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  1. I spent 8 years world cruising with no communications whatsoever. So this looks good to me. Plus you save $1000 on satphone and another $1000 when you register offshore. I guess it comes down to what level of risk you are comfortable with. Medically with over 100,000 miles the worst I have had on board was a burn on my girlfriend's leg when a powerboat wake got us and she was in the galley.
  2. I have one. Was intending to test drive it this winter but covid.
  3. Just heard him interviewed on rnz. Received some important master Mariners award. Well done. So is my memory accurate that he sailed an early ostar rave in a 28ft nova?
  4. Not confirmed yet. Noonsite is not official. https://www.denaraumarina.com/arriving-departing-fiji/
  5. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I don't want any boat turning up for example in Fiji. Fiji has said they don't want us. Fiji will tell us when they do want us. Disregard this and they will be pissed off. Piss them off and the next boat to arrive (even if doing everything by the book) won't be as welcome . To the best of my knowledge no one is accepting cruising sailboats st present. No problem with your example. But with 8 or 9 leaving yes I am worried. It only takes one arrogant twat to ruin it for all
  6. Apparently a number of boats cleared out from Marsden cove and opua this morning. As I'm not aware of any place that is open to visiting sailboats yet this worries me. I don't want them to impose upon or otherwise offend people who I hope will be my hosts in the future.
  7. When I built the stackpac I added a zip either side so a tent could be zipped on. Thanks to VB for that one.
  8. If you like fishing nowhere to buy bait in whangaroa last time we were there.
  9. I'll trade you a copy of the book for your dinghy 🥰
  10. Is that a PT11? The Thatcher book is good. We spent last winter in the BoI. Had intended going further north but never got around to it. Did you know there is a tango group in Opua?
  11. My theory is yhe white ones look like icebergs Anyone????
  12. Thank you. From my hopelessly ill informed position I have to say I agree.
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