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  1. If I am on yours it won't be an issue, I'm off to haul the boat tomorrow. If it was yours, thanks! Cheers, Dave
  2. Sorted, thanks all. Katie at the WBC was most accommodating and the boat is now hanging off mooring No 60 at the Northern end. Not yours is it Kick? Booboo, I do like the area, I live in Orewa so it's nice and handy. I'm getting a new mooring dropped in November hopefully up at the Northern end of the Stillwater field, apparently I'll be able to wade out to the boat at low tide but at least I've got somewhere to park it. Be good to catch up when the dust has settled, I'll probably be joining the SBC, are you a member? Cheers, Dave
  3. Thanks all, appreciate the advice and suggestions. Events have conspired to slide my transit to Auckland by a week or so, I'm hoping that I won't need a mooring now, straight to the haulout for me. I'm hopefully getting one dropped in the Weiti in mid November in the Stillwater field, fingers crossed. Cheers, Dave
  4. Thanks also Fish, tried Mariner Marine in Ch. Underwritten by Vero so no guesses as to the response.
  5. Thanks Veladare, I tried Bill at the Marina Shop but he met with no success unfortunately. Nice of him to try on my behalf though. Used the magic search and found a crowd in Hastings that had "trimaran" as part of their advertising spiel. Again, nope. Don't trust the Googles people... Thanks Tiger, you've nailed it with the tri averse aspect of all this malarkey. I don't think I'm being unreasonable in what I want the insurance for but I'm finding the "yeah, nah" responses a bit disheartening. For me the biggest worry I have is total loss, I'm happy to wear damage etc. from using the boat, and if that means I screw up and tip it over then that's on me. Should some geezer come by and T-bone the boat on its mooring then I'd want to be covered.
  6. Thanks Paul (assuming that's right), I've tried Bailey's with no luck unfortunately. I'm currently waiting on Chris at Marsh to see how he gets on. It seems as though the relative!y small number of multis, and particularly trimarans, has an adverse effect on the risk assessment for the type of boat proportionally. It would be beneficial if the industry would identify the particular risk for insuring a multi so I could exclude it. As an example, I've told all the brokers I've spoken to that I'm happy to exclude capsize and breakage if that helps, I just want cover for things like theft, fire and damage due to external factors. I'd assume that these are the 'normal' risks for insuring any boat. Reading over the above seems like a bit of a rant! I'm new to yacht ownership so learning as I go. Some lessons not to my liking though... Cheers, Dave
  7. Thanks guys, I'll give Katie a bell. I'll also try further up the Weiti as I'm hopefully hauling the boat up at Fusion on the 28th Oct. BP, thanks for the offer, may be that I can find enough rope! Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a temporary mooring for a 9.2m trimaran drawing 0.5m from around 19th to the 28th Oct. Ideally in the Weiti River but will take anything that might be out there. Thanks in advance, Dave
  9. So, I've managed to find myself a trimaran but am struggling to find anyone to provide insurance. Apparently Vero don't underwrite trimarans anymore. Any suggestions please? Cheers, Dave
  10. She was on TM towards the beginning of the year, but not sure if the boat was sold. Given my run of luck lately I'd say she probably has.
  11. So...I've had an 'interesting' few months in my tri search. Not good. Does anyone know what happened to Hyper? I'm back to square one so all options are on the table. (Except the B33 on TM, no offense!!) Dave
  12. Hi Greg, thanks for your reply, your boat looks lovely and I really like the colour scheme, reminds me of an Italian sports car...nice. Those Aussie tris (Trilogy, Hasta la Vista) are pretty tasty looking aren't they? Seem to be out and out race boats though and that's intimidating for me, whilst I'm keen to get into a bit of casual racing (if there's such a thing) I reckon those boats would be a real handful for a multi noob like me. Plus the upkeep of the go fast gear I suspect would be pretty dear. The F36 is more to my liking, and with the price drop she's on my radar now. I can't imagine the boat will hang around for too long at that price though. You're bang on about the C34 being cruisier, it was marketed as a C34SC (Sports Cruiser) and appears to have been built to compete with the Corsairs and Dragonflys, which didn't go so well for them unfortunately. Apparently though, in the right conditions and sailed well it could keep up with the F/C 31s, although that does seem a bit hopeful to me. What I like about them is they appear to have a very generous freeboard and the floats have something like 200% bouyancy, so I'd assume they are a bit drier than other tris, and maybe a bit more forgiving of a ham fisted driver. Being a folder is a "nice to have" I think, although I do prefer the in plane fold rather than the Farrier style from the perspective of leaving the boat folded in the water for a bit.
  13. Thanks, and boom! https://www.popyachts.com/trimaran-sailboats-for-sale/contour-34-sc-trimaran-in-lahaina-hawaii-r1-119494
  14. Thanks IT, that's the boat. That site isn't marvellous though, the POP Yachts site has better piccies. How do you post links as you did above please? Dave
  15. Thanks Greg, I'd seen the massive price drop on the F36, 80K! Makes you wonder what that was all about. It does put it into my price bracket but I think the boat is a bit "cruisier" than what I'm looking for, happy to be corrected of course. The F33 does look pretty tasty but even at that price it'll still be NZ$220K to sail it over and probably $250K+ to get it shipped. I've been sniffing around a Contour 34 in Hawaii, I'd post the link but don't know how to unfortunately, can anyone help with that as I'd really appreciate your opinions. By the way, can I ask what's the tri in your profile picture please? Cheers Dave
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