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  1. The correct spelling is Beale.
  2. My accountant calls them units. $500,000 cost per head minimum crikey I could have brought Dynamite four times over.
  3. Follow Wheels advice. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2020/01/09/designer-clarifies-cause-of-keel-failure/
  4. Make that 3rds Pretty impressive well sorted boat and a cracker sailer. Not some tubby fat arsed overweight eyesore that’s for sure.
  5. https://woodenboat.advanced-pub.com/Vizion5/viewer.aspx?shareKey=rOFucb
  6. I think you will find Pete Russell and Dennis held the rank of skipper. Ben has not skippered a AC winner nor defender. If Prada build a boat that can stay together and win the AC Jimmy will join Russel Dennis and Charlie in the Skippered 3 club well before Ben gets to chalk up a single win.
  7. Not classy at all that statement.
  8. At 29 Pistol Pete has potentially 4 more AC campaigns ahead of him which would age him @ 46 compared to Ainslie who is presently 43. Adding to the chest of gold he has to date tucked under his bed another Olympic medal or two along with the Worlds and his total haul would give Long John Silver and his parrot a woody. Sale NZ your assumption the only Ainslie can push Coutts off his perch is as usual pretty damned laughable. Bubble on.
  9. Don't agree Owned a 50 year old timber edge butt and glued no glass sloop for 20 years with no problems at all your hysterical claim that timber = higher maintenance over yoghurt pots does not ring true in the real world. As Sparky quite rightly says built well warm and dry smells as fresh as a field of wild flowers.
  10. Is the 40ft requirement driven by marina size cost and availability? Whats your budget. On TradeMe Beale 42ft minter.
  11. 3 wins as skipper equal with Charlie Barr on the water.
  12. Staying in your bubble = staying out of trouble. Pretty simple.
  13. Rum and toilet paper.
  14. Call through to the management at Westhaven Marina office regarding access to retrieve essential supplies and check on boats welfare was met with a curt reply that although they frowned on but could not prevent this happening after pointedly mentioning they did not have access to handcuffs and powers of arrest. Must of been a case of wishful thinking by the same over zealous employee I and my wife have previously encountered in the past.
  15. As it would be impossible to arrange a sea trial or a survey so unless you buy without nothing will be changing hands.
  16. Well that Dickson won’t fit.
  17. You get what you pay for. Space doesn’t come cheap but sort your priorities. What have you shortlisted post it and take advantage of this forums wisdom.
  18. Life’s a journey not a race and that Young is a minter. DS is a hard one to pull off at that length and she works better in my opinion than the opposition. That cockpit is a beauty.
  19. No rocket ship but pretty well sorted. Considering the local vigorous prevailing SW 110 hp yanmar will see you right. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2553078000.htm
  20. Factor in $650 a month for minimum length marina fees that are constantly rising.
  21. Priscilla II

    Tube clamps

    Brand is Norma widley available. If you have the internet why would you want to use the Yellow pages.
  22. Priscilla II

    Tube clamps

    Brand is Norma widely available. If you have the internet why would you want to use the Yellow pages.
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