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  1. I'd be surprised if that is right. The Chinese airforce is growing by planes per day and they are building aircraft carriers like Brunswick builds 20ft fizzboats. If it is then it'll be a simple value for the $$ proposition as in a US contractor can charge the US Govt $6754 for a hammer and 30,000 for a dunny seat where you'd have to be one very brave bastard to try that on the Chinese Govt. The blob?? In a country with an obesity problem you may need to get a little more specific with that one, that only narrows it down to 100 odd million people
  2. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/sites/default/files/2018-10/AGM Minutes 2017.pdf Section 8. Its a motion around this affiliation fee discussion brought to a YNZ AGM by Waikawa 3 years ago.
  3. Opps got that wrong, the correct time is Refreshments at 7:00 pm and meeting at 7:30
  4. Tomorrow evening the Westhaven Marina Users Association is holding it's AGM. With recent developments and another one that popped up Thursday night that all contribute to making life harder for berth holders and marine related users of the area the meeting could be a goodie and may feature some fireworks if anyone from Panuku has the balls to turn up. 6pm in the Ponsonby Cruising Club Voting in 6 weeks will change absolutely nothing, voting in the council elections changed nothing, getting off your arse and turning up to meetings like this does.
  5. Agree painting anchor chains doesn't work that well, short term at best. East Tamaki Galvanisers are great, they are our 'go to', also Steelmasters in Penrose, both can spin the excess galv off making a far better finish. Disagree about the strength lose, NZ galvanisers tend to be knowledgeable, East Tamaki is exceptionally so*, which means they don't over cook the chain which means minimal strength loss, if any. Take it to some R A G Galvanisers in the arse end of WhyKickAMoocow then I'd be concerned, very much so. Comments do not apply to hi tensile chains i.e. above G40's, th
  6. Agree with Mark. There are a growing number of offshore reports and comments coming up about 'head to NZ, it's soft touch'. Maybe that's a reflection of the writers navigation skills.
  7. Panuku is working in the best interest of those who have paid for Westhaven many times over and are currently one of the most profitable things the council rakes income from - YEAH RIGHT!!!! The new building being built, illegally, was going to have a cafe in it, that's OK one would have thought...untill this sign appeared there on Wednesday Up to 1000 people at once??? The place says it has 36 car parks on its liquor license application, even if that was true, it's not, that's just bullshit. And all your berth fees went up today. Do you get the feeling Panuku s
  8. Slight correction needed there. The Government of the day (the 4th Labour, David Lange) gave away 61% but also sold another pile which it received $83 million for. At the time the Government was lambasted for setting the TAC at such a high limit with experts saying it was far to high and would damage the fishery. The Government argued market forces would dictate what was caught or not. It only took a few years before the Government of the day (the 4th National, Jim Bolger) realised the TAC was seriously over cooked and reduced the number significantly. I am assuming those are 1
  9. Publicly, no they won't. But are they reacting to it? Oh hell yes, both fast and hard.
  10. That post from Ian needs to be in it's own thread. It is a HUGELY topical subject being discussed inside many, if not most, yacht clubs and I'm sure it will generate a lot of discussion.......and sphincter twitching in the odd Takapuna office.
  11. Next time instead of writing post with your hand on it generating the dribble that was your post before that one, just try posting 'I don't quite understand, can you explain it more please?'. See what happens when you do...note: I did translate your post from dribble into grown up before responding. A few Maori would do something rash and the rednecks would see that as an invite to start a civil war. Yes I do think it is both that simple and that outcome is a distinct possibility.
  12. Your post is so ridiculous and blatantly incorrect in so many ways it's actually rather humorous. One day I'm getting bitched at for discussing XYZ, the next I'm getting bitched at for not doing it. If only there was some consistency .......................... maybe one day the penny will drop. Legacy seems to ignore it, the doco went to lengths to show 'victims' but ignored the fact the victims are the aggressors (for lack of a better word), this thread hasn't even got close to the Moa, nothing I can see even mentions the Moa let alone addresses the fact it is there and it is a ma
  13. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    There is a push planned on her for this weekend and then she'll go to market. I'll be told when that happens and will let people know.
  14. 'Crown' brand cold galvanising, like 'CRC Zinc it' but works. $25 odd a spray can which do go quite a long way. It's what galvanisers themselves use to tidy up the odd blemish.
  15. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    As it appears that post has got a few ears pricked I have asked the owner what the current state of play is with her. I shall let those keen know. I am being told she may need a little TLC on the cosmetic front but the $$ being mentioned means I'd almost be tempted myself...... note the 'almost', that is key to me waking up tomorrow.
  16. The show was interesting, not much new in it, lacked balance on some very key points and it, like this thread, did completely ignore the massive Moa in the room. I tuned in just to see what they were saying about it only to see them dance around it, that was disappointing but not unexpected. That Moa could change things in seconds and right across the entire industry.......if it choose to do so. Until that Moa is most likely bribed to the tune of millions if not billions I'm not expecting any significant change. Oh and someone needs to get rid of the other big block, Winston, he's be
  17. It Got

    Pilot boat

    I'd say anyone who assumed any boat/s coming at them knows the rules is a very brave bugger or just stupid. Like Jon I use the 'might is right' rule....but I do also make effort to keep out of the ferries way, they are on the job and I'm often not plus be nice to them and as we see quite often they will be nice in return.
  18. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    There maybe a Beale 33 coming up shortly. Owner had plans, got crook, they didn't happen. From what I'm hearing it may go for a bit of a 'just need it gone' type price.
  19. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    If you have multiple options, inc yachts, you tend to use the ones that provide the most fun and/or challenges. SR's current berth is more a reflection of how much fun or challenging there is out there we can use her in than it is for any other reason.
  20. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    I'd say the complete oppersite but then I prefer yachts over motor sailors
  21. It Got

    load resistors

    Cheers, I'll try that. I'm enjoying the fiddling, good learning things as well.
  22. It Got

    Pilot boat

    Jon is right. Give way to ferries on scheduled routes, size is not relevant. Hull design and drive systems, some are jets and at least one dabbles with a surface drive like system. But that doesn't mean burning excess fuel as most boats when planing use less than when in displacement mode, just like a car uses lots to get to speed but once there it tapers right off. Also like many other boats, inc my 3mt dingy, at speed the wake is a lot smaller than when slower. The new ferries built by Q-West in NZ, huge pat on the back to Fullers for building new in NZ, were designed to be low
  23. Thank you Sealords. NZ should be proud to have stand up corporates like you. Now how do we get all the deros to adopted Sealords excellent corporate culture around the fishing rules?
  24. It Got

    Boat Dilemma

    I'd argue Ballistic weighs bugger all as well ........ but I have no idea why we are doing that. Bar the cockpit shape (which includes a cut down transom, the one thing a 88 has all over a 930) reptile is the same as she was the day she was launched but with some extra structural goodness, a retractable prod, a rather unique safety system and the ability to circumnavigate the world using less than a teaspoon of fossil fuel. She is also 47kg heavier than her last weigh in. Scarlet is a bit old school in her interior and she could do with a wee tickle but sailing wise she is quick when
  25. Do what a mate did with a diesel tank that developed a wee hole going into Covid Pull from boat Empty all fuel out Flush with a solvent agent Sniff to get a hint of not happy Flush with a water based detergent product Sniff to find no smell (he is a mechanic so has a tuned nose) Put on bench Done well so what possibly could go wrong. Tap hole with welder Pour bucket of water over head to stop burning hair smell Change undies Cop a sh*t load of abuse from a freaked out wife due to kids having the crap scared out of them
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