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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Went for the Quilosa MS35 and have done away with the screws. Finished installing the first window today and looks good. Once everything has set and I have given it a tidy up I will post some photos. Great to be well underway on the biggest job I have on my winter list.
  2. Is there a specific tape you use? Can be sourced in NZ? I also have some deck hardware I want to re seal.
  3. Ok. So is there a way to identify if the tint is comparable with the acrylic or not, it should say on the packaging? Put tint on after windows are fitted or prior to?
  4. Slightly off topic but still window related, peoples views on tint? Is it a must or just personal preference? My original windows were clear so I got clear acrylic but could get some stick on tint and apply before fitting the windows I guess?
  5. Yes as I mentioned earlier I feel there are probably several very good products around nowadays, especially when compared to decades ago when a lot of our boats were built! Forums like this are great for me being a newbie to use the experience of others to help make good choices and reduce the risk of mistakes. All very helpful stuff. I am confident I will have a watertight boat soon!!!
  6. Great, thanks a lot.
  7. Nice, I like the idea. As you have mentioned, one of my biggest concerns is water getting in around the screws, not the window edges! So if I use a product like MS35 its just a matter of installing (appropriate prep work obviously) and holding in place until set, maybe sometime levered of the stanchion lines?
  8. Yeah I have read about this option. It makes me a bit nervous to be honest the I like the idea. Some of the moulding screws have stripped also which means I would have to fit through bolts so the adhesive only option would solve that. I feel I would still need to fit the moulding though to cover a gap between the outside edge of the window and the edge of the recess? Maybe just fill in and paint the countersunk holes in the moulding?
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions, I feel there are probably several good products that will do the job. I am sure whatever I use will be 100 times better than what was there, looked very old with several different products used for repairs over the years? I will try and attach a photo. Basically a recess that the window sits in and then the moulding with screw holes goes over top.
  10. I am fitting new acrylic windows and have some sealant which is Prosil 10 from Burnsco. Would this be suitable or would something like Dowsil 795 be better? I only want to do this job once!!! Cheers. IMG_1658.HEIC
  11. Has anyone ever had a cockpit spray dodger (over companionway) made for a small yacht i.e. Trailer Sailer or similar size yacht? Curious to know roughly what the cost would be? Cheers.
  12. Yes an interesting subject. I too have taken crays over the years, but in recent years have turned away from it. I have always heard the older guys talking about the good ol days when crays were so dense around our coast you had to push all the small/medium ones aside to get to the big ones. They used to fill bag after bag as there was no limit at the time. I have kids now and I would love for them to have an opportunity to even see some crays one day. I do a lot of sea kayaking and it is literally like some type of skills test out there trying to dodge all the cray pots and lines! Even in my lifetime I have seen a noticeable decline in cray numbers and a huge increase in fishers. Where I used to snorkel for crays in a few metres of water it is now riddled with pots and the crays have gone bar a few very small ones Nowadays I am happy with kayaking and sailing and taking very little, maybe a pane or two for dinner, I think we need to change our ways.
  13. Wow looked at a second Cat 7 today with a different interior layout and was like a completely different boat, felt relatively spacious!
  14. Hi, I am basically tossing up between a Catalina 7 & Noelex 25 and was curious as to the differences in the internal space of both and how they compare ie general size, headroom, berth size etc? Obviously the Noelex is a bit longer but does this equate to a larger cabin? Catalina 7 has ‘pop top’ not sure about Noelex? Cheers ????
  15. Cheers eruptn . Rotoiti will be first on the hit list once we get a craft.
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