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  1. 100/125 rare as hens teeth,been looking for a project for awhile,even the old suzuki A100 they want gold for.
  2. harrytom

    Diesel bug

    solution easier than you think,use the boat and keep tank full,
  3. harrytom

    Diesel bug

    No idea why designers/builders put tanks n things in unaccessable places,cav 26 fuel tank under rear of cockpit and could slide out via quarter berth same for water
  4. harrytom

    Diesel bug

    Tank should be removable in most cases as they do get pin holes now and again,really should remove and flush.
  5. Why not run oil tankers down to milford sound and ship the water back to AK then pump it in to supply line??
  6. Been thinking more on this levy.Does your club hold national events or host events that other clubs would participate in.Then probably need to pay levy. But if your club holds no events except around the bouys races for club members or cruising activities,providing each vessel signed a declaration stating their vessel is up to a standard as set by club then why pay a levy? If the levy was to (as stated futher up thread) to defend fish farms etc then why not introduce a boat licence then all who use waterways would need to pay,bit like some aussie sates?
  7. harrytom

    Diesel bug

    Drain and flush,install water trap/filters, as Fish Said outboard bulb works well,Buy fuel where there is big turn over and use a biocide and where possible leave tanks full. Leave it and it will get in to your pump injectors etc
  8. BOIGuy. Correct on YNZ levies coming from those who are members of clubs. I no longer belong to a club but have a vessel.What would I receive/benefit from by paying a levy to YNZ??
  9. but he does Ak council Govt on his back.No more of our money till sorted.Good!
  10. Be interesting to see if Dalton does a David Clarke??
  11. Just watched the AM show and interviews Tom??ex boss for Connor reckons Dalton is on very shaky ground for not seperating his hats cannot be team ceo as well as ceo for finance.tine will tell.
  12. As mean as it sounds but I do not support those charities.Ever since the late 90s when aid was sent to such countries as Ethiopia where upon it was discovered warehouse full of rice/grain etc were not being handed out to those in need.Instead weapons were brought.Sounds mean I know. but those countries are looking for aid.This is where I believe the UN needs to enter and distribute food etc. I would have no issue to be taxed an extra $5/10 pw as long as the money aid was being properly supervised and gets to where it is needed. Not having a bunch of collectors roaming the street and making a living and handing over what is left after expenses.
  13. Great thing about NZ defence forces is the ability to respond in natural crisis around the pacific.Cyclones tsunamis etc Sad part is those we help often get the cheque book out and buy from those who have not invested aid. When it comes to helping our pacific nations we need an agreement of Yes we supply relief but in return you need to buy from NZ. Interesting Kevin,no surprises there with Charity.Like most big organisations.Out front "Wow look at what they are doing for the community"behind the scenes how much more profit can squeeze out of those we are helping. Bit like save the children funds.Yep $10 a month to save a child but how much has that organisation taken off the top??
  14. I presume you have tri colour mast light?? if what i am looking at on the pushpit is the port/star nav lights would be near impossible to see from ahead,does the glow at night impede cockpit vision.
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