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  1. CutawayCafé is my business and I’m Dan Bishop (Schooner Maya). Nice to see a user with a real name, good on ya!
  2. Hard to identify some of us, yes, so I put up a profile pic too
  3. @Nzgrant, others will have better-informed replies, but from a fellow luddite: no EWOF means probably no insurance, which is a liability for the marina plus anyone you bump into/set alight/other. Is there a breaker switch on the multiplug box? Nevertheless, the simplest interpretation of the rule is "no EWOF, no permanent connection" (although a wider literal reading is "no EWOF and/or no insurance equals no berth, regardless of power"). A tagged lead from the pylon to a battery charger and maybe one other device, and plugged into the pylon only while you're aboard, is probably a minimum. 
 Marinas state their requirements in broad terms without actually interpreting the standards/rules -- because it's nigh on impossible to get consensus. So we get statements like "permanent power connections must comply in all respects with the relevant regulations". Which is fair enough. I know we have good marina people doing good work, and good boaties living responsibly, but we also have (as evidenced by this and other threads) a wide-open interpretation of a set of rules that may not stand up to a real test (including practicality). And within the muddle, people doing their best based on sometimes wildly differing advice. I looked for the standards, a whopping $160+ for a 60 page document. I've heard two completely different interpretations from experts who've quoted on a friend's vessel. So it comes back to that "living responsibly" bit: My own opinion is, find out what I need to do to be safe first, then (second) find out what else is needed to work in with the marina. Some of us think, sod it, I'll disconnect, rely on solar/wind. But that avoids the real issue of personal safety. IMHO.
  4. Cheers Jason, I asked (Dan). All good, just to note that I asked the marina directly and they gave me a card from Surge (Simon Hoffman), saying that as a result of the EWOF requirement he was inundated. So clearly Surge is endorsed on some level by the Seaview marina for EWOF. That's why I was curious about the two names (which I now understand are known to Evans Bay). I should get out there and chat to Obelix sometime, now I think of it! Good info, especially on the tiered process, thanks!
  5. Currently on Westhaven's website: a marina-endorsed view on modified eboxes -- https://www.westhaven.co.nz/westhaven-new/news-events/getting-to-grips-with-electrical-regs/
  6. A few people on G tried to register here this week but couldn't get past the captcha. I think Namaste crew tried yesterday. Island kindly helped me -- that issue still an issue though?
  7. And away we go! Thanks @Island, lots of detail there. @Jason, are you able to share these two eWOF providers for WG?
  8. @Rehabilitated, that’s the point of this thread I guess — to establish the variables and the interpretation of those variables that eventually result in two things: an invoice and an eWOF sticker. The main factors seem to be: installation of electrical systems (i.e. integrated into the vessel) versus a shore lead that goes to a battery charger/heater; the provision of a tag for a non-installed box versus a full eWOF for a vessel; the focus on different electrical systems (12v, 24v, 220/240v). So if you have a small yacht with a little 12v panel, tidy electrics and a shore lead to a box on the floor that provides power via another lead straight to your charger/heater/whatever — then that’s a typical minimal-cost setup, which I guess relies a little on the sparky’s interpretation for eWOF. If on the other hand you have an installed mains-power system integrated into a 12/24v system, and it’s all a bit of a mess ... well you’re really at the mercy of the electrician’s skill and interpretation. What we’re keen to do here is dissect the Westhaven eWOF experience of a few years ago, located in another thread on this site, and share new-and-local experiences regarding cost, gotcha’s etc.
  9. I've read the 23 pages (whew) started in 2016 about the eWOF adventures in Westhaven, and we're climbing on that ride here in Wellington now. The over-riding takeaway from the earlier thread on eWOF seemed to be: the standards are loosely interpreted (ha, let's not open that up again?); at the end of the day it's down to the Marina and the Sparky; and at the VERY end of the day, it's about making sensible choices for your own safety and your own insurance. It would, however, be good to share some successes locally, and some gotchas. I'm inclined to go back to that other thread and draw parallels and outcomes, we must be in about the same boat. Our favourite sparky is run off his feet, can't get near him! Tried another and had a very different experience. So for starters, can anyone recommend anyone?
  10. For sale for little, because I'd hate to see parts of her go to waste. Hulls I don't think are rescuable, but all the bigger bits are there save the original rudder stocks and original tramp (has a modified one on now). Mainsail is fair, two jibs but both have a broken zipper. Have a look, make a small offer. Located Seaview, dinghy park near H pier. She was named Shardik, has a bit of history -- and her later years were spent playing in the Cook Strait, good fun.
  11. Wondering how many of the locals are on here. Shout out!
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