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  1. Thanks Clive for your advice with this Finally got down there this afternoon It was pretty wild weather wise but had A good look around H
  2. Awesome thanks. I thought there was a locked gate on all the fingers? We are staying down town might go down after Motat for a walk around tomorrow. I was hopeing to go down the finger and have a close look?
  3. I'm in Auckland from Tues till Thursday with my two boys doing the dad thing, sky tower Motat, Maritime museum etc. I would like to go to Westhaven and have a look at the Multihulls esp the 8.5s as we have one down here in Nelson. what finger are most of them on and is it possible to get the code for the gate? possibly pm me here or txt 0274393686? Regards Hilton Grant
  4. aren't you meant to be packing?........... good luck with the trip down.
  5. you guys rock, like your humour wheels. I will pm you some more details many thanks
  6. awesome thanks for the help. I was going to ph you in the next few days if nothing had turned up!! just looking at the specs it weighs around 40kg? and being a long shaft, comes up to about my chest, so if you can put a seat down in a std car or do you still have a van ,Wheels? Its arriving prob later in the day this Fri I will have to see if they can get it to your work by 5pm at the latest? what time are you open to on Fri? if not is there anybody at work on Sat? Many thanks
  7. now looking for the Auck to wellington freight, my parents can meet/pick up at the wellington end. Can any one recommend who would be best TNL,Mainfreight or Peter baker? im sorted for the cook strait bit now, Fluids/engine oil have been removed Thanks in advance
  8. Any body travelling from Auck to Nelson or even Auck to Wellington? I am trying to get a Yamaha 9.9 high thrust moved down the island. Will look at all options, but given the prop fell off issue in the strait thought I would explore here as well Quite happy to pay with $$ or rum etc to be negotiated...... there's nothing for free in this world. Motor will be arriving in Auck from Kerkeri Fri/Sat 6th Dec. Regards G Force
  9. herd on the news today that the AC saftey boffins are suggesting quick release life jackets, so if you get trapped under an upturned vessel you might be able to get free??????? wtf???
  10. Ive been here in similar circumstances and after 6 months of trying to do the right thing, i went to the small claims. Problem solved straight away. Should have listened to good advice given to me 6 months before!!! Dont piss around straight to small claims!!
  11. .Cheers Bob, for now I have no reason to lose faith in my insurer to do the right thing and hopefully the skipper that did the damage will put his hand up, all going well the whole thing will be resolved in a few days. AS Tui says "Yea Right" but i do hope you can get it sorted
  12. Fair comment, i was just thinking out loud most topping lifts are lighter as you say.
  13. whats wrong with using your topping lift as a spare halyard? presuming its been replaced with a suitable spec rope/cordage? and the boom is lashed down with main.
  14. Has happened to me on my 2.2. After a while it will start to work again. Short running doesnt help. Run at low to med revs untill you think its getting to hot then let it cool and try again it will start working again. i flush mine in a bucket because you obviously have no where to fit muffs on these little motors.
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