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    Toltec reacted to Steve Pope in Cockpit Sole Paint?   
    Carboline road marking paint, tough as! with a bit of grit thrown in. Though there is some that has anti slip so knotme doesn't fall off. 
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    Toltec got a reaction from harrytom in Marine toilets   
    It is not advisable to use cooking oil as it hardens the rubber seals I always use silicon spray in the bowel and pump it through haven't had any problems in over 5 years of use and we do use the boat . A friend of mine told me to use it he has done it for over 12 years on his boat first 6 years with 3 children still on the same pump only on my second can of spray upside crap doesn't stick to the bowel.
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    Toltec got a reaction from Richmond in Friday Night Special   
    Great way to get into sailing a lot of people started there and are now owning and racing boats
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