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    Boat Show

    A solid yes to that, it is cancelled.
  2. It's far safer to use safe behaviours and good practice but the Regs often work to ensure that does not happen. I had MNZ situation not long ago where MNZ think 2 small ladies who run a decent sized vessel are safer trying to hump a 70kg anchor from the lazarette to the bow using sidedecks 200mm wide then deploy it with nothing there to assist with doing that, than it is to use a state of the art tested and approved beyond every other anchor in the world which weighs 22kg and can live on the bow. The reason is simply MNZ can only work on weight. So this boat and crew are being put in genu
  3. I hate to think what you lot would do with a packet of 'Scabs' if you want to use tyre changing lube in lieu of Jenny Craig 😃
  4. Noticed in the weekend on a tub of tyre cream ex Japan.
  5. It Got


    "Now why do you want to go do a silly thing like that. It's impossible and it can't be done or people would be doing it all the time. If you do that you will surely die you dumbarse" said most people on the plant. "Yeah so maybe it's not the easiest but if I back myself it is very doable and I can do it, I know I can. Beside its do that or the missus said I have to mow the bloody lawns and f*ck that. So I'm going to prepare knowing what's ahead and just do it"........ said Ed Hillary
  6. OK my internal crisis over someone elses boat has been averted... even though it's chines were 140mm above water and are now 500mm below it. On questioning the wisdom of overloading a boat by a shite load I found out the boat has been extensively modified. Not tweaked but extensively modified. It's now a twin hulled vessel and a very different shape than she was and BP still is. BJ now has a HUGE arse and way more underwater volume and more rocker. The photos I just saw were just prior to painting so you can see where the old meets the new. So BJ can now carry a lot more weight, phew
  7. Ha, my 1st thought was XL100 looking at the motor but then SL and early XL were pretty much the same but the clincher was that exhaust is 100% SL all day long. A SL100, holy crap hens teeth and possibly better to look after than your Kiwisaver I talk SL125, you SL100. Then I talk TS185 and you pop in with the TS125..... that's a wee bit freaky. One thing about SL and early XL's is there are 1000's fading away under trees and in back sheds so there are lots of parts out there, ya just gotta hunt them down. After an extensive search last evening I can't find a SL or TS of
  8. Am I looking at a Honda SL125 there Doc??? If it is sell it to me for a 6 pack and quickly before you realise what it maybe worth, even in that state. I dropped the Duc in for it's 1000km service the day after we got L4 parole and in the pile of bikes at the place was a very tidy SL125. As much as I tried they wouldn't sell it. I was talking to a mate who works in a bike bike shop last week and they had one turn up for a service. The shop owner offered the bike owner 3K for it but the offer got declined. They have become a very desirable bit of kit so if you ever do think about dispo
  9. You can do that in the EU, in the UK, in the US, in Aussie and even in many Pac Islands. Isn't much of the appeal NZ coastlines have due to them being a bit empty? Also what damage would the infrastructure do to some of those places? It's not like sweeping a few rocks out the way and you don't need much imagination to know if you rolled a bulldozer on to Barrier just to make some 0.1%ers lives more convenient what sort of a sh*t storm it would create. We have Waiheke and that's fast becoming a weekend and wine infused shopping centre for the far from poor or those not doing it
  10. It Got


    It's the trick Sandspit not the usual Sandspit.
  11. I hope it's not another Pilot Boat witch-hunt. That was a bit of a shocker.
  12. I was pre-loading for the stop in Asia on the way home I was doing local everything but every 10 days or so I jumped cuisines for a feed maybe 2 just for a change....only the food, never the beer. I always asked for the beer that was made the closet to where we were at the time, it is a magnificent way to find some awesome micro and at times not so micro breweries. The Pizza and Pad Thai were in a wee city called Bern during a unexpected over night stop. I bet the Wa can still name the establishments, she's a bit freaky like that. I shall ask her. We reckoned mainland EU was a lit
  13. After last years few months in the northern hemisphere I'm struggling with the expensive food comment. We found the EU quite pricey like for like in the food stakes. But I did find the food to be a higher quality than memory/stories had me expecting, especially so when we popped over to Scotland. I was expecting thick, sticky and heavy but got just awesome. Man they have some spectacular beef, easy twice the NZ price but exceptionally good. We tend to target the cheaper more fun locals tidy cafe like establishments rather than anything la-de-do-da silver service, mainly as you meet local
  14. It Got

    Lithium v AGM

    Yeap that one sure does. I checked it this morning after that post to find it's sitting at 12.55V, I can't remember the last time I used or charged it. I've never had a battery that's been given the sh*t this has or has lasted as long. It's a no name brand as well.
  15. It Got

    Lithium v AGM

    I have a 35amp AGM battery that's been raced, rallied, rolled and generally treated like sh*t for the best part of easy 10 and quite possibly nudging 15 years. It still holds a perfect charge for months on end untouched. Often sucked bone dry (I use it to power a hooka) and hardly ever topped up using big grunt or smart grunt, often just jumper leads off the house bank or via older school solar only. The thing is a genuine freak.
  16. It Got

    Interior ply

    They know their products and market that well they went bust. My Uncle made most of the ply used in NZ for many years. He sold his company years ago but it is still making ply just under a different name and without as much 'exotic' timber options, now mostly they just use weed wood, pine. About 10 (?) years ago someone in NZ made a BS1088 stamp but they got busted eventually.
  17. It Got

    Interior ply

    Marine ply uses more specific waterproof glues than standard ply. If you want the best to use in boats get BS1088 rated ply, that means it's got the good glues, minimal if any voids and stands up to mold/fungus attack better than standard. Gaboon is a good one and tends to usually be up to 1088. Nice to use, lighter end of the spectrum, good strength, commonly used on marine and a good looker. But you could use a good standard pine if you wanted. That will have voids and so on and will need to be coated well but if you're not doing structural stuff it can finish up very nicely.
  18. Marine Deals, they have some Bridon US made that's cheaper than chinese made. But I'm struggling REAL HARD to bring trustworthy into that On a more serous note, it looks OK in the photo so if the rest is similar East Tamaki Galvanisers or Steeelmasters in Penrose, both have spinners so can finish it the best. 4.50 a kg x 2.35 kg per mt = $10 odd per metre to regalvanise. Some dodgy prick on the shore sells 10mm chinese for the same price, if he can find anyone who wants to buy it, but as cheap as it is to buy it's lifetime cost is sh*t. Good stuff will set you back about twice regal
  19. Yeap, chain is a little shorter the usual taken to the Pac Islands (80-100mts) but most tend to under estimate what's in their locker. As I know 3 teenage females couldn't spend a week on a 60fter without 7 handbags just in case we stopped at the KIYC so I have no problem believing that Chain with rust....Oh I do like that 😃😃😃 Yeah, you're floating a lot higher than BJ. And I think looking at weight in a better, can be read as safer, manner than Mr BJ is.
  20. Cheers for that. I was thinking pretty much all that, especially the 'She was intended to be a light boat' part when chatting to BJ so was a bit concerned at how she'd handle all the weight they are put on and looking to put on. When I asked what's your waterline done he said 'Not sure due to all the changes but I think about 140-150mm down and the chines are getting wet' I thought 'Oh oh'. Then I thought I know someone with pretty much the same ride and with shedload of deep blue experience some in that very design, lets tap their knowledge to see what they think. What size is your
  21. Your sistership is in the hands of a skiff sailor who is making me nervous about the loads he's piling into her so a couple of questions if I may. At rest with standard sorts of load aboard does BP's (the boat not the man) chines get immersed? Have you had much of or any chance to compare her when she is light to when she is heavy and if so did it make a big difference i.e. is she very weight sensitive? Would you think your current loading is average, heavy, ridiculously heavy? If she was nudging ridiculously heavy would you be happy with her like that way out in the deep b
  22. I'm sure we both could on occasions A question for you in Tech.
  23. It Got

    40' Boats

    All depends on who you hit and when but many will get grumpy with anything sticking outside the line of the piles. Working on the theory 'its only 190mm, she'll be right' I'd think would be a little bit of a brave call.
  24. In NZ waters the moment you drop your anchor is the moment you are regarded by the powers that be as 'making landfall'. I'd think that is probably universal thing and the same would apply in Canada.
  25. No need to highlight it but there is lot of need for you to remember it. Please try.
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