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  1. This could be considered meditation! Mental health is an important issue in these stressful times.
  2. RE fast food..... Advertising on TV other than new programing seems to be how it is now which is quite cool but Tvnz I assume relies on advertising so if it has none then it may go the same way as Bauer media... They may have been unstable already though. What about Air New Zealand.... Will they make it? Without aid... They are unstable! I have heard of a couple of other small businesses ( up to 8 staff) closing and going home already.... Maybe in preparation for the coming zombie attack.
  3. Will do Weather looks like a reach the whole way so far.
  4. Hi Matt Not sure I'd celia has read this or contacted you outside here. It's using my login for dad Just spoke to him and believe they found someone from crew so possibly through you cheers. They leaving 5am morrow morning. Cheers
  5. Hi Looking for crew for delivery Bundaberg to NZ departing Bundaberg first week December with appropriate weather window. The boat is a Bavaria 56,If you require anymore info please call Celia on 0210376805
  6. That would be cool Cheers
  7. Hi does anyone have any of these around they want to move on ti a new home? Cheers Tony 0212760498
  8. And how is the water staying up there
  9. Interesting that I asked for a pile mooring 2 years ago and got told no! None available. Even though it looked pretty empty to me.
  10. If ya want some urethane sheet call me. I got plenty around 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm big bits small bits All off cuts just tell me size bits ya want... free for crew.org peoples. I can leave outside in kumeu or catch me up somewhere We build commercial coolroom freezers. Tony 0212760498 We normally dump it
  11. ynot

    Head piping

    Remember in theory the vent should be as big as the inlet. This allows air to flow in and out through the same hole which let's things and stuff work right and apparently let's micro things do their stuff. (in a septic tank anyway but in a yacht probably does not sit long enough to let them do Thier stuff) Well designed waste tanks will not smell. However in a yacht a 38mm vent pipe probably is not what most people are willing to do.
  12. ynot

    AIS Cool

    What are the if any consequence of using these and is there a danger to others.... Do they not work right? Mess with other fcc approved? And how could they prove that you use one? Different signal maybe? If just plain paperwork issue then should the guy selling them on TM just be visited by the appropriate people? Is it the seller liable or the user?
  13. Why 150nm in flat water? Man I would think that bad nasty in trouble Lee shore stuff would be more important? Has the 150nm in flat water been reverse engineered from bad weather? Let's say ya get hit by a nasty and half way down west coast with a big onshore 24hrs flat out would be more like it and would really be of more importance and if its blowing 50 and ya motoring into it how far do ya go vs flat water. Would some smaller boats be able to motor into really big breeze?..and that goes for some bigger boats to. Not digging at relatively small boats I just think it should be an importa
  14. In the past five years I have checked out at z pier twice. They came to us both times.
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