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  1. ?... I think you might be on the spectrum. I did not write Beale!
  2. Can't find this in trademe. Any link?
  3. To racey a cockpit for me. Need more open, twin wheel, open transom. Nice boats. Is yours Northern rebel?
  4. P**$ off. It's way better mothertrucker. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I didn't want to say that and burst Priscilla's bubble. 😁🤙
  5. Two ACs and he will do it easily. Actually he has, so many world and Olympic wins in the laser and Finn that may be, for ME, he is just one AC win away.
  6. Mine were straight of the top of my head in this case. You are correct about Dennis. But his overall sailing record is still better than Burling, across more classes. I have no doubt Burling willbe the best by the time he gets to 40.. and with time he will sail the slow tactical boats when his body ages. Burlington is brilliant (Moth, 49er AC) but he is a speed freek specialist. I would love to see how he goes in a finn, etchell, etc. ... The slow tactical "long race time" boats may give him to much time to think?
  7. Is that a statement or question?... Try to moderate your drinking eh! Not even close. Coutts by a country mile followed by Ainsley. Then Conner. I don't rate the 49er ahead of the finn. The finn is a tougher class to win.
  8. Best sailor ever? ... Gold medal as well. I think DC won more AC races and was closest to the Trifecta (as Skipper) with Whitbread 3rd?, Olympic Gold, and AC wins. Ainslie is the only guy who could topple them both?
  9. Dont get me wrong I've built and owned timber boats of all makes in the past. I just want about with space head room, easily sailed, and onky requires a annual AF, wax, buff, basic service... Been watching a Elliot tourer twin forestay fast cruiser in the bay with much admiration. Got up to take a photo yesterday and it's gone. The big Dickson boat is nice but wrong internal and cockpit set up. Joke for the day... 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy. 😁
  10. High maintenance - timber, Carvel, old, , Low Maintenance - fibreglass, epoxy, vinyl ester, new, No maintenance - a boat parked up / abandoned and left to deteriorate with the owner never doing one bit of maintenance.
  11. Inches matter when your 6'4". 2M bunk length is great .
  12. The fuel bill might be a bit tight on the budget. But otherwise... 🤙👌
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