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  1. Note that Hartley also designed two sizes of self-steering vane for his ferro boats; up to about 35ft and then 35ft+. I have built and fitted the larger one on my boat. Full timber construction with counter-weights on the rudder is very heavy to manage but works really well.
  2. My Hartley Tahitian ketch came out of the water at Westpark Marina in Feb 2020. Among other things, to replace all wire rigging. The original galvanised rigging was all fitted by the builder including every eye spliced, around 1985. It was treated with Fisholine at that time. By 2020 the ravages of time were showing. Although no broken strands, certainly sufficient visible rust to make the assumption that it was time for a change. Stainless steel and Dyneema are similar in that they do not stretch. Shock load is transferred directly to the mountings and fittings. That was a concern for m
  3. I've been using these people, head office in Spain, for the past five years, to insure my Hartley Tahitian, based at Bayswater, Auckland throughout that period. Good communications. Prompt responses. Reasonable premium rates, several different ways to pay. Obviously needed to stay inside any marina berth. Edward William Marine Services SL Registered address: Edificio Ofisol Central Planta 3 AB, 13 Avenida Condes De San Isidro, Fuengirola, Malaga, 29640 SPAIN UK Postal address: Womack Staithe, Horsefen Road, Ludham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 5QG Tel: (+34) 952 476
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