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    Staying warm and dry while wintering over in the Northland

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  1. 2flit

    Barton Wincher

    I've used them on a 37 foot mono back in 1989 which was a 1976 OSTAR boat with GIBB winches. They worked OK, but nothing like as well as a winch with a real stripper arm on it. I eventually replaced them with Lewmar 48ST. I left the Barton Wincher on the boom winch that was used for the outhaul and slab reefing. It worked better there because the axis of rotation on a boom mounted winch is horizontal. I attached a picture of the version I used. In my mind.... They are just a stop-gap until you purchase a self tailer. The boat I used them on had already been around the world three times using the non-ST GIBB winches (once single handed and non-stop); so it's not like you absolutely need them.
  2. Hi Dave, Here are a few pictures. She was built in Bellingham, WA when Ian Farrier had an office up there in North America in the late 90's. I found her languishing on the hard on San Juan Island, been there for three years because the owner couldn't part with her in spite of not sailing her. She looked a bit sad and unloved at that point in her life. We love her
  3. She is gorgeous, looks like allot of fun to sail, Thanks for posting
  4. I know of a Lagoon that had its TIE extended. It was going to expire in June but Customs extended all the TIE's in the 'category' as a blanket extension for all the boats due to Covid-19. When you call, you might find yours has already been extended? Ours was not in the age class range but is still valid for the length we expect to need.
  5. Good Eye! Yes she is a PT-11, but I am surprised that a small 2-person business from way-way far away in Port Townsend is know in New Zealand.... and by not one but two people on this thread. Her name is Townie and she has the full carbon sailing rig with the PT foils. Thanks for the recommendation on Thatchers Book!
  6. Hey Terry, That sounds like a great suggestion. I'll look for it on-line tonight. My wife found a David Thatcher ?'Cruising Guide to the Northland 3rd Edition, Any thoughts on this one? And since we have some thread drift going on; Here is our dingy...
  7. We're Canadians on a Farrier F36/39 overwintering here. Heading north from Bay of Islands next week and looking for a good source of information on anchorages and spots around Whangaroa. Any recommendations on where to look?
  8. Just curious why the site looks just like Sailing Anarchy?
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