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  1. He tried again in 1984 in a Given 35' cat and was taken off by another competitor when its beams started failing IIRC. Damn shame, would probably have done quite well otherwise.
  2. Be interested to see an after photo of that!
  3. To answer the question raised in the vid; Ravens sure did get raced. Very active owners association through the 70s and 80s. I sailed on a few of them.
  4. Go the Suzuki. I know some people have had good runs out of Parsuns and the spin off brands, but I didn't. I have a 2.6 Waterman (its a re-stickered Parsun like a Sail, god knows how many other labels there are for them) I bought for the dinghy. It worked fine for a couple of years and then developed a carb leak that would dump a bowl full of petrol into the dinghy if you weren't quick and spin it 180 degrees if you tilted it. Took it to the official service agent to get it repaired only to be told that some of them just 'do that'. Short story is they weren't able to repair it. The coversation I had with the serviceman about his experiences with the brand put me off ever wanting to own another one. I eventually replaced it with a new Tohatsu 3.5 which is what I should have bought in the first place. BTW I assume you use a short shaft in the well of a Noelex? saw this on TM down your way. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/outboards/listing-2612602370.htm?rsqid=75474877e11742c3b132a80860a6ce79-025
  5. GregW

    Old pics

    With the mast up can't be going far. Probably a tractor.
  6. Which boat are you intemding to fit this to?
  7. You mean Giardia? Would be a good name for a boat that - no one would steal your piss.
  8. GregW

    RIP Hal Wagstaff

    Last century I had an old bubble top Harmonic called Huckleberry for about 10 years. I remember calling Hal out of the blue with a few queries and ended up yakking to him for about 3/4 of an hour about the Harmonic design in its different versions and yachts in general. A very helpful chap. Condolences to his family and friends.
  9. Not according to DoCs website https://www.doc.govt.nz/nature/native-animals/marine-mammals/seals/leopard-seal/ IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status: Least Concern.
  10. Today was deadline for getting voting papers in for the local body elections. Deadline for submissions on the dinghy facilities at Okahu is Mon the 14th.
  11. If you happen to be one of the recently relocated mooring holders you might be interested in this. https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/have-your-say/topics-you-can-have-your-say-on/dinghy-launching-facilities-orakei-okahu-bay/Pages/default.aspx Evidently you have until Monday 14th to make a submission.
  12. GregW


    Found this video about the T-bird and a localised resurgence in sailing them in the US https://www.offcenterharbor.com/19p-em3b-deeper-truth/#thunderbirds I recall a couple of these sailing with the Panmure fleet back in the early 70s and a few others were around. IIRC one was called Ginga and had a modified rig. Probably all long gone now..
  13. The Bieker 53 has been in the water for a while now. Link to an article on its development. https://www.proboat.com/2019/09/fledging-the-eagle/
  14. Hadn't seen this before and thought it may be of interest to some https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/ResourceConsentDocuments/bun60318129-13-marinaberthsupplyanddemand.pdf
  15. As you own the physical mooring you would normally be responsible for all costs associated with 3 year survey, replacement or repositioning. Assuming you bought the mooring with a fresh survey; If you've had the boat for two years the mooring will be due for a service in the next 12 months - just get it repositioned when it is next serviced and it shouldn't cost you much if any any extra. If they want it done immediately you could suggest AT arrange and pay for it, bearing in mind at the moment it seems to be taking 6 months or more to get a mooring serviced. I would also be asking why you can't just return to the original coordinate.
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