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  1. 22 hours ago, Black Panther said:

    I havent figured out what a downvote means. Do  they disagree or dislike? Me or the content of my post? Or something else?

    On social media a LOT of people struggle with what others do and say. Also often due to not understanding what the other person is trying to say or get across. Maybe not properly understanding a posters actions can get taken as a negative and sometimes very personally. Some struggle with that so much the easiest way for them to stop that is to take very very bad actions. Suicide is a big one and self harm is even bigger.

    If you don't know what the things are for then why the f*ck are you using them.

    We have suspected for a while you don't understand your actions. You're just lucky the vast majority of your silly ticking is only seen as nothing more than pitiful. But one day you may just tick someone who doesn't.

  2. 23 hours ago, Sabre said:

    I see a couple of the lurkers are huge Act fans.

    Can't quite understand why some people want to lurk around in the shadows of small talk giving thumbs down to people but don't contribute in anyway to the conversation... 

    It's far safer to approve/disapprove via those ticky things than it is post here a lot of the time. You've seen how total nothing comments generate ridiculous huge over reaction pile ons. On a forum that is noticeably left leaning and a thread about a centre right party you'd have to be a bit of a masochist to post so for many their only way of showing support or displeasure is the ticky things.

  3. In from a lurker who is a teacher and noted 'you boys may do better if you used more graphical representations'. Then made very rude comments about one of my boats or more specifically the drivers skills last weekend....which I must admit could have looked well below par a few times but then we were intentionally trying to find where a boundary was, we did and it was a little iffy. 

    Anyway these were thrown in.




    I've had a quick suss and they are clean charts with the addition of the who was wearing the big pants at the time.

    To be honest I am very surprised to see the numbers in that format as it shows the complete opposite of what I was expecting.... at least until 2017 when NZ's Parliament went off on a bit of an unusual path.

    I'm thinking the reason exports increase at the same time as imports maybe something to do with the types of coal i.e. we're importing energy coal but export steel making coal, that sort of thing. Anyone got a better idea?

  4. And there it is in a nutshell, you've just done exactly what it is that has me still sitting on the fence. You had the opportunity to inform and educate but you threw it away by deciding to stupidly deride and heavily distort the truth instead, what a winner.



  5. 16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Put it up then, what science is being suppressed?

    By science, I mean material that has been published in a reputable and relevant journal with findings that have been repeated by independant bodies.

    Youtube clips don't count.

    Your post is saying to me you're more keen on game playing than trying to help so I'll leave you to have fun with the other deniers.

  6. We got a anchor from the Spade factory in Tunisia. Due to covid no flights and it was in desperate need so it went by car then truck then a ferry to Sicily then car across Sicily to a ferry to another car to Rome onto a train to Milan where it got on a aircraft to London then swapped to one to LA then another to Sydney then to Chch and up to Akl on train. Only cost $7000....oh plus the anchor itself cost. 

    The transport from Tunisia to Rome was all done by assorted relatives of a dude who worked in the factory. He jacked it all up unknown to us. How cool is that dude, he's been sent a bottle of Stolen Rum.

  7. 3 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Both 1 and 2 are easy since answering the latter answers the former.

    The broad global scientific concensus is that human activity is the biggest driver of climate chnge in the last 100 years.  Specifically our release of carbon (and toa lesser extent other gases) in large quantities into the atmosphere has led to a measurable and geophysically significant change in temperature. 

    The scientific consensus is that, allowed to continue, the release of carbon (and to a lesser extent other gases) will lead to continuing increase in global temperatures such that the planet will not be able to maintain our current living environment.

    Your statement that some science is being surpressed is not supported by the evidence.  Many alternative hypotheses to human causes have been and continue to be put forward.  To date, none of them have been supported by the majority of relevantly qualified scientists.  I'll repeat that with shorter words and slowly for your assistance - some people think its not humans doing this.  The people who are qualified disagree and still think its us.

    Your last question is fraught.  The problem is so large now that individual action, while helpful, is largely irrelevant.  Drastic, immediate and ongoing global behaviour change is required.  What we are living now under COVID L3/2 is a good model for a start on what's needed.

    That and more sailing.  Sailing is good because its relatively carbon-free and exposes us to the reality of our environment and climate.

    Sorry dude but as much as I thought we'd finally found someone willing to answer the question and after 169 pages I got highly excited but then you blew it not only out the door but out into space with the completely nonsensical and unsupportable comment being  - Your statement that some science is being surpressed is not supported by the evidence.

    Oh well, you had your chance to convince the fence sitter but like the rest you also have nothing of value, shame as I thought for a moment you did.

    Can someone down tick this for BP please. I am trying to keep the post count down as he must be getting a f**king sore finger from all the stalking so be nice and give him a hand. Thanks.

  8. Actually that's a poorly worded question considering the perceptions some of you have so lets ask it this way instead.

    "What is it that has you so convinced CC is all human driven?'

    which if the answer is 'science' then brings in a supplementary question of

    'Which or what science/scientist?' considering so much and so many are being actively suppressed.

    The other question that none of you have every answered is 'What have you done to save the planet this month?'. The fact none of you have does make me wonder how committed you are and to what. I suspect many have more of a commitment too web trolling than actually being nice to the planet.

  9. 😃😃😃😃 People wapping on facts are important yet those very same people are in this thread actively denying, hiding and suppressing hard out to dodgy the inconvenient facts. Like the Govt owns the power co and could easily have said 'Stop' as one did and one hasn't.

    So I ask the same question I asked on page 1 and still have not got an answer to, "If things were so cut n dried then why the need to hide, censor, suppress so much and 'cancel' what were KKKK heros?"

    'You' can be any of you deniers, the heavily selected bits of science you like to use or some one else if they like.

    As always you have 2 paths to go down, one is to answer the question or the other is the only one you've trodden so far which is just flap your jaws and post large quantities of factually dodgy sh*t.


  10. On 27/06/2020 at 9:09 AM, Fish said:

     I wonder which is safer, a system that allows safe behaviours and good practices, or a fully sealed system that complies with the regs?

    It's far safer to use safe behaviours and good practice but the Regs often work to ensure that does not happen.

    I had MNZ situation not long ago where MNZ think 2 small ladies who run a decent sized vessel are safer trying to hump a 70kg anchor from the lazarette to the bow using sidedecks 200mm wide then deploy it with nothing there to assist with doing that, than it is to use a state of the art tested and approved beyond every other anchor in the world which weighs 22kg and can live on the bow. The reason is simply MNZ can only work on weight. So this boat and crew are being put in genuine risk purely to satisfy the Regulations.

    One last week pretty much the same. A commercial boat with with a known weight in the bow issue is being forced by MNZ to fit a huge heavy lump of dumb steel anchor when it too could use the most Approved anchor in existence that would save 40kg in the bow but again the Regs only allow for dumb, stupid and often less safe then is very easily achievable, and often at less cost.

    I could continue this list of examples of cock wombles win over common sense and safety for quite a few hours.

  11. Sorry you're right. I did transpose the numbers, they should read - Down 87% and up 75%.

    Which are sort of facts, inconvenient as they maybe.

    I gave up putting in much detail when I realised many in this thread struggle to see anything beyond headlines so details are basically useless here. If it is anything more than 'But science said' it's both over most of their heads and their desire to even know.

    Anyway back to doing more to mitigate CC than most posters in this thread, especially those krazy klimate kult kids ;)


  12. At least you don't have our Govt Idler.

    The last one got NZ's use of Coal down by over 75% over 9 years. That Govt was lead by a bunch of people who are the most evil things known to man just here for 2 or 3 uber rich white males and no one else....or so the more mentally challenged tribe members will tell you.

    The current Govt has in 2 short years increases NZ's use of coal by 87%. That's the Govt that's supposedly open, transparent, kind and here for the planet...or so the mentally challenged tribe members will tell you.

    So the supposed bastard capitalist w^&#$@r Govt only there for themselves oversaw a massive decrease but the supposedly kind planet friendly one has not only managed to reverse the trend in a few short months but in 2 short years slaughtered the 9 years of gains the previous one made.

    And to make it even worse, due to the supposed kind Govt virtue signalling the amount of coal NZ now imports has sky-rocketed. So this Govt has also dramatically increased NZ related ship emissions and no doubt labour abuses.....while metres from us there is a squillion of tones of the stuff that used to be mined by people surrounded by lots of environmental and H&S protections.

  13. This is their what we do thingy says "We are a planning consultancy that specialises in preparation, submission and management of all types of resource and subdivision consents through the Council process".

    The boss is ex-council and reckons the council likes them and mobs like them as it saves council staff being bitched at for being useless cock wombles. The council still get their bullshit exorbitant fees just without having to do any work for them. Also the council likes the ex-council workers angle as they can speak in "council' to them. It seems to work and they are balls to the wall busy...and 8 places on 880 squares suggests they are getting the job done.

    They get the Consent Docs done but don't do the consenting itself from my understanding.

    If council stupidity and excess winds you up, the boss is not a good man to talk to. Some of the stories are horrendous if you are a rate payer.



  14. 2 hours ago, Fish said:

    Sounds like you are talking about a Consultant. Those guys are worth their weight in gold.

    PS KM, looks like you've been hacked.


    Nope, It's just my usual moniker but in Vietnamese. I've had a very hard to believe, freaky, sad, confusing, gutted, I'm not really too sure day or so and my bike riding in Vietnam is one of my go to places when it gets like that.

  15. "Now why do you want to go do a silly thing like that. It's impossible and it can't be done or people would be doing it all the time. If you do that you will surely die you dumbarse" said most people on the plant.

    "Yeah so maybe it's not the easiest but if I back myself it is very doable and I can do it, I know I can. Beside its do that or the missus said I have to mow the bloody lawns and f*ck that. So I'm going to prepare knowing what's ahead and just do it"........ said Ed Hillary

  16. OK my internal crisis over someone elses boat has been averted... even though it's chines were 140mm above water and are now 500mm below it.

    On questioning the wisdom of overloading a boat by a shite load I found out the boat has been extensively modified. Not tweaked but extensively modified. It's now a twin hulled vessel and a very different shape than she was and BP still is. BJ now has a HUGE arse and way more underwater volume and more rocker. The photos I just saw were just prior to painting so you can see where the old meets the new.

    So BJ can now carry a lot more weight, phewwww........

    It would be very interesting to sit BJ next to BP and compare the 2 now.

    BJ's paint is white with a black stripe just under the gunwale. It may pay to take a second look if anyone sees her and thinks 'No its not', it just maybe her. Just sussing BP's bum in the photo above (boat and hell not the man ;) ) hers is now significantly different from BJ's. BP's is sort of fine and dainty, BJ's is the opposite.

  17. Ha, my 1st thought was XL100 looking at the motor but then SL and early XL were pretty much the same but the clincher was that exhaust is 100% SL all day long.

    A SL100, holy crap hens teeth and possibly better to look after than your Kiwisaver :)

    I talk SL125, you SL100. Then I talk TS185 and you pop in with the TS125..... that's a wee bit freaky.

    One thing about SL and early XL's is there are 1000's fading away under trees and in back sheds so there are lots of parts out there, ya just gotta hunt them down.

    After an extensive search last evening I can't find a SL or TS of any size for sale in NZ using the usually suspects. But I did ping Filco in Nelson to keep his eyes open next Japanese shopping trip. Dave there has a uncanny ability to find old bikes that are in mint condition and done feck all miles. The flying armchair is a 2007, is mint and has done 2500km of which 1400 were done by me over the last couple of weeks.

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