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  1. All joking aside, the hair testing is not sophisticated enough to know 'blood lines" as anything more than a bit of a guess. I mean - blonde hairs are unlikely to be those of Maori woman, so its easy to say that therefore it is "250,000 times more likely that the hair was Olivia's than the Maori lady". And yeah, Ok, before any smart alec says anything, no that is not a verbatim quote from the case files, it is just an paraphrasing of something similar that the forensic hair lab lady said at the trial - if you want to know her exact words, go read Keith Hunters book. The jury were basically dumbo's eager to believe whatever some clown with a fancy sounding medical degree has, so when they hear "250,000" times more likely they get all impressed, when in reality it is pure junk science. And why only two hairs? For godsake - she would have shed hairs everywhere if she really were inside his boat, no matter how much cleaning he did, any forensic team worth their salt would know something is very fishy that the investigative team only found two hairs. The whole hair thing was / is bullsh*t, as is everything else the prosecution put together for this case.
  2. Spot on Wheels. Yes, the time issue IS the biggest hole of all in the prosecution case. Simply impossible for a boat that would make 5 knots max under power. This is best covered by Keith Hunter in his documentary and book. Once I saw and read Keith's work (many years ago now) , I knew the whole case was bullshyte.
  3. That's a very interesting read, Priscilla. While you feel for Gerald Hope, the guy is just so naive after all these years, both in the way the Police framed the whole bunch of crap, and also the maritime side of things. For example: "Like the scrub marks on the hull: he could explain how he’d genuinely cleaned his hull, but Hope could always claim this was covering up for where the bodies had rubbed weed off the hull" Jaysus christ, he actually believes the bodies could have floated up and scraped the side of the Blade's hull, when any sailor knows that's complete bullsh^t and that to scrape a hull you need physical force with a scraper or some similar instrument to remove fouling.....if he honestly thinks floating bodies rubbing against a steel hull removed weed fouling, then this guy, Gerald Hope, is nuts, sorry.
  4. Strange. Nothing in the news about a Whangarei tornado, only Auckland and Mangawhai I kept my previous boat at Norsand so know the boatyard well, and recognise the parts of the yard I can see in the photos. That's going to be lots of $$ in insurance claims.
  5. Looks like there is hope that justice for Scott Watson might finally be served. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300043462/sounds-murders-scott-watsons-case-sent-to-court-of-appeal I wonder after all these years how Rob Pope sleeps at night. He must know deep down he is largely responsible for destroying the best years of an innocent man's life. I'm about halfway through this documentary this morning. I can't stop shaking my head at what Pope's outfit got up to as they set about framing the yachtie Scott Watson. Sickening really.
  6. LOL epic thread drift
  7. I think its the history of Westhaven that comes into play. It was never meant to be this huge money making goliath "like every other Marina". People who know the history better than me can give the rundown on the average joes that got together decades ago and got this marina up and running. As far as "moaning" about Westhaven (Panuku), it's a free world and I take great delight at poking the Borax at them whenever I can as I think Panuku and all those involved in that slimy outfit deserve to be sent on the next cargo ship to SIberia, and be left there. But hey, that's just me. I discuss my "Panuku issues" with my shrink often so I'm working on it.
  8. Its being brought in so marina renters don't park and walk to work. "Please only park within Westhaven Marina when on site for a marina related purpose." Big Brother watching you. You can see it now, email or letter sent to you: "Sir, we noticed via our plate recognition initiative, that you parked at Westhaven Monday to Friday last week. You must be on a marina related purpose only when parked at the marina. Despite the fact we charge ridiculously overpriced monthly fees for our shitty marina, we can't have you trying to save a few $bucks each week by parking at our marina and then sneaking off to your day job in the city. So, we know what you're up to, and we're watching you closely. Ok, we are not quite sure how "Marina related purpose" would hold up legally, but you probably won't take us to court so we'll probably start towing you away if we feel you are parking there when you are not using your boat. All we have to do to prove this is walk down to the berth that matches your plate number, and if your boat is in its berth, and we knock on the hull and no one comes out of the companionway - that's proof you are not parking at the marina for marina related purpose's only. And, as we are an Oligarchy type outfit using the Public money from the Council for ill good, we feel entitled to be little %^$#. We have a lot of useless money wasting additions to add to the marina over the coming years, starting with the big corporate wank off itself, aka the America's Cup, and we can't have anyone other than us pulling of sneaky sh*t like we are accusing you of doing. And, if we've towed you away, and you were actually at Burnsco's buying cheap chinese crappy marine gear that won't last three months, or at Swashbucklers checking out the waitress with the nice legs while enjoying a brewski and fries- tough sh*t, according to that Act party guy, you are a rich prick boat owner, so can afford to pay the tow fee".
  9. Zozza

    C Head 2

    No sorry. That was almost three years ago.
  10. Panuku installing CCTV capable of close up face recognition of sailors, together with new covid 19 laws to be able to track all your movements , to then be able to issue a "toll charge" each time you sail past Bean Rock, much like when you drive north of Auckland through the tunnel.
  11. Isail GPS for IOS. $4.99 to download all linz charts plus a lot of the South Pacific. Neat little Nav App too . http://isailgps.com/nz/
  12. Zozza

    She's Back...

    There was an inflatable discourtlesly dumped on my marina berth finger at Westhaven last weekend, when I popped down to check on the boat. One could assume, tentatively, it belonged to my new neighbour. I hope Owha eats it, teaches the cheeky pr*ck a lesson.
  13. Save another microburst like mid year last year, I think my boat will be ok in nazihaven westhaven.
  14. I'm planning on Barrier next summer. Lets see if our paths cross Sabre. Would like to see that Windpilot in action. Regret selling that to you now LOL!. I am going to order another one. The Windpilot guy has offered me a good price on a new one. I am sure you can give me a few tips on how it all works if our bows do cross.
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