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  1. Hey Waikiore, sorry to butt in, but I PM'ed you the other day, so you probably haven't seen the red marker at top right of your screen on the front page of the forums. Its just a query I had about a Contessa you auctioned off many years ago....wondering if it's my one! I go into more detail in the PM. Cheers mate Zozza
  2. I agree Aleana, your dodgy dunny use is a ridiculous reason for GH not to allow liveabaords. There has to be more to it than that up there......IT?
  3. I know we love to hate Panuku and Westhaven Management, but I think the proposal to start allowing liveaboards again is a positive one. Theyd be useful right now in keeping an eye on boats during the lockdown, and did prove to be useful when that Tornado thingy ripped through mid year (last year), as they rushed to help marina management. ANd they are generally useful to keep a general eye out for dodgy characters overall -- something that has proven to be a successfully deterrent to said dodgy dudes roaming other marinas that have a liveaboard community. All that is needed is a "riff raff" clause so guys don't go growing cannabis or what not in pot plants on their cabin top , and all will be well.
  4. LOL that's something I'd expect Austin Powers to have as a ride
  5. If you don't mind a little bit bigger , faster, and just a wee bit more expensive, then how about this? It has your headroom and will certainly go to windward faster than a slow...or fast...cruiser. Actually they're probably going cheap at the moment.....
  6. Gulf Harbour seems to be a bit cheaper with $500 pm for a 12 meter berth becoming increasingly normal.
  7. Zozza

    Carbon foam

    The freight cost was exorbitant when I looked into firefly from Bruce Schwab a couple years back.
  8. All good Wheels. Just posted that link as an example. Even if you can find cheaper than advertised in that link, still expensive batteries, so sort of need to know they are within my limited "techno" brain ability when it comes to electrical stuff. For now, my cheapo AGM's do the trick -- but when I take off over the horizon (one day) I will be wanting to investigate further into alternative options to AGM. And yeah, what the heck is going on with the website? Why does Matt not change the platform a better one?
  9. Ok so see this link: https://www.mrpositive.co.nz/12.8v-200ahr-lifepo4-deep-cycle-battery Right - so Lifepo4 -- if I get these type of batteries for my (small) house system (its a 26' foot yacht with no fridge / freezer, just basic electronic needs via 150watts of solar) then do I need some fancy pants "monitoring system' to ensure safety? I am a set and forget type of guy, when it comes to electrical needs. The thought of having to be some battery wizard and having to do some fancy "monitoring" of these type of batteries so I don't blow me and my boat up - turns me off. So, techno nerds....can you ease my mind here? Cheers
  10. Zozza

    Carbon foam

    It's a mystery why these Firefly Batteries are not yet imported into NZ. Sometimes this tin pot little country of ours is miles behind the times. https://www.pacificnwboatertested.com/blogs/tested-boat-products/are-carbon-foam-batteries-really-better
  11. The fella in question has a Youtube account in his real name, and I dont think he is doing anything dodgy on trademe. I get a laugh out of his Youtube vids as he just cant make up his mind on a boat. Eternal optimist -- I think so. If I found out someone had made unsubstantiated claims against me in a thread like this, I'd be contacting the site owner and threatening legal action. Just because he buys a lot of cheap boats shouldn't have you lot able to slander his reputation on an open forum like this. Just my two cents, but if I was IT I would be deleting this thread.
  12. Or make an offer on my Junk Rigged boat. I don't have her for sale, but I guess every man has his price! And she's faster than Fantail, though smaller down below.
  13. I was on Fantail at Christmas. No re rig needed, Boat is in great shape for its age. Set up below for long periods aboard. Make him an offer. Who gets asking price on boats these days.
  14. Video embedding is working in preview, but not live. Will just post the link https://youtu.be/yMZRUc3HBcI
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