others have done, and if it has/hasn't worked. I've got a standard perspex forward boat hatch and the standard loose fitting vertical boards and slide over cover to the companionway with two padlocks and hasps, not unlike one found on a garden shed. This setup seems very soft and surely begs some s*** climbing on with a lever bar.
  4. I've got a 6 - 8 man cat 1. It's quite old though. I'll give u a bell.
  5. Flit

    GelPlane Hire(?)

    Thanks marinheiro and Rangi1 - I have sent Barry an enquiry.
  6. Flit

    GelPlane Hire(?)

    Thanks rjp, There's no rush, I'm planning well ahead. I'll pm you my contact details. Thanks again. I'd also be interested in hearing how others have tackled this issue - whether they hired someone with a gelplane and what that cost.
  7. Flit

    GelPlane Hire(?)

    Hello crew.org ... I'm new. Does anybody know if or where one can hire a gelplane in Auckland? I can't see any listed on web pages at the mainstream hire places. I'm considering diy work on the hull. Many thanks
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