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  1. What makes you think money equates to a better person?
  2. The best book i have ever read on boat maintenance was Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
  3. Thats a smart idea. Live with it for while before getting out the chainsaw. We saved a fortune like that
  4. Why do you want to motor in both directions?
  5. I have a copy and would cheerfully give it to you but it's in a box in a storage locker and im not allowed out Good read so good luck on your hunt.
  6. Go the whole hog and put them onto a stacpac type boom cover. Wonderful
  7. Sorry, I don't normally drink this early.
  8. My estimate a out 40 to 50 full time liveaboards in the Auckland region
  9. Lots of people on various internet cruisers hangouts report being denied entry in plenty of places. Sometimes allowed to take on food then leave. But one English boat in Spain was having trouble getting water. I believe Fiji has closed doors.
  10. I did Panama to NZ in 6 weeks in a cav 32. Most cruisers can carry 6 weeks food.
  11. Ok. But need to leave soon. Panama before June.I'd anchor off Las Perlas until September then head home.
  12. Matè wrong thread. The one you are looking for is in small talk.
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