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  1. I've been in Westhaven tweaking me boat ready for a sail as soon as the weather drops and while there did a many boat lines suss as I do. A bit surprised to see a few lines in marginal state, so much so I'm now making 4 new lines for 3 boats I'll drop on later. I'm thinking with boats sitting there jiggling, even slightly, for 5-6 weeks and lines not being moved some damage has happened to some lines. So when you get a moment to check yours take a extra few seconds to look extra close, don't do a 1 second glance, you may just miss a wee nasty. Oh and was Westhaven busy? Oh hell yes....and then the wet started to fall, it went quieter.
  2. Icky weather for the wider Akl region over Sat night/Sunday. From the north so a little unusual direction. Is the boat you may not have seen for 5-6 weeks OK to go thru that? Especially if you are in Bayswater as Northerly is the direction that can make that a very lively place to be. One good thing is mid northland will also get most of it including what looks like some water into the dams, Ya Hoo!!!
  3. Even more like Winston than that. NZ First is pretty much a one man band and I am very fast coming to the conclusion so is YNZ.
  4. Woww, someone is getting desperate to try and remain relevant. Judging by the growing number of emails flowing between YC's about YNZ it comes as no surprise.
  5. It is one of my specialities No link sorry Gents, it came in via a industry email, have some copy n paste action instead. In from NZ Marine. We've made quite a few new ding painters that need testing, I maybe out for quite a while....about 2 dozen cold WCB Punakaiki Pilsners long. I saw that mainsail and have to agree, it is a big issue, a safety issue and I think may need a sail maybe as far as Rakino to suss it out properly, that is OK as it's inside the harbour limits. And don't forget to be safe by take lots of liquids and be prepared to self-isolate in Woody Bay just in case you sneeze
  6. I just organised a sail for the weekend, assuming the weather is OK....which isn't lookin flash bugger it. MNZ have said servicing and testing gear on boats is now OK as long as you are 'marine industry'
  7. Talk about the mouse Family coming to visit and they are all called Mickey. Sport NZ has just waded in and told NZM we said no to any boating. So if you do go out quote Grant Robinson as saying it was OK, the Minister of Heath for doing it, The Deputy PM for also doing it and make sure deny any knowledge of Sport NZ even existing.
  8. Too much copy n paste. I managed to get some tidied up for the last edition, someone had copy n pasted EU speak into a book for NZ speakers which made it all a bit WTF?? But there is still a lot of dross and conflicts that should be sorted but then as no one really looks that close any longer the flaws aren't really much to worry about.
  9. Good to see boaties do have someone advocating for them. NZ Marine, which is an industry body. L
  10. They are very active in the AKL boating scene, considerably more so than YNZ. It's a get on and do it organisation, not one that spends precious resources blowing it's own horn. AYBA help fund the fight to stop the wharf extension (the dolphins), stopped Akl Council using the Unitary plan to sell lost of our waterfront to china, stopped the Unitary plan from stopping us using lots of waters and areas we have, does lots of co-ordinating between the clubs especially around programming, have a legal beagle helping the clubs fight Panuku (YNZ was asked and the response was only 'write us a letter') and a sh*t load more. There are quite a few who to regard AYBA more of a true national body than YNZ.
  11. If you are locked up at home you won't realise just how many people are out and about. I went to the orifice last week to unload a truck and we were one of the very few not wide open. Not sure what many of the businesses were doing but doors wide open and people doing sh*t. Panel beaters, plastic maker, a recyclers, a 'boxing training centre' (the word Gym has been over written by some cheeky sod ) full of yummy mummies packed in spray on Lycra, a landscape mob was busy potting plants, the 2 crazy asian builders were going hard out next door to us. No sign of punters but little sign everyone has locked themselves away. A house just around the corner from us just stood the frames up as we were all sent to covid jail, I noticed yesterday it is now a closed shell. I was in Dargaville 10 days ago, bar a que outside the supermarket and some closed shops it looked business as usual but to be fair you can stop a stockbroker but you can't turn off a cow so rural life does have to go on. While here - Big Ups to all the rural people out there doing the tricky yards in these tricky days by the way, it will be fun watching all those who have been trashing you for years now have to suck your dick to make sure NZ keeps a income as the world rebuilds. Been to Westhaven 3 times, can't say I'd call the place quiet on any of those occasions. But there are carparks so something huge must be going on It is not Quiet Earth out there people locked away. Life is continuing in spite of Covid just as it has too. Telegraph away, in fact shout loudly what you are doing....unless you are a sneak thief, rapist, murder, the Minister of Health or work for Wilson Parking in which case you may want to keep ya head down and STFU. Good laws people agree with and good clean non-conflicting information gets public compliance. Crap laws that make little sense and information that changes daily deserves to be challenged and ya can't do that while hiding behind a bush with a bottle of chloroform.
  12. 5th photo down. The masthead sheave (a micro ronstan block) is held up by the tiny red string. The 'halyard' is yellow and can be see tied just to the right of the little red one. The moral of the story is..... do not mix cameras and gin I have a better compression cell at the orifice so will try to remember to grab it. Put that in the middle of a old ding section should make it all look more like a real rig.
  13. Discussing YNZ is hard as it is not an organisation like SPECTRE, Pussy Galores Flying Circus, NZ First or the NZ Avocado Growers Association, it is not bent on evil like those lot are. So any time something like this pops up there is a instant divide and quiet. I get bitched at for saying less than ideal things about YNZ which I do but does that mean I think YNZ needs to be shot, of course not far from it and I do support them in areas and quite happily. I am no different than most with the same applying to everyone else. I know a LOT who have issues with YNZ, mostly small things, but I know of none who want to see it gone. So any discussion needs to happen inside a context of 'this specific point or action is all we are chatting about here' and with eyes open to the fact you can make comments and criticise something without wanting it killed or disbanded. Also people go quiet as they are scared to be seen chatting for the very reason above, make one small less than glowing comment and the next thing is your are accused of wanting to throw a loaded Aussie in the front door. Again, no one I know of has ever mentioned wanting YNZ gone, never ever once ever, but most would like to see the odd change here n there, as expected and totally understandable. So any discussion here must take place with that in mind or it is 100% pointless. It is just a discussion on quite specific aspects people would like improved or are less than happy about only, it's not a call for the extinguishing of YNZ. YNZ has been changing the word 'yachting' to 'boating'. I do not know what authority or power they have to do that nor if they have any mandate over all boats or not. I do know they like to throw out the odd Govt Law to support themselves but I also know they break one or more of those very laws a lot. It would be good to actually know what, if any, real power YNZ has over anything or if what they use and claim is just assumed. Also if it is a true national body for us yachties, or should that be boaters, why do we get no say or vote in how it operates?
  14. It's a oldie but a goodie and it's worth coming up every now and again.
  15. Your club/s would be very very brave to do that. YNZ is not pleasant when it comes to money and they will disassociate your club very very fast. They have threatened to dissociated clubs for not sending in membership details in the format YNZ wants, that is what you're dealing will, petty people given too much power. From what I see it is a very money focused operation. Fast to spend it on Olympics, equally as fast to plead poverty when it's something local, but then YNZ is there for high performance, not everyone. YNZ's constituents are the Clubs. Yachties themselves have no real national body.
  16. This software is no where near as user friendly as the last version was. Excuse the randomness, it has a mind of it's own and can't be corrected.
  17. There ya go, a nice work out for the grey matter to fill in some jail time. I went to whip up a quick test rig last evening to show it all more graphically but the neighbour threw a bottle of gin at me and things went a little wobbly but we got this wee Hmmmm... thingy sorted. Mast set up with cell in the middle. All loads zeroed out so any change is due to what we do. Set up 1:1 with a 5.2kg weight added simulating a sail The load showing with 1:1 The set up changed to 2:1, same load The load is now Checking the load a So changing from 1:1 to 2:1 saw the load change from 10.28kg down to 7.47kg which is around 25% reduction. Lots of Bombay Sapphire East was harmed in the pissing around with that jig. With ginger ale, lime and lemongrass, pretty damn morish. Concur, easy as, cheap as, do the same myself. There are other fitting options equally as good, some would argue better, than the usual 2 or 3 go to's in NZ and all tend to be far better value for money.
  18. Ah another page. I used Dulux house paint, a semi gloss, on my sailing ding. That was 7 odd years ago. It could do with a refresh due to living a life but it's stood up very well. That was ply with bits of glass in spots, sanded well, under coated, light sand, under coated, very lite sand, top coat, uber lite sand, top coat, beer. In hindsite I'd change 2 things next time. One is I'd only do one good under coat and the 2nd being I'd bring the beers forward to the under coating I may even use that enamacryl on a ding if I had some lying around and didn't want to go shopping. I'd do at least 2 good coats though and then allow a few extra days for it to harden up before dropping it back into action.
  19. Aged expoy shouldn't be a worry as long as you prep it well. New epoxy I'm not so sure about.
  20. I wouldn't have thought so, why do you ask?
  21. At which club are you management/Flag officer of Sabre?
  22. Your belief that there was some serious and genuine lobbying is one I can not share with you sorry. It's also one many clubs don't judging by some emails I'm seeing.
  23. The answer is no where near as much fun as watching people trying to work it out
  24. Same. The circuits only call was for currency and getting motors working only and then only for private aircraft, none of the club aircraft are allowed up ... but they have been up for the motors I'm told.... which will be a hard to counter cover story for the Instructor lassies n lads to just go for a hoon Every flight has to jump thru hoops before they can get wheels up. The problem is us yachties do not have a true national body to advocate for us. Yes there is YNZ but they exist for Olympics and clubs, their membership and constituents are not us the yachties. Sure they try to spin it that way but it simply is not the case, as they will tell you. Look at the activities with good strong true national bodies, cycling, hunting and the others. All have gone to bat for their constituents and have have had wins, sure with limitations but there would be few arguing a no holes free for all right now is good for anyone. Anyone who thinks taking your laser for a blast along the beach is more dangerous than hunting or cycling is a prime muppet, sadly NZ yachties are governed by assorted bunches of muppets, all of whom are currently in prime muppet brained form.
  25. 1. Banff to Burghead 2. Molesworth Station
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