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  1. hello, back in NZ now, day 6 of Quarantine at Airport Holiday inn. gotta say that NZ is pretty strict in its Qurantine, we feel like we are in Jail.. and have committed some henious family crime.! food is o.k and plentiful. Wave is all stripped and cleaned for long term storage on the hard at Grenada Marine in the Caribbean. plan on returning in Nov 2021 to carry on through Panama to NZ providing the world settles down and borders open. we are now quarantining for the second time and have lost count of the number of times we have had Covid tests in a bid to get home.
  2. 3 flights down and 1 to go, in our bid to fly home from Grenada to NZ, currently sitting in a very empty LAX. we had a great 3 days in St Vincent staying with another friend we met on while voyaging, Kelly Glass is an Ex Kiwi from CHCH, Greymouth, that moved there 35 years ago. thanks again Kelly for your Hospitality and taking time out of your busy schedule to accommodate us and show us some of the lesser seen (and better) sights in St vincent for the second time.
  3. So next update, we have managed to get flights home !!, will take us a few days and then of corse then 2 weeks quarantine in NZ. We have hauled Wave out and she is on the hard stand at Grenada Marine, we have spent the last 6 days prepping her for long term storage. we plan to be back on her in November 2021 to continue the journey through panama to NZ. we decided in the current world climate is was just too hard to carry on and enjoy the journey with so many countries closed. We have made many great friends on this journey round 1/3 of the world, some of who are staying in Grenada for
  4. latest update, - been out of quarantine an d looking around Grenada for a few weeks now, nice, more and cheaper food available as well as marine goods. its now getting into the serious part of hurricane season, and we came as far south as we can this year as Trinidad is not opening their borders. the eighth Hurricane named Gonzalo cme through a few days ago and unusally was a long way south, thankfully it petered out and went down towards Tobago in the last 12 hours. so we were all safe. we wee anchored in thick mud big chain and anchor and lots of it and yacht all stripped of above dec
  5. last day of quarantine, pretty bay and lots to watch from aboard. yachts coming and going as well as locals passing in speed boats. we have our test tomorrow morning and should then beguin exploring the country. the holding here has been ok. but a layer of small broken coral then the anchor has to get through, we have dived and explored the surrounding area many times. we have held fast through the 12 days but have only had a few squalls of 25/30 knots. collected a bit or fain water from our cabin top catchment system i made up, seems to get about 20/30 ltr every few days, as we dont ha
  6. into day 3 of Quarantine, in Grenada, with 2 very energetic kids onboard. 10 and 13 yr old boys. lots of swimming happening as well as school time. seems to be a very friendly atmosphere and helpful. looking forward to be out of quarantine and explore the many coves/bays and some walks in the forests, seeing the water falls etc. had a fast sail to Grenada, broad reach at an average of 9.1 top speed of 13.4 even with a reef in the main. Love this Grand Soleil, sails easily at good average speeds and this is fully loaded with 800ltr of water and 400ltr of diesel and 2 months of food. t
  7. Making our next move through the islands, after 3.5 months in the Grenadines we are sailing to Grenada. Trinidad arnt opening their borders any time soon. we still have to go through quarantine in Grenada for the now shortened 10 days and then have a test, but its a new island to explore. it was rumoured to be cancelling quarantine in July but hasnt happened. after being there for a month or so and before the bad hurricane months of August and Sept, we might be hauling out and flying home for a while. stay tuned this adventure isnt over yet..!
  8. would love to move on and cruise these other places, but..... not this year. its all still closed borders. we have friends that got through Panama a week ago and headed for los Perlas, they were allowed to stay 1 day, get some diesel then had to move on, and were told in no uncertain terms to spread the word that no other yachts are allowed,even to get diesel.! so they are now sailing the 4000nm to Tahiti direct. over in the islands of Grenadines where we are borders of the next closest islands are opening on 1st july to St lucia and Grenada. Trinidad doesnt look like opening any time so
  9. our latest travels Vlog. Like and subscribe....
  10. Hi David, how far to the right are you talking ?
  11. hello, think we have insurance sorted now, new survey came out all good and getting insurance from Marsh that insured out last yacht for the past 20 years. new thought, borders are slowly opening over here, though stilll have to do 2 weeks quarantine on your yacht. but now looking at options to get home, some friends have already gone to Panama, have quarantined and will be transiting soon. we are looking at this option, though when you get through Panama you can only stop at Tahiti and then straight to NZ, thus we are now looking to see if there would be one or 2 Kiwis with extensive blu
  12. different insurance company to when we had Oracle insured, Oracle was insured only for coastal racing in NZ, Wave we had insured for Blue water ocean crossings. looks like we might be getting somewhere with a local ins company in the Caribben for coastal ins in the Caribbean . will post more here later. my wife just uploaded our latest Vlog on youtube too,
  13. thanks for the tips, and yes we have had insurance for the last 20 years on our previous yacht in nz (Marsh) had a couple of claims in that time as well, they paid without questions. .
  14. Hello, we actually used a broker in NZ to get this ins, and he is annoyed that it got cancelled on us too. but we paid him a good amount of money in the belief that he would sort it all for us. the original survey in spain was to satisfy our original ins company (top sail) that the yacht was a good risk, but the surveyor was (in his words) very strict and will pull up any anomalies. but we were in a corner and he was available. in hind sight we should of waited and had some one else survey the yacht, as by his own admission he had never surveyed a yacht with a steel structural grid frame
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