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  1. Hi Strath, at Ruapehu atm. Will measure and post up on Tuesday afternoon
  2. For all you hot shots! Onboard our recent purchase but no use to us, so its here for a week before I migrate it to the Great Unwashed on TardMe. Story goes (I've been back three owners, to around 2010) it was purchased as near new by the then owner who was being armtwisted into rum races. Turns out, he was a cruiser not a racer, as was the next owner who then fitted a furling headsail, and so the kevlar was relegated to the sail locker without having fired a shot. Doyles may be able to provide further info. Hanks are all surface corroded but solid and will clean up ok. Apart from that it appears pristine - no noticeable marks, no repairs or tears. Zip on the sail tubebag is seized as per usual, but the tie closures are all sound. Pick up is in Papakura, Auckland. I'm happy to freight at cost - I'd estimate it would be between $15 and $40 couriered depending on how far-flung you are. Shall we start at $500 and I'll listen to anyone's sob story or best haggling line. Pictures are here - message me if you want specific images or close ups, or you have trouble opening up the google pics folder. Cheers Ashton
  3. ^this is the most interesting mix of fascist socialism I have seen here. Thats not necessarily a criticism btw.
  4. You give the impression that the people attempting to subvert quarantine are making rational risk/reward assessments when they do so. This is, like any argument for penalties after the fact, irrational itself. The mycoplasma bovis event identified that, despite a legal requirement to maintain records of stock movements, up to 70% of farmers knowmingly ignored this requirement, in a large number of cases because disclosing would mean that a "cash sale" would have had to be declared... So despite both biosecurity and Inland revenue legislation, over 2/3 of farmers chose to break the law and expose their industry and the country to what turned out to be about $1b of damage. As you say, the quarantine is crucial. It needs to be kept clear of a profit motivation and firmly in the hands of enforcement agencies. The current consequence of community transmission is too great.
  5. Some reality here... NZ currently has managed isolation for about 250 people a day arriving. Even that is stretched. Regardless of any claims by people arriving from the Pacific, they would need to isolate. We have no capability to oversee isolation of people outside the managed sites, let alone manage isolation of people living aboard. A complicating factor is that, if we were to announce that the boarder was open ot cruising yachts etc, that status would be near impossible to reverse quickly - a sailor who has committed and departed for New Zealand on a 10 day to 3 week voyage from whereever could not easily be sent back if the situation or our information on the risks changed. There are literally 1,000s of cases for economic benefit being made by people wanting to enter the country, or people wanting to bring others into the country. Dairy NZ alone wants to bring over 1,000 workers in. Likewise, there are literally 1,000s of cases for entry on compassionate or personal safety grounds. Until we have a large enough infrastructure to manage more arrivals through an isolation process including the capacity to handle a sudden increase in cases in any location, type or source of inbound person, the prudent approach is to close the border tight except for those who have an inalienable right of entry ie citizens.
  6. sounds like an older rock music fan "Meh, nothing worth listening to was produced after Woodstock..."
  7. Thanks Steve. No, scubash must have been another drinking buddy/sparing partner/love interest, not me...
  8. We've stayed at thier house on Kawau twice in the last two years. Its a great spot and the reading material would keep the most ardent yachtie (especially the global cruising variety) engaged for weeks. Condolences to Lin and all that knew Larry (I was not one of them).
  9. Hi Vic - assuming you piad with a credit card, discuss a charge back claim with your card provider. The process sits outside the aliexpress system - essentially if the bank thinks that you have been ripped, they reverse the transaction and recover from the vendor. Its the one thing that makes eye-watering credit card fees worthwhile
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/winches/listing-2710928172.htm?rsqid=4a940f7e42a94cfc821f2c79c8117434-004
  11. Drill to put a tyre valve fitting into it and use a bike tyre pump to put a couple of psi of pressure in, or until one flat panel goes "poink!". Spray test as above, or leave overnight and check its held pressure in the morning.
  12. Prior to listing on TM and in support of the crew.co.nz site. Here til Sunday 26th. We know nothing about this sail except that it was aboard a Saraband we recently purchased, and appears to be the small brother of a jib we sold a few weeks back that carried the rego of a Marauder. Looks in reasonable condition, brass hanks have seized but can be coaxed and will give you hours of pleasure repolishing them. Looking for $350, open to a friendly haggle, pick up in Papakura, Mt Smart end of Onehunga, or Auckland Airport. Cat not included. Follow this link to images.
  13. This is exactly the set-up on Stepping Out. The gas bottle sits in a separately boxed compartment in the cockpit locker, and drains to the rear of the cockpit (open/scoop transom, so no issue there). A simple flat lid sits in a short rebate in the top of the gas box, fingerhole to pull it up. Closing the locker clamps the gas box lid closed as well. Simple, effective, compliant.
  14. Just newly insured our 1974 Spencer through Mariner Insurance. Wasn't cheap - around 6% of insured value with $500 excess... 3rd party only was not an option (they wouldn't do it) and the excess increase to $1000 only made a few dollars difference in the premium.
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