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  1. Thanks MCP, thats what I was lookng for. Yes to the scope and the frequency generator so I'll give it a shot Cheers
  2. I'm looking for a test procedure for a Navman 2100 depth gauge. The unit is powering up ok but displaying a "double dash" instead of a depth at the moment. The Navman troubleshooting guide helpfully suggests this means there is a problem, probably with the transducer circuit. No sh*t Sherlock... They do not describe how to test it. Any marine electronics techs out there able to help out?
  3. Thanks all. I'm very aware that system redundancy is an important consideration - more baskets for the eggs. We have a small handheld marine GPS, compass, paper charts etc (no sextant!). I'm looking for a system that gives more or quicker or richer info with less risk of calculation errors. I've been looking at Openplotter on a Pi device as an option - it looks interesting with lots of implimentation options you can grow into. To Island Time and Steve's point, many aircraft (and sea-craft) have been lost because pilots thought they knew better than the computer guidance or control systems. Conversely, the 737 Maxx situation shows we need to be wary of systems so complex we don't know what they are doing. Software and hardware is usually reliable, its the dampware operating it that is in doubt! Cheers
  4. Local stuff thanks. Plan is to slowly expand from Hauraki Gulf up to BOI then around NZ as experience and ability allows. 5-year plan.
  5. As a new yacht owner with way too many bits of IT hardware hanging around I'm keen to repurpose stuff if it effective. Does anyone have informed comment or advice from recent experience on using an android tablet as a chart plotter, with or without an external aerial?
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