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  1. My boat came with the old transducer not working (sold as "it's all good! just needs to be calibrated" which I suspect they knew wasn't true). Someone had glassed over the top of it inside the hull too, so replacement would have been a bit of work. I bought at Garmin Striker 4 and mounted the transom transducer inside my hull, screwed into a frame, and sitting on a bed of silicone. Shoots through 1 inch of kauri without trouble. Tested it first sitting on a plastic bag of water. The display unit is customised to just show depth and GPS speed so it's nice and big and easy to read. A pretty reasonable $300 workaround.
  2. I think the main issue is that many organisations don't have unified idea of what "boating" is. To some boating is power boating, but of course legally any craft is a boat/ship. Sport NZ have said for a while that paddlecraft are allowed: https://sportnz.org.nz/assets/Uploads/Play-Active-Recreation-and-Sport-at-Alert-Levels-4-4.pdf Maritime say the same thing: https://maritimenz.govt.nz/recreational/default.asp When there's a 1000 activities, businesses, and functions being considered, it seems likely exact wording and such isn't always going to be right straight away. Especially if cabinet/Police/MBIE/whoever go to the wrong people for advice...
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