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    In Summer I'm Wellington Harbour based and sail a Raven 26 called Footprints that I've enjoyed for 18 years. In Winter head north to Fiji where I have a Reinke Super 10. Member and occasional racer at both Evans and Lowry Bay Boat Clubs. Enjoy solo sailing and have done several long coastal trips. Coastguard tutor with skipper restricted limits licence.

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  1. grantmc

    NZ to Fiji

    Thank you BP, have asked to join group.
  2. grantmc

    NZ to Fiji

    New Zealand to Fiji passage Hi, I will be available to help crew once borders reopen. I've heaps of experience on monohulls, easy to get along with, can cook, bleed an engine etc. I own a yacht in Fiji that I am keen to get to. NZ citizen and meet all Cat 1 crew requirements of experience, sea survival and first aid, plus Skippers Restricted Limits. Email me at grant@jobspec.co.nz and I can send through a bit of a CV and we can talk more. __________________ Grant Mc
  3. Rehabilitated I apologise for, and accept that I made an erroneous statement. I had always thought the requirement at Wellington Entrance was for commercial shipping only. But Section 6.1.1 of the Harbour regulations states the requirement for all vessels to call (with the visibility exception for pleasure craft mentioned under 6.1.2), I have learnt something today. Thank you. And I had certainly read those instructions on a number of occasions. I wasn't ignorant of them. As an aside, the requirement to call isn't mentioned in either of the Lowry Bay nor Port Nich Yacht Clubs' Cook Strait Sailing Instructions also (yet the Tory call is stated). In respect to compulsory licensing I'm in IT's camp. But I certainly have sympathies and see all sorts of stupid stuff out there. I also hold Skippers RL and am a qualified Coastguard Instructor but I certainly don't profess to know it all, quite the opposite. So the forum helps us all to learn and develop.
  4. There's no requirement to make a call to enter Wellington Harbour. But in respect to not having at least a VHF, that would be a sad state and obviously very stupid to head in to Cook Strait without even a a shitty $100 portable. Let alone the noncompliance with the collision regs for the Tory Entrance.
  5. The reality is YES. Jacinda and the Health dude were very clear that professional sport is OK, but NOT community team contact sports (ie the 70,000 people that play rugby most Saturdays) is out for the time being). They talked about the fact that very careful rules have been worked out with the governing bodies of rugby, netball etc so that their professional teams can play.
  6. Very sadly, someone drowned last night, Sunday 10 May, about 6pm off Petone Beach. Their dinghy capsised. Fortunately their body was recovered. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/121469218/dinghy-capsizing-leaves-one-dead
  7. Many many sirens sounding since about 7am.
  8. The helicopter was very active last night where I live in Trentham, but wouldn't have been difficult to hide from. Plenty of tress and bush to hide in. We're a very leafy suburb and like many small towns you're never more than 2 streets from farm land.
  9. I found it scary to be watching kids up on deck on a passage without PFDs.
  10. Fiji has just increased the quarantine period to 28 days according to Radio NZ. Not clear in that article where the person has to isolate but it suggests it's similar to those arriving in NZ as it states "The government said those arriving in Nadi would be taken to a quarantine facility and monitored for 28 days.". Is that the same for visiting yachts? And I'm thinking that whatever the answer to that question those people quarantined are unlikely be in a tropical bay. It will more likely be somewhere like the Fiji Gateway Hotel across from the airport. A very pleasant place to stay, I concede, but expensive and a long way from Denerau.
  11. They're some PR firm up north that are the mouth piece for professional sailing.
  12. This is a picture taken of the Clyde Quay Boat Harbour in Wellington this morning 3 May 2020. Very sad to see. Marina mgmt and owner are aware.
  13. I hate to rain on your parade but I doubt you'll be getting many beers. Perhaps reword your post specifying the skills you have to offer. Most boats are quite complex. Even cheap little keel boats have sophisticated systems and owners usually need people doing maintenance who know what they're doing. Please don't be offended as none is intended. Given your level of knowledge, based on only having done an intro sailing course I'd suggest you contact Gav at Wellington Classic Yacht Trust. They've a small fleet of wonderful old keelers (some moored in Clyde Quay where you've been sailing out from) and they have ongoing projects of restoration. Also lots of maintenance of the restored boats that they sail regularly in Port Nich events. Lizzie in particular is great fun to sail and is out on the harbour regularly. Their boat shed is at the other end from OS. Here's their web site for further details: http://www.wcyt.org.nz/
  14. Buy the boat you need now; something to learn and gain skills on and especially have fun on. After a sailing course over at Port Nich you know very little. For 5-7K you can pickup one of many nice little keelers around the harbour. Do a few Cook Strait crossings, spend some time glamping in the sounds, a trip or 3 around D'Urville Island, with trips over to Torrent and Nelson, a weekend sail around to Mana and Kapiti Islands. Obviously you'll gain skills, confidence and decide if you really enjoy sailing (and maintenance and fixing broken stuff), but you'll also start to discover the sort of boat you will need for long term cruising. Very few boats on TradeMe currently, given we're not allowed in most Wellington marinas till level 2. Also think seriously about where you'll keep a boat. Finding $300+ for a mooring each month doesn't help saving. And then there's maintenance, for example every 12 months you'll drop $1,000 on antifouling. I think Seaview is the only marina without a wait list. Boat ownership is a significant investment in time and money. Don't go there unless you're absolutely certain; there are literally hundreds of boats other people own that you can help sail. Get involved with a Club and you'll soon meet people that are looking for crew for different adventures. I think having done the course, that includes a short period of free membership at Port Nick. Not known for being a friendly place certainly, but you've paid, so you might as well get your money's worth. When that free membership runs out then join a club where members actually sail, and don't just talk about sailing.
  15. I think that was an improvement in process after the loss of the Nina with 7 lives lost. Much criticism at the time about the condition of the schooner and yet NZ authorities were (seemingly) unable to prevent her leaving.
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