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  1. Mooring or anchoring? Mooring is big, anchoring not so much. Mooring ring one of the contractors, a list on the Harbourmasters website. Anchoring ring CRA and ask the team if there is anything in the scraps bin. Often it has the remains of some recently deceased anchor chains. They can be a buggered but still lots of life for other uses.
  2. This should be elsewhere but as it isn't. Tweak away but when you do note you have so people know they are not reading the post made by the poster, they are reading one that's been fiddled with, that is dangerous stuff and to do it secretly is even more so. Just a simple 'I've tweaked with this post which may inadvertently distort the posters views or the intent of it, Love to all, IT'. Also if someone breaks the rules TELL them what which one it was, do not do so is to only invite the exact same thing to happen again. Clarity brings understanding, a lack of it only breeds cons
  3. It Got

    Bloody Windy

    In your Paypal there is a section called 'future payments' or something to that affect. In there you will see any auto payments that are live. You can edit them which include stopping them. If you do that in a years time PW will say 'Opps, having a issue with payment' at which time you can Paypal them their coin if you'd like to continue............ then go back and turn it off again as paying them starts it all over again. Can you guess why I know this? I'll give you a hint, it's because of exactly what you've got with PW. I have since also used the same method for other auto sign in sub
  4. No need, history shows that you'll be wasting your time. But there is zero stress here anyway as it's very easy to see Prisilla just didn't read properly and yet again has just assumed. Can we knock him for doing what we see happening everyday here by so many, inc the Mods, of course we can't.
  5. Try learning the difference between informational and opinion. I think doing so would be very wise for your blood pressure.
  6. We searched, we suss then we found so we did some shopping. Left Auckland at 1 minute to 12 the other wednesday to Nelson. Picked up the new commuter then off to Wheels to see his new pool, it is HUGE and by the time he finished the deck it is going to be a awesome summer hangout. Said G'day and had a feed with him and Mrs Wheels before heading to Picton for a snore off. Onto the 8am ferry, got off in Welly at 12 and road the mighty beast home. Went up SH4 as Desert Road is way to close to that white sh*t and the beast doesn't have much...any.. wind protection. Lots of fun on the gorge u
  7. It Got

    load resistors

    OK I got there in the end finally. Hard work with covid lockdowns getting bits but I did. So put the LED indicators on and when turned on they stayed on. On close inspection they maybe hyper flashing but if so it was ultra fast. So went resistors as some said then IT mentioned swapping the black box thing. In sussing I found a round can thing that said flasher on it and had 3 pins out the bottom just like the photo IT put up so I went to Jaycar and got one. Plugged that in and the Indicators did nothing, didn't even light up. BUGGER!!! No idea why and no one around who may so I thought 'l
  8. Actually it's not. He was invited here for the festival, that is correct. When he got here there was a wee whoha about it at which time he specifically said 'I'm here for the festival then leaving as per my visitors visa'. His sponsor, the Greens, swore black and blue he was he for the festival only and it was not an attempt to sneak in the back door or short cut any procress. At the time a LOT of people called that bullshit, the greens are full of sh*t and lieing, most wise money said Gloria Wokie the green women was full of it just like writer dude. The greens and their pastys plus the
  9. Agree, very different circumstances. Agree the consequences would be negative in Aussie as it should be. But disagree with the last sentence as I suspect all that would happen if they turned up here is a strongly worded letter at best.
  10. 'Cockwomble' is actually a real thing and I'm lovin the term to bits. I'm going to have fun with that one, Cheers Sabre We do have to stop agreeing so much, you being one of 'them' and me being one of 'those' and all that....whatever that may actually be I agree. If we bow to stupidity/dumb/just f**king crazy too often then stupidity/dumb/just f**king crazy will become the datum the cockwombles will base things off as they have never had any push back. That is a 100% gimme and can be seen in play every day and in many areas of life. Giving in to unreasonable cockwomble
  11. There will be 2 carbon dingys available before Xmas. No idea if they will be selling any though. One is a Townsend around 8ft by the looks, the other a awesome 7ft pram bow sailing ding.
  12. He's not stopping he's just sailing past which sometimes can mean you sail thru someone's zone, EXACTLY like navies, airlines, cruise ships, freighters, fishing boats, fishing fleets and shitloads of cruising yachts do all over the world 24/7/366. This thread is simply combining mountains and molehills.
  13. That's just saying don't wash your outboard using your tap at home, take it and give it a run in the Western Springs pond instead or maybe the one by the War Memorial Museum or what about Phils private council bathroom, I'm sure we'd find those taps aren't restricted.
  14. To bloody right. To or Too? Damn that sunburst.
  15. You use the same language often refereed to in suicide letters. You're not alone in doing that here. Don't go throwing stones when you live in a glasshouse.
  16. To comply with YNZ Safety Regs you CAN NOT use a single braid be it made of UHMwPE, Liquid crystal polymer or even Unicorns. The Safety Reg terminology is due to 'copy n paste' then not checking to localise it i.e some lazy f*ck copied it from a EU site where they refer to 'sheathed ropes' what we here call 'double braid ropes'. The bit Splat highlighted in red is my wording that got put in last edition in an effort to try and make it more understandable. We've seen some YNZ Inspectors ticking off single braids as OK but they shouldn't be according to YNZ Regs. It is a not a item tha
  17. So do I. I'd be ringing around as today I saw a pile of quotes for a 30fter (masthead huge headsails tiny mainsail model) and the difference between lowest to highest quote was thousands. For what is a small not hi tech cruising mainsail that is a huge variance. He went with a NZ made option from a mid sized loft even though a BIG name loft quoted $1200 less but it would supply a sail not made in NZ, but still branded and supported by BIG name. I though his choice was interesting but a good one. Hardly a put down, NZ is a first world 1% country so not being able to go sailing here
  18. Most are, some busier than ever before, some sitting there with fingers up arse. Some WTF prices being bandied around but that's far from unexpected, the scrambling has begun and will only intensify. We've just discovered 6 staff we thought weren't eligible for the subsidy are, it is yet another Govt system that is as clear as road tar, so I got to tell a pile of predominately 18 to 20 somethings today that next week each will be getting a significant lump sum dropped in their paws. The best bit is that as the system is that good the only way we have to claim the subsidy means that af
  19. They are turning around all boats that can't talk their way thru..... or don't belong to the 0.1%ers.
  20. The plan and hope is there will be again soon. There are some big names doing things Cherub at the moment so I think come summer we'll see a lot more of them out sailing. And good to see mostly everyone is taking some effort to ensure the boats can be built without having to sell a kid in to slavery and there is no arms race. Mostly as there is always some tosser who has to pull out the chequebook, usually to try and cover their sh*t sailing skills. I think a flat pack stitch and tape option will be available for purchase shortly. There are lofts and mobs working on providing low co
  21. It's not to bad indeed but I'm more F clamp dude so all those G's don't really do it for me As of yesterday....not to shabby for a 15 year old don't ya reckon. maybe time someone upgraded their camera from the Box Brownie
  22. While I think being as accurate down to minutes like that is a hell of a big ask for all but small handful of probably old Pacfic Island gents, estimating degrees of latitude is not that tricky if you know your stars and have a good clock. Even with no clock you can get pretty damn close if your good enough. It's all about angles.
  23. If you have seen any Leopard Seal, including but not only the Westhaven dingy destroyer, doing anything, anywhere at any time can you please go to the link below and let them know what you can. It's a online form to report things. I think if you make one of specific interest the team MAY contact you for more detail, they are nice people, it is not a inquisition far from it. https://bit.ly/LSencounter IF YOU HAVE A SPOT, PLACE, BUNCH OR PEOPLE YOU THINK MAY HELP OR A CLUB NOTICE BOARD OR A POST THAT THE BELOW POSTER CAN GO ON, PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE. THE WIDER T
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