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  1. Like me, she is not from here. I was owned by her for a time in the Pacific Northwet. She had circumnavigated before my ownership, can you guess this one?
  2. We used VIVID White on our trimaran. This was from Vancouver Island Canada to the Tuamotu used only on the amas. We found it was rather soft and scrubbed off easier than the zSpar ProGold on the main hull. (Also easier than Ultra-2) Recommend you add a few extra coats (beyond normal especially to the high wear areas).... if you want it last long term.
  3. More Questions and further exploration..... So after 45 days in the Northern shores up around Whangaroa and such..... (and more time idling in the Bay of Islands) We are headed for Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel Peninsula - And at the risk of being repetitive - Does anyone have advice for a good cruising book for this region? The Thatcher book that FISH and Panther recommended was excellent (you do pay for what you get!). And I still am so very thankful for all the great suggestions that everyone else made.... occasionally recalling the seed sewn charts from John B .
  4. I am haunted by this story of agony, grief, death, and despair. What incredible sadness 😥
  5. nice, great work... do you have a link to the entire document and a page citation if needed? Thank-you for the post
  6. Yes, but I think he is technically making a 'Landfall' if he is anchoring on Canadian soil. At the CAN/US border along the strait of Juan de Fuca, and in the Rosario Strait... I believe that in normal (non-Covid) times that an American can transit, but is not allowed to lay anchor. The act of putting down an anchor has been regarded by other countries (that we have had to enter) as being illegal until a formal entry is conducted. I might tend to view this differently if he was making a non-stop passage, but because I have read that he is anchoring and if true, the guy is violating
  7. The roller reefing mainsail with the vertical battens looks nice, as well as the extra 12" of hull length. The PT-11 is really too small to get two normal size people in there when sailing. I wish the Mebo-12 didn't come with such a weight penalty (50kg hull and 64 kg all up). Judging from the other designs, he knows how to design a good hull form for sailing. Anyone have one have one?
  8. Not that all these places are easily reachable or ‘safe’ but here is the list that I see (all open as of August 24th) ….. Southeast & East Asia : Japan, Burma, Papua New Guinee South Pacific: Fiji, Galapagos, Tasmania, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Marianas Islands South Indian Ocean: Reunion Islands, Seychelles, Americas: Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama Other: Probably any country that 100% of the crew shares nationality and/or Permanent residency. (For us that’s Ireland, Canada, and the USA) We are with you, in that it makes no sense to
  9. 2flit

    Lithium v AGM

    I read thru about 1/2 the post. His batteries were LiFeP04 cells. These cells can overheat if mismanaged. Most Electric Vehicle LiFePO4 batteries are bottom balanced. The fire occurred when he was "Equalizing" so his charger was topping off. In this situation; a bottom balanced cell can certainly overheat and start a fire, it's a real issue and big problem, his BMS did not have temperature sensing. (and it's a bit scary that he used the word "equalizing"... not balancing
  10. We switched from a new Gori 2-blade (not the racing prop) to a MaxProp 3-blade about three years ago. We have a Yanmar 3GM30F engine in a Farrier Trimaran. We had a fair bit of vibration with the Gori and the reverse performance was very poor. Our forward cruising speed under motor is a bit more solid maybe almost +1 kn and the reverse power is like night and day. Manoeuvring a 8+ meter wide boat in marinas with a single engine has been better (far better) with the MaxProp. We have allot more prop walk in reverse with the MaxProp. I expected more impact on sailing performance fro
  11. We also used Ultra-2 last February. I prepped the boat with lots of sanding (even to the point of using Primocon on the entire underwater surface of the amas) then paid the boatyard to spray the Ultra-2. We then spent the month of March at BOI marina and the bottom had a sea of barnacles like I have never seen before, but I only have experience in the tropics and North America. Dove and scraped...We returned for three weeks in July and they came right back. I've been diving recently to knock them off but the water sure is allot colder now!
  12. And finally; Here is a link to the full report on the incident aboard the Around The World Clipper Ship: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5d079e0240f0b609cab64d40/2019-7-CV30.pdf This report takes allot of time to read but is rather illuminating on a range of issues that lead up to Simon's death. Simon was a watch leader, coxswain, and sail repairman aboard ship and he had formerly circumnavigated. There is allot to learn from the full report but - as these reports go - it's a long read.
  13. And this complete tether (https://www.kong.it/en/2-products/items/c4-components/f41-sailing-accessories/p764-elastictetherevodouble) tested much better. Here is a quote from Practical Sailor: "To our testers surprise, off-center loads don’t have to be great to bend a snap hook open. In our tests, the Gibb-style hooks like the Spinlock Race Clip that Speirs was wearing began distorting under axial (side) loads as light as 275 pounds. At 300 pounds the hooks were fully open. As a comparison, carabiners used by rock climbers like the Kong Tango sustain loads up to 2,700 pounds before failur
  14. Here is an example of a clip that 'appears' to be able to withstand higher side loads. This is according to custom shop I corresponded with which makes custom tethers, atreeas, slings, and so forth. https://www.baselinemarine.com/shopexd.asp?id=6899 I think there may be other options, this is just the first I was made aware of
  15. Well I took my image from a marine testing article that represented the clip as being Spinlock and the article was about the fiasco on the Clipper Ships Around the World man-overboard tether break. This is especially bad when you read the full account linked on the Clipper site. This clipper ship had so many 'issues' aboard that one crew member left mid way in South America, instead of continuing on his ( they cost up to $80,000) race around the world passage. I have compared the CrewSaver clips aboard our boat to the Spinlock my wife uses. I did this just yesterday for the first tim
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