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  1. Is sandpit filling up with mud as some predicted?
  2. Never eun the engine more than 30 mins😄
  3. Keep the rig sails and deck jewellery then build a hull.
  4. I ghinl someone lost a furled headsail in the same burst
  5. I almost got interested enough to look up who Josie Pagani is. Then lethargy took over and I didn't.
  6. Not so nuts i guess, crossed the Atlantic ( well some of it) aged 81 in a tiny self designed and built boat. https://www.yrvind.com/?fbclid=IwAR2nlrDwqjxFywWDE5KG5YGMo1yJSAq62Nt8PjSAXHRu_F-G70aiG9plHhA
  7. You should think of a palindrome for a name. Able was I ere I saw Elba. We looked at the big sister to that but at the time didn't have the $$$.
  8. Sounds ideal but not sure Angela will wait that long. As an aside, today I rowed the deflatable ashore and I repeat my rant that the people who design and build rowlocks for inflatables should be bloody well shot. Worthless good for nothing pieces of shit.
  9. I find myself suddenly in the market. Anyone?
  10. Not so funny https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/13/the-tale-of-the-killer-whales
  11. Ive never heard of Yahoo news before. It sort of popped up when i turned the phone on. This phone does all aorys of shit without asking my permission
  12. I gotta ask. What is tyre cream?
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