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    She's Back...

    The team studying these Leopard seals I chat with has asked if I can help spread the word about them so they can get all the inputs they can about Leopard Seals including the dingy muncher. Also one of the lead ladies, Giverny, is finishing up a Thesis on the buggers so the more she has the better for her and eventually us and the blubbers. So if you have seen any Leopard Seal, not only the Westhaven dingy destroyer, doing anything, anywhere at any time can you please go here and let them know what you can. It's a on line form to report things. I think if you make one of specific interest
  2. But you can. Buy a dozen cold beer and pick me up on the way to the boat, yours or mine, I'm knot fussed. Which then begs the question why can't you go sailing but I can but then you can as long as I'm there....note: we may have to pretend you're my bitch be it a employee version or wife/husband version......please if push comes to shove can we use the employer/employee angle. My prettiest days have come and gone but I reckon I can still pull a better set of pins than yours Don't that piss ya off, I can go 'testing' as I'm in the game and we all know how important it is to test haly
  3. I find it a little disturbing someone from DOC said this β€œWe are so privileged to have these whales in our waters, and we don’t want to drive them away.” I would have expected DOC people to know that is the Whales waters not ours. The driver of the boat should be given to the Whales to be used as a sex toy or one of those sucking things some people stick in their babies mouths, let the baby Whale use the driver as one of those for a while. What an arsehole you must be to think you can drive a boat into anything let alone something living.
  4. A ex-Welly now, has been for about a year. Raz is keen for one plus my dude so there's 2 and I'm pretty sure there will be more who'd like one. I did throw Margaritaville and The Guarantee at him as well. I can't leave it as a Young only feast
  5. Have you seen this development over in the thread started when I lost the classifieds? Offshore is keen to sell so those with the fasted dialling finger may be the buyer......
  6. I passed on your post inc photos to Mr Shopper who is interested and I believe he will be contacting you very shortly Mr Offshore. He's coming back to the true path to goodness and wonderful things after spending some time in the darkside being pushed around by 2 large diesels.
  7. Ask and then often receive, nice. Thanks for that Offshore, I shall pass all that on to the prospective shopper in a few minutes. They may like the Thailand angle for a break then sail it home, Mr shopper is very experienced.
  8. Sold. Pink Flamingo was a 780.
  9. Damn nice people those 930 folk
  10. You do have to ask the obvious don't you. You haven't left the companionway hatch open have you, if so it's not called condensation, it's called rain ? What's your cabin made of?
  11. It's one of Akls oldest cemeteries and unless you have rallies in there you can jump in with it's now a closed shop. Just so happens I do have rallies in it, I can even see their headstones from our lounge....how that for a tight knit family, ya die and still there is no escape 😁😁 But the cemetery is that old I don't think people were called Ross back then. No idea why but I see Ross as a modern name not an old school one.
  12. Only 25K????? That's a give away price I would have thought. I shall send him the link, cheers. Don't rush me, I haven't found the first one yet πŸ˜„
  13. You have to be at 'Home' for them to show up. I come in through 'General' where they don't.
  14. As the title says. Anyone want to sell a dude I know their Y11? He may look at something 'as close as', I'm not too sure.
  15. Whose stolen the classifieds? While the SAR team gear up, I have a mate wanting a Y11. Who has got one they want to sell him? He is very specific, don't know why as yet, but maybe open to boats as close as. {edit} re-call the SAR team, found classifieds again. For some reason they only show up when approached at a certain angle.
  16. It does so it does pay to ask yours about moorings. Try ringing the local mooring contractors, they often know of empty moorings and those for sale. If they identify an empty grab a mooring number of you can then ring the councils mooring dude and ask him about it, he maybe able to aim at the owner who may sell or rent. 09 - 3620395 a dude called Bruce should answer. He sounds like he's fresh out of the back country and real good on a Banjo but he knows the game very very well and will help you. If he plays up or gets cocky use the phrase "Oui, La La, do I need to ring people to sort you
  17. My first ever boss is in that photo. Weirdly I'm still doing lots of work for him 30 odd years later
  18. Just watched it and saw what you did, a boat making a wise weather related call in the face of some unrelated and purly political game playing. I'd have done no different, in fact in 96 I did clear out of Tonga but then stayed another 6 days in the Nuku'alofa harbour due to weather. The Tongans did pretty much the same as those in the RIB, asked us to move on but when fronted with a firm 'No, the weather is dangerous, give us a day or 3' they backed off. The next day a pile of officials arrived again and I thought here we go only to find they had come to invite us to the Kings birthday bash at
  19. I'd say more control and money but using supply and demand as leverage. The council is a leftist one and like most leftists their desire is to control, to be everyone's Nana. There are definite angles in the battle which are about control, they want a lot more than they should be allowed and are legally allowed, not that abiding by the law seems to be high on their priorities. The other is money. The city is beyond broke, if it was you or me the banks would have started the eviction and mortgagee sale process, so any coin from anywhere they will have a crack at. Westhaven is already a cas
  20. I'm very happy to help those who are genuine.
  21. If you are genuine in wanting to know you'd get off your lazy arse and find out.
  22. Some of the sh*t going down is f**king scary, way up there in the WTF? stakes, funny, sad and some just wants to make you smack your head into a brick wall. You'll love this reason for why your berth cost will have to go up again shortly, this is the very stuff we are dealing with and we doubt most have any idea this goes on when they really should. The Westhaven office team is the office team and the dockmasters team, both live in the house in Westhaven. The plan is the office team move into the new (illegal) building as their new home. The downstairs of the house becomes the new works
  23. Good lad for signing up, the more there are the harder it is to ignore. I do think there are a lot of berth holders and users of Akl marinas that really do need to have a wee suss of what is going on before they find it is really too late. Apathy is why we pay so much for our berths and do so with reducing facilities. What's is coming is potential a huge game changer which could easy see the end of the average NZers being able to afford a marina berth. The Trusts run out in 26/29 so we are only a few years away from that, if we don't drive pegs in the sand now it will be too late.
  24. In that case you Govt is just like ours, very gullible and easy as to scam. Also it means the Chinese Govt get incredibly magnificent ROI where the US gets the total opposite.
  25. If you allow anyone in as they may feel a little hard done by then where do you stop? Yeap, as soon as the word gets out the gates are open, stand well clear.............. then pop down the bank and ask for another few billion to pay for the result.
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