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  1. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/video.cfm?c_id=1&gal_cid=1&gallery_id=224223
  2. Trucks/buses can you use clip ons, They were banned while rust repair work was carried out, Mid-June 2009: trucks were allowed back onto lane 2 of the clip-on as strengthening work progresses
  3. The lucky part of the truck being blown over is it happened in the centre spans,just think had it been on a clip on?over it goes in to the harbour.Those rails wont stop it.
  4. Wont take much to close the clip ons,trucks belting over on the rusty old clip ons,maybe force heavy vehicles to take the long way round??
  5. harrytom

    Slight issue

    This is what I was referring too.If the race director cannot leave OZ then why can a rugby team netball team come and go except the "Warriors" who must stay The rules and regulations makes no sense.
  6. harrytom

    Slight issue

    But we let the Rugby championship go
  7. harrytom

    Slight issue

    Why can the aussies come over for rugby game??
  8. Thank You. Priscilla II Interesting read,what a character.Deep Purple knew someone would know,Thanks
  9. Hi Is there anyone in Tauranga who tell me what the 3 masted red hull on a mooring down by bridge Marina is.Obsevred Tuesday but couldnt stop for a photo. Thanks
  10. Sterlings in Devonport was a bit like that in the 70s,tea cups to ammunition to antifoul Went for a wonder through Read Bros in thames at Christmas yep same sort of deal,funny what you find tucked away on shelves
  11. They offered special on tickets via email but Nah if I go or on happy to pay extra. just got refund from qantus😀
  12. Big Boys toys still going ahead in October
  13. Back in June Phil Goff said no problem to wash/rinse outboards on the tv3 AM show,but watercare said no. Thanks for your query This statement has not come from Watercare. The restrictions are still in place. You are unable to flush your boat engine with potable(treated) water and must continue using a non-potable (untreated) water source. The below link will take you directly to Auckland Council non potable where you can obtain information on sites around Auckland. https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/articles/news/2020/02/auckland-co
  14. I strongly advise you to check your insurance policy before going on to a mooring.My nephew has just purchased a 26ft and as long as it goes on to piles or marina he will be covered.He has been told insurance voided if he gets mooring.Marine insurance?? from memory.
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