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  1. Had. a few boats since my first and still haven't found the right one! Lessons learned: - Add at least the purchase price to a cheap boat as a budget to get it where you want it - seriously..... a 5K H28 might cost another 5-10k to redo electronics, sails, sheets whatever might need doing. - Look at more modern designs or gen 2--3 glass boats. The H28 is Gen 1.5ish boat. Consider a D28, Marauder, Whiting 28 etc as well as they will sail better. - Spending a bit more upfront to get a better condition boat will save a lot of money. For example, today you can buy a nice Y88 for 30k odd, which has probably been sailed weekly and maintianed to a race standard. Y88's are a gen 3 boat and very much step forward from an H28 say in terms of fun to sail. - When looking at boats work out what you are comfortable doing diy and have this in mind. Will be dollars for the rest. - Join your local yachtclub and go racing- you will learn a hell of a lot and have many brains to pick at the aftermatch. - Think about the cost and hassle of having a moored boat vs say a trailer yacht for your plans. The capex/opex scenario of say N25, Gazzelle or Trojan on a trailer in a compound can work out much better than a keeler on a berth or mooring (and you can ring it home to work on).
  2. TazzyDevil

    Gil OS1

    This is what I got after doing a bit of homework - Awesome stuff and kiwi made. Really solid too. It's what the commercial guys wear. https://www.kaiwakaclothing.co.nz/collections/marine/MENS Doesn't look as fancy but it's dry and bullet proof. Been in plenty of horizontal rain and hail and the like in an open cockpit boat and no worries with getting wet - dry as bone under neath. They also do a lifetime service of restitching and the like if you need it - really recommend this stuff. Expect to have it for a long time too. Gill, like most stuff from burnsco is cheap and nasty and won't last in my experience (Owned a few Gill bit's and pieces - all leaked and all perished after a season or two)
  3. Emirates TNZ back out according to the stuff. Where are YNZ on this?
  4. Emirates TNZ back out according to the stuff. Where are YNZ on this?
  5. Just asking for a friend, has anyone seen a small lighewieght (carbon/foam) clip on centre pod for a catmaran? It's to provide the accommodation head room for cat 3? I'm thinking something that pins or bolts to the outboard center pod and surrounding floor to basically be a lid that has the 1.4 m headroom sorted. Would then be able to pop it off when not needed. Was thinking tuse an upside down racing dinghy as the mail mould. to geta nice shape to it. Only has to be big enough to tick the cat 3 box.
  6. I live at the beach and sailing a beach cat is not yachting- no different to surfing in terms of so my read is I’ll be all good. Kind of like how Winnie is good to fish off his lawn in lockdown.
  7. So looks like I can at least check on my boat, and finish a few jobs off! nothing about diving so can do that and nothing about sailing in non- motorised boats that aren’t yachts so the PT will get a hoon at my local beach!
  8. In which case you will be wanting a brand new boat then. Every boat needs maintenance doesn't matter what it's made of in my experience, Steel rusts, Aluminium corrodes and paint flakes, Fibreglass gets cracks, dings, dents, chips and the pox, wood can rot or delam. Cold moulded boats seem to be pretty resilient. The hull is the lowest maintenance part anyway, there's engines, electrics, instruments, rigging, sails, sheets, safety gear, squabs, Galley, Heads and plumbing, other systems. Unless you buy into something like Yachtshare (which sounds like where you should be looking), buy and sell a new boat every couple of years or pay a caretaker you will have maintenance - Saltwater is inherently evil stuff and something that lives in it and moves about in it is going to breakdown. Simple as that. Fixing boats can be therapeutic - embrace it if you want to own a boat!
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