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  1. last day of quarantine, pretty bay and lots to watch from aboard. yachts coming and going as well as locals passing in speed boats. we have our test tomorrow morning and should then beguin exploring the country. the holding here has been ok. but a layer of small broken coral then the anchor has to get through, we have dived and explored the surrounding area many times. we have held fast through the 12 days but have only had a few squalls of 25/30 knots. collected a bit or fain water from our cabin top catchment system i made up, seems to get about 20/30 ltr every few days, as we dont have a water maker it makes our water last that much longer. in a big down pour a few weeks ago, (2 hours of rain) we collected 90 ltr. . still looking to put Wave on the hard and fly home in Sept. then back in Oct next year to continue. the Pacific should be a lot more open by then so we can relax and enjoy the trip instead of just being a delivery trip.
  2. into day 3 of Quarantine, in Grenada, with 2 very energetic kids onboard. 10 and 13 yr old boys. lots of swimming happening as well as school time. seems to be a very friendly atmosphere and helpful. looking forward to be out of quarantine and explore the many coves/bays and some walks in the forests, seeing the water falls etc. had a fast sail to Grenada, broad reach at an average of 9.1 top speed of 13.4 even with a reef in the main. Love this Grand Soleil, sails easily at good average speeds and this is fully loaded with 800ltr of water and 400ltr of diesel and 2 months of food. this is one fasst house.!
  3. Making our next move through the islands, after 3.5 months in the Grenadines we are sailing to Grenada. Trinidad arnt opening their borders any time soon. we still have to go through quarantine in Grenada for the now shortened 10 days and then have a test, but its a new island to explore. it was rumoured to be cancelling quarantine in July but hasnt happened. after being there for a month or so and before the bad hurricane months of August and Sept, we might be hauling out and flying home for a while. stay tuned this adventure isnt over yet..!
  4. would love to move on and cruise these other places, but..... not this year. its all still closed borders. we have friends that got through Panama a week ago and headed for los Perlas, they were allowed to stay 1 day, get some diesel then had to move on, and were told in no uncertain terms to spread the word that no other yachts are allowed,even to get diesel.! so they are now sailing the 4000nm to Tahiti direct. over in the islands of Grenadines where we are borders of the next closest islands are opening on 1st july to St lucia and Grenada. Trinidad doesnt look like opening any time soon. so well be heading to Grenada early July to cruise there abit and then haul out for 15 months and fly home, then resume around the world later on, looking for crew when we do this to help us i should think. we love having capable people onboard and mix it up and share the experience with.
  5. our latest travels Vlog. Like and subscribe....
  6. Hi David, how far to the right are you talking ?
  7. hello, think we have insurance sorted now, new survey came out all good and getting insurance from Marsh that insured out last yacht for the past 20 years. new thought, borders are slowly opening over here, though stilll have to do 2 weeks quarantine on your yacht. but now looking at options to get home, some friends have already gone to Panama, have quarantined and will be transiting soon. we are looking at this option, though when you get through Panama you can only stop at Tahiti and then straight to NZ, thus we are now looking to see if there would be one or 2 Kiwis with extensive blue water experience that would fly to Panama and assist for about 2 months to sail to NZ, My family (wife and 2 kids would most likely fly to NZ from there. Our Grand Soleil 50 is now well set up and sails easily 2 handed and is fast. 200nm days are easy. though we dont have a water maker or freezer. if you know any one drop us a email glen@cadserv.co.nz our other option at present is to get into Grenada and quarantine for 2 weeks then put the yacht on a hard stand and all fly home to NZ, as there seems to be a few flights coming available in September. then fly back and continue on in a years time.
  8. different insurance company to when we had Oracle insured, Oracle was insured only for coastal racing in NZ, Wave we had insured for Blue water ocean crossings. looks like we might be getting somewhere with a local ins company in the Caribben for coastal ins in the Caribbean . will post more here later. my wife just uploaded our latest Vlog on youtube too,
  9. thanks for the tips, and yes we have had insurance for the last 20 years on our previous yacht in nz (Marsh) had a couple of claims in that time as well, they paid without questions. .
  10. Hello, we actually used a broker in NZ to get this ins, and he is annoyed that it got cancelled on us too. but we paid him a good amount of money in the belief that he would sort it all for us. the original survey in spain was to satisfy our original ins company (top sail) that the yacht was a good risk, but the surveyor was (in his words) very strict and will pull up any anomalies. but we were in a corner and he was available. in hind sight we should of waited and had some one else survey the yacht, as by his own admission he had never surveyed a yacht with a steel structural grid frame and this is the major problem now as he has said that the frame has to be exposed and re glassed into the hull. the new survey we had in feb this year also by a qualified surveyor that has inspected yachts with grid steel frames before said ours was fine. (also grand soleil have inspected it and said it is fine. But the insurance company still keep referring to the original survey that says the frame needs remedial work.! and this is why they cancelled on us.
  11. quick update and request for suggestions here. a week or so back we had our insurance cancelled by Pantaneius..... so are on the look for new insurance for Wave. But as we are just staying in the Caribbean for the next 6 months as we slow down on our trip back to NZ we are not looking for blue water insurance any more. any suggestions of reputable companies? we had a new survey completed about 2 months ago before C-19 and all came out above average. prior to this we had a Survey in Spain that highlighted a few issues and we have since fixed 99% of these. Both surveys were by registered and qualified surveyors from IIMS. the trouble we have is that the original spanish surveyor in his opinion thinks that at some stage Wave has been grounded badly and the keel needs removing and the massive internal galvanised steel frame needs to have the 2mm fibregalss lapping up and over the flame holding it inplace redone as it has de-bonded in some places. now being an mechacnical/stress analysis engineer of 20 years, i can see that 2mm for fibreglass isnt going to add strength to a 10mm steel flame.! we have even had the Grand Soleil service manager come down and inspect when we were in Spain and check this. he has given us a letter , signed saying that this is all fine. this is the reason why our insurance has recently been cancelled. Our new surveyor couldnt see any evidence of grounding let alone a serious one after we stripped the keel back and reglassed it. so any ideas on NZ or overseas companies for cruising insurance in the caribbean for a NZ registered yacht?
  12. current plans are changing all the time.... ! but no Grenada is high on the list of storing Wave for 6 months from Sept to Feb next year to then resume onto Panama. we met a well known Kiwi over here a month or so back, Kelly Glass, he's been here for about 35 years and made a real go of it, owns many marinas, including BLue Lagoon on st Vincent and Clarks COurt on Grenada. so a good chance we might haul out at one of his facilities. met him at Mayreau island where he was hiding from Carona on his 60 ft cat, had a great time, inclusing him taking us out to sail rock 10nm away in his temder (35foot with 600 hp) to do some trawling and fishing and free diving. we got 3x Baracudas, 1x mahimahi, 1x Tuna.. great to meet other Kiwis here, but also enjoying meeting Locals, wehter rich or poor, most are friendly if you are friendly to them.
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