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  1. The Watercare CEO who prays for rain is now on nearly $900k a year. https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/116580549/council-agency-bonuses-phil-goff-claims-no-knowledge-of-1million-payments-made-to-executives
  2. John Minto battled Auckland City Council for years regarding his self supplied water source containment. Greatest contributing tragedy of this fiasco was the monetisation of a basic human essential resource.
  3. Nothing common or good happening for the victims of state funded injustice. The recent refusal to invest in attaching body cameras to the NZ police force sounds alarm bells for me. Having ready access to live evidence would be of such benefit to justice outcomes so why did the police not agree. I have whanau and employees that are regularly subject to race based interest to put it politely by the police usually whilst driving surely a body cam would simplify matters.
  4. For all the failings of the NZ police force the one that sticks the most for me is Peter Ellis. Crikey his mum lived the lasting years of her life sharing his nightmare fark nobody came to their assistance none of us ever made a effort to assist this gay childcare worker that was a victim of a state driven witch hunt Salem style. Makes me sick to think about the son that burdened his mum with a state funded injustice.
  5. Wheels here’s the reality, you plod off one day ambling along in your usual daily existence and wham all your worst nightmares strike you like a biblical plague of confusion loss of control and chaos all state funded by the police force you never ever thought would come at you hell bent on putting your arse in jail guilty or not. You mention anarchy well there is no place for false imprisonment in a society I will support ever. Open your eyes this sh*t goes on and will continue to whilst we turn a blind eye to police empowerment. Recent events and activities like Task Force Raptor refusing to support the wearing of body cameras and the subterfuge regarding a push to militaristic general arming shine a clear light as to the intentions of your great bunch of guys.
  6. They simply did not exist. Those that were “discovered” at the second ESR forensic examination would have stuck out like dogs balls originally. This guy never got the support of the legal nor sailing community due to a heavy overlay of character smearing by the NZ police plain and simple. I fully expect when Inspector Pope finally pops his clogs a sea of endearment will wash over him and his teams dodgy dealings as they did with Hutton.
  7. The compensation for being wrongfully convicted has a start / reference point of $100,000 per annum after 20 years Scott would stand to collect $2 Mil which is a paltry sum considering the ordeal he and his family have had to and continue to weather. I would not have a clue regarding his guilt or innocence but it is pretty damned difficult to see off the entire legal might of the state as an individual if unfortunately you are plucked from your normal daily existence and convicted and subsequently imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. https://www.innocenceproject.org/
  8. Sounds like the grounds for appeal hinge on the hairs. Advances in testing point to their origin being control samples from direct relatives and not Olivias. Jail house snitch evidence used to nail home convictions like Scott Watsons mirror the David Tamihere case which now also heads to the Appeal Court. Now is the time to remove such perilously suspect evidence from ever being used in a court of law.
  9. Well worth a read akin to a Shakespearean tragedy. https://www.noted.co.nz/currently/currently-crime/the-full-interview-gerald-hope-and-scott-watson
  10. The tiger blanket hairs linked to Olivia found weeks later after an initial forensic inspection have a lot in common with the Hutton & Johnstone planted shell casing belated found four months later that screwed Arthur Alan Thomas. Be your worst nightmare banged up for 20 years for a crime you never committed and this case along with others lays great weight for the urgent the need for an independent legal mechanism than can test for injustices prosecuted by the state although now far to late for Peter Ellis.
  11. https://www.defence.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/4568eed392/Canterbury-tales-re-told-RNZN-multirole-vessel-delivers.PDF
  12. Procurement has long been a joke and not only for the navy. These go nowhere. RNNZ Canterbury the replacement for the roll on roll off lemon has a long history of faults. Can’t get link to work but from Janes a lengthy tale of inadequate initial design to repeated repairs and upgrades and the Airforce can’t even land it’s helicopters whilst underway.
  13. Well we could have followed the Swedish model and then you would really have something to moan about. Crikey this is a unique set of circumstances and everybody is learning from their mistakes what else can we ask for life is perfectible. What robust sustainable strategies that rock out from this chaos will stand the nation in good stead when this inevitably happens again in the future.
  14. Pretty hard to not buy Chinese anything these days but well worth the effort to make the effort. 1 million Uighurs locked in re-education camps is my start point when I am looking for a new piece of kit.
  15. You get what you pay for. What’s the price difference between Eberspacher and a knock off Chinese equivalent $1000 or so there is a glaring answer to that price gap durability reliability and warranty comes to mind. Noiseyness comes free with the cost saving alternatives.
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