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  1. Hi - I might have a solution for you. I'll message you directly...
  2. Definitely keen on dripless solution, but will save that expenditure for my next boat. Looking to upgrade in the not too distant future....
  3. Wow - yet another boat ownership rabbit hole! Lucky I'm a nerd at heart. Lateral - would love to buy a little of that packing from you if that's an option. Will PM you.
  4. Thanks guys. Ultra x reads very well but cant see a NZ supplier. Where did you source it?
  5. Anyone know the right size of stuffing? It's the bronze factory gland with a 1 inch shaft. Boat a long way away and want to get sorted before haulout in a couple of weeks...
  6. Thanks Guys - will give No.5 a go.
  7. Hi all, Looking to repaint my Raven 26's bum shortly. The International Awlcraft I used previously was heavily fouled after a year with barnacles and oysters featuring heavily. Any thoughts on good products? My boat isn't used as much as it should be so can be on the mooring for months at a time....
  8. Thanks guys for this. This boat is not in Auckland or anywhere within easy reach of a good surveyor, hence the desire to check out as much as possible first. Definitely intending to tap as much of the decks as possible from above and below. Thanks for the offer of the meter lateral, I'll give it some thought. It looks like a great solution.
  9. Thanks for the intel on the decks. It's as I suspected. I guess we just build in the time and cost to get the decks ripped off sooner rather than later in any offer we put forward. Just a question - in checking out the underlying plywood (which appears very sound) does a moisture meter give a very reliable indication? I'm not hearing any huge objections to the construction. I agree that not having epoxy on the inside would be a show stopper but it appears well sealed. Not sure of the thickness of the hull.
  10. That's all really helpful. I've been on plenty of Dbl diag kauri boats but have never seen this construction before. Those widely spaced ribs did catch my attention. The keel bolts definitely look bronze so not so concerned there. The other thing with this boat is some tired looking teak decks. I know the general concerns and issues people have with them but these are still watertight but appear layed very tightly together. Is that normal? In terms of recaulking, should we be thinking about routing a small groove between planks?
  11. Well known kiwi designer (don't want to interest others in the boat right now!) and built in a Whangarei yard but owner unsure which. Planking is definitely edge glued. Just learned what a rove is - cheers!
  12. Hi all, Am looking at purchasing a boat with a construction that's new to me, and would appreciate any thoughts. It's single strip planked kauri, glassed on the outside and appears to be evadured (epoxied) on the inside. Not sure about fasteners but potentially riveted. She's late 1970s and seems very well built. Pics below
  13. Hi - interested in $300 for this? I'd need to get it shipped but will pay.
  14. Hi - has it got switches or cabling with it?
  15. slanty

    Leaking injector

    Thanks wheels - that's super helpful.
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