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  1. There are 3 YNZ Board positions are up for re election at the next AGM. One position is El Presidente, Greg is stepping back. 2 current directors are standing for re-election. Now you boaters can't vote but your club can so if you feel a desire or knows someone who maybe good then chat to your club and do the paperwork they have been sent. Any nominees do need a proposing club and a seconding club plus they need to send in a 1 page Bio. The 66th annual general meeting of Yachting New Zealand will be held on Saturday 10th October 2020 at the Worser Bay Boating Club in Wellington.
  2. I got cover for one of mine and she's a gentle 107 years old. With AON and I think underwritten by Vero.
  3. I do believe LTSA is a Govt Department but I'm happy to be corrected if it's not. It may have been NZTA. The meetings, and there's been a fair few not to mention the 'Roadshows', are a bit of an exercise in trying to pin down moving targets.
  4. It's not a myth, I was sitting there when it was said. I was also one who just about blew a fu-fu with the laughter that the comment generated, as did everyone else in the room bar 2 people. I doubt even a Govt Dept is stupid enough to suggest you could ride across the harbour....note I'm only brave enough to use the word 'doubt'. Since when has the Govt or Council used 'good use of taxpayer funds' as any sort of qualification for any project. The best we can hope for is the project that wastes the least amount of rate/taxpayer funds. When comparing the tunnel to the skypath the tunnel wins hands down.
  5. The 2 sets of photos were taken a week apart. The bottom set were taken yesterday, Wednesday. It is a after work time like project so the build method is quick as you can see.
  6. 😃😃 But no you're wrong, 'Fat Bikes', you know the push bikes with the huge tyres. I kid you knot, they have been brought up by the current Government as a harbour crossing option. I've had a few meeting with LTSA around the walking bridge...to use a far more accurate description of what they are aiming all our rates at. The tunnel is by far the better option. Road northbound plus rail corridor which short term bus use while the Govt find out what rail is. Bridge then becomes road southbound and the left over 1/2......... da dum..... feet and bikes. Maybe to differentiate it from a road we could be call it something along the lines of 'Path in the Sky' or maybe Skypath for simplicity.
  7. The levy is NOT on the members, it is on the clubs. YNZ is NOT there for the sailors, it is ONLY there for the Clubs and a small handful of Olympians. So Tamure, you paying multiple times has nothing to do with YNZ or that's what they told me a few weeks ago. If they get all the info they want I asked the very same question you are for the same reason and was told it's nothing to do with the members, the Affiliation Fee is on the clubs only. The fact they demand the membership lists and work the fees out based on the individual clubs membership seems very much at odds with what YNZ claim. It was a conversation that I felt was very scripted, lacked logic and as person who runs some businesses (inc a YC) I was left, still are, struggling to form something from it that doesn't make YNZ look naive and out of touch with the coal face. To YNZ the levy is nothing more than the same as a power bill or buying dunny paper, the fee is just a cost of business. There seems to be a huge disconnect between how YNZ see the tax and how the members see it. In my clubs, all of them I inhabit, the tax is the biggest reason most members think YNZ is an arse, YNZ seem to be 101% totally oblivious to that fact or they are just choosing to ignore it, which must take a lot of effort considering the comments flying around in the Flag Offices chat thingy, it;s not like that don't see these discussions. I see zero chance YNZ will do anything that reduces it's rather healthy income. So sorry Tamure but I do see your fate is to continue paying multiple times to an organisation that wants bugger all to do with you.
  8. It's the end of the St Marys Bay interceptor project. The interceptor is to try and stop raw poohs pouring into Westhaven, the Viaduct and the harbour when it rains a lot. This currently happens a few times a year, which is a lot less than it did 10 years ago, so a good trend. The council was sold on the project as it diverts those poohs from Westhaven etc out 'to be discharged out in the channel'. The dorks were sold as doing what the over flow from Albanys Lake Pee Pooh does, 2 km into the northern end of the Rangi channel. But as you can see all the billions spent will do is just make the poohs take a slightly longer trip to where they were going previously. We did argue if they tilt the interceptor 4 degrees the other way all the crap could flow into the huge holding under Vic park and them go out to Mangere to be treated. As per usual that was too simple and common sense for the council to even try to comprehend. When the lift barge was on the eastern side of the bridge it was ground sampling for the new 1/2 billion dollar bridge for a few people to walkover, the skypath. The one that is being fast tracked as it is shovel ready according to beloved leader. It seems no one has told her all LTSA have is plans to make plans, the second harbour crossing tunnel is more advanced in planning than the skypath. The tunnel is easily also the common sense option in every regard so that pretty much ensures it won't be the one the Government runs with. The skypath has already cost ratepayers many millions....and taxpayers, it is quite amazing how much LTSA has paid mobs around the area to do simple small things around this. Lazza A was going to charge Akl 15 million bucks for the path, now government is involved that 15 million has become 500 million (the 390 mill already announced based on nothing but a guess, plus a lower than average allowance for the inevitable over run costs) and some think the way its trending 1 billion is not as much of a joke as it may first appear.
  9. The team watching the leopards NZ wide and our Westhaven lump of blubber would like everyone to use the linked form when they want to report a Seal munching i.e if Miss Blubber eat ya dingy go to this link, fill it out and then Giverny can build a better database of the damage she is causing. Not sure why they want that but I'm guessing it;s so there is a picture built of just what Blubber is doing and the cost. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpBRd4OYVwzlQykOYkC9XViY9Mh1gVJvrY6Ntv6wioCuvzzw/viewform I've been cheeky and asked if they have any dollar value they can tell me. I'll let you know what comes back, if anything does. There maybe some sort of data protection, who knows these days. No need for you Mr D Purple, I've done it for you and even added the photo
  10. Cheers, I shall pass that on. Nice photo, she looks like she wants get going.
  11. What berth were you on when she came for that munch, Mr D Purple? I get updates from the monitoring team and let them know of bits I see and hear. I told them about a couple of sightings and fender dinners she'd had. So if anyone has a incident can they please note what berth, or close as, where that is please and I'll let the team know. More detail gives them more to track and predict...not to mention the big seal in the room, pick up on any signs of behavioural changes, especially ones that may lead to her biting more than fenders, dingys and fish. Her movements update is saying she's back in AKL and is likely to be here i.e. in the Waitamata, for the rest of the year, based on patterns they are seeing develop. The latest from the team about her local movements is this - Based on the reports we have been getting she has been spending a lot of time in the upper harbour with the odd sighting at Westhaven. She has also been visiting a few people out on the water, but no indication of dangerous behaviour, more curiosity.
  12. I see not all Y88's use electronic depth sounders. Got well stuck but no water coming in so fingers crossed the emergency lift finds only the need for some re-fairing bog. They reckon they were only 500mm off the exact same line Flash Gordon took right in front of them. Bugger!!
  13. I've got a pile of photos of one in build but can't post them. Bugger!! Oh well, judging by another thread the chances are most of you aren't old enough to understand them anyway
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