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  1. 50 Akl wide?? Someone needs to question thier drug dealers quality control process. There would be at least 40 in Bayswater alone.
  2. Android phone here getting the same as Above the Fold in jumping back to listings. A few other small quirks with attachments.
  3. There are the odd 'kits' on shelves but most are cheap nasty and not as good as you could make yourself. I'd suggest you copy Terrys very good set up, clean simple and best of all he can pull them out the way when sailing. So you'll need 2 small but decent blocks or low friction rings for the spreaders, a cleat on the mast (a clamcleat is fine) one each side, 4 more LF rings and the cordage...Oh and a cold six pack for assembly lubrication. Then all you need to do is get the line. Using Terry picture get some lengths which should include enough so the end of the blue line can come straight down the mast around the horns on the gooseneck (the ones you use to reef with). Then it's only getting the line you need. Some use basic sashcord or braids like those (good but you need to tie knots or sew ends) some use 3 strand (just yucky don't go there), some get all jiggy with double braid (nice but huge fiddly work) or you can use one of the newer hollow core soft braids designed for the application. These are strong, soft and very easy to splice using a pencil so you can have ends as flash as any Pro (decent ones, there are some shockers using the term) would do. The spice required is easy peasy and even a newbie could do them well very quickly so don't stress that bit. Generally speaking the chandlers don't have bugger all technical cordage so it's unlikely they will have anything more then the old school basics. Drop me a PM telling me where you are and I'll see if I can aim you at someone who may have the good sh*t or at least some decent options. Worst case I can whip up a package easily, we do lots of them.
  4. I agree with Kevin, on 30ft and less they are nice but hardly a necessity. But it is easy to set up good simple drama free lazy's, even more so today with cordage that are made specifically for that application. No need to sew ends or have knots or to even have to get some Pro in to make and set them up for you with the new cordage. Do set them up so once your main is up you can pull them forward and hook them around the gooseneck or something there, it is very easy to do. There is nothing, not a single thing that is good about sailing with the lazys still deployed unless you are the most laziest slob of a S.O.B in existence who is intent on becoming morbidly obese and want to clock out due to a massive coronary. If you do leave them up you'll also look just as big a Muppet as the newbie boat renter motoring a yacht down the harbour with all the fenders still hanging over the side. As you may notice I do have the odd issue around some aspects of lazy jacks
  5. We arrived as 8 tracks were leaving. You have a couple of years extra life experience than me and harrytom Now listening to Pavlov's Dog, Pampered Menials album from 1975.
  6. If you talk to the police it is quite evident they also have no clear understanding of what they are supposed to and are allowed to do. We hunted some down yesterday, which was far from easy unlike finding speed camera vans 🥴 , and asked them if we'd be arrested for driving to our place up north. They asked why, we told them and they said 'Good to go, watch you bubble'. But they also said the next lot of their mates we run into may see it differently. Anyway, WTF dude, a Crewman is for millennials something you sure as hell aren't You fella are the Holden Sandman generation. Hell there is a high chance someone reading this was conceived in one and while their probably stoned n pissed parents had this mob playing on the cars cassette player I've been deep into the garage of doom and found a box of early 1980. Talk about flashbacks............
  7. I have reason to suspect they may struggle a bit with liquids, the clearer the liquids are the more it struggles. Mine comes in low when aiming at the water itself but reads as expected when you hit everything the water is touching. Yeah do a before and after run check...maybe a check at the top of the hill as well.
  8. Surely it would be self evident, the genus would be 'Gougeonis Brois' and the species 'Westis' of course It's a 600mm x 600mm x 100mm block of concrete (bedding compound to be precise) with a wire out the back that sits at a set temp. It stops your resins going very thick in colder weather so they pour, mix and most importantly cure far more consistently. I'm using it to provide a constant temp during the germination process of my trees, whose real genus is an Illicium.
  9. Noir or Gris or Grigio? One makes it acceptable, almost an essential flight, the other 2 makes you a hairdresser.
  10. I've got one as well, it's also a WhoFlungDung wearing a pretty dress as yours appears to be. Digitech it says so I must have got it at Jaycar but most I've seen are the same just different brand names. I have put mine against a range of known solid datums and found it is within 1 degree everytime, often less. To be honest that did surprise me for cheap as chips grade gear. I have noticed though it is very targeted so when aiming at a variable temp object moving the dot/s even a few mm can get a reading change. With that in mind I would strongly suggest if you want to line it up next to your motors Temp gauge you do try to see exactly where the gauge is reading or you run the risk of measurement checking a few mm or more away which could easily show a different temp and blow your faith in one of the bits of measuring equipment. A mate, one of the most ugliest buggers you'll find, built me a temp controlled bed for my resins which holds them at a set temp. I'm now using that bed to germinate a few trees so have been checking the temp of it. In doing that I have noticed when I check on a pile of dribbled resin that is enough to make a small reading change compared to the clean material next to it. I can also see exactly where the embedded heating elements are due to subtle temp changes on the surface. So again it shows they can be very sensitive which makes it even more imperative that you measure the exact same spot if you are doing a head to head comparison.
  11. Yes thanks, that's the stuff, Giardia. When I first heard of it I thought they were talking about the Italian police but couldn't work out what cops from the other side of the world would be doing in a stream by Kaikohe
  12. Watch that. We did the same but the DOC guy reckoned it had err.... on the tip of my tongue bug thingy in it, the ones that's common in northland streams and makes you crook. She was the only one who said that though and I would have thought if it had the bug it would be wider known.
  13. Took all my bikes for a run and I've never seen so many people wondering the streets. The beaches are busy and the number of obese lardarses on pushbikes must be a cardiac doctors dream. But then when there is so much talk and so little sickness is that a surprise? Nope.
  14. Over 1000km thru solid bush on surfaces that have the grip of ice in one day? Good luck with that. You will be told All DOC islands are motorbike free...................... if they catch you.
  15. Gt Barrier is OK, we took the bikes, 9 of us, out there last year for 3 days, no worries and it was huge fun with the locals. I'd think riding on Lt Barrier would get you shot, literally. Having been on it I wouldn't ride it anyway, it is pristine bar all the DOC stuff.
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