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  1. interesting. Appears yes to boating if normal residence but must remain in normal vicinity?? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12322599 The Health Notice does not directly address the issue, but says that if a residence is mobile it should be kept "in the same general location". A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health told the Herald it was acceptable to stay aboard a boat if it was someone's permanent residence as long as it remained berthed.
  2. Had them on the cav 26,already fitted at purchase,useful?yes when single handed.same set up on spreaders and mast cleats,easily adjusted.,roll up head sail drop main,all tidy.ancher.no problem
  3. Take a trip up tamiki river there has been some dubious liveaboards,There have been a numbers of thefts by a certain vessel that resides in the river, doubt that would happen in a marina.Didnt say you need to be wealthy for a marina but you would have a better type of person thats all I meant.I know you a get a bad apple in every bunch.
  4. At least you would have a better class of live aboard on a marina due to fees rather than some tucked up rivers doing night raids.
  5. Sailing NZ the answer is really quite simple.Its not what you like or want its what your partner wants and feels comfortable on.. Made that mistake once,shopping alone.
  6. Tonights movie is a video."Master and commander" Monday will be "Hunt for red october.,also U51
  7. They Holden Crewmans and get them back to show room condition
  8. Just pirated 1917.well worth it.
  9. Can a country lock a vessel out even with this covid19 due being in peril??I remember talk of banning the south african entry in the whitebread years ago,the thought was could enter under being in peril.Luckly never eventuated,just accepted a normal vessel.
  10. Bless him alright,read his feedback on the 2 yachts he sold. Run a mile I would say.
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/trailersailer/auction-2594078139.htm?rsqid=ff6e42becf1444bc957c466e2dccec6e-003
  12. If at Kawau,we use to take jerry cans up swansea bay(top of bon accord) go up the river at high tide and there is a little waterfall and fill the cans.More of a way to fill in time.Used drop the flounder net on way up.But you will be constrained by draft no doubt.
  13. I know,but that is just how he viewed anyone who owned a vessel or sails/fishes etc Plenty of Camper vans etc worth more.Hes a twat.On the other side was Eugenie Sage saying govt must value our recreational habits(supports).
  14. Is the Cup still planned to go ahead next year or pushed back??
  15. He also included in that statement,Mum/Dad with 10ft tinny.
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