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  1. I strongly advise you to check your insurance policy before going on to a mooring.My nephew has just purchased a 26ft and as long as it goes on to piles or marina he will be covered.He has been told insurance voided if he gets mooring.Marine insurance?? from memory.
  2. Have you tried Auckland council for piles in tamaki river??around $20 pw
  3. The question is"do let overseas cruisers in" Cruisers probably wont have c19 onboard due to being at sea . Yes to letting in NZ registered or NZ citizen owned vessels in(where vessel brought overseas but nz citizens onboard) No to other cruisers wanting a safe haven.They have a country of origin so can return to their country of origin. As "fish" stated earlier may seem hard but can we afford to go down the same road as Australia etc We have all done our bit to beat/keep at bay c19 why jeopardise it. I am against AC crews/film crews arriving as well. We have good film studios set ups in NZ along with some rising actors. The AC on the other is an expenditure for Ak not a income.Do not believe what the cup would/can generate would cover costs.
  4. AMI will or the broker up opua way.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/27/chinese-fishing-vessels-galapagos-islands?fbclid=IwAR2dOQva78CrLPav0mE14UD4ZqPudt-xYxcPL2xAQkAO0cpk7ecGD7t_pmQ
  6. China already fishing in Galapagos
  7. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/122287072/scott-watson-says-hell-never-get-justice?fbclid=IwAR0nihj5UaqsoFK9j11i1Wf9776eZnTE2S5QLvcTyIC6vyW8cE3b5kbmBRw When Scott Watson heard in June that his case would be reconsidered by the Court of Appeal, he thought he had finally got another chance to prove his innocence. But, as Mike White discovers, Watson now believes he’s being set up to fail.
  8. Let's go back to the 300kg of kingfish you do not have quota for it.the options of what you can do for non quota is 1) find a quota holder who can land it for you.2) land it and pay a deemed value.instead of getting $5 kg you now pay the govt $7 kg 3) dump it. This is why it needs changing does nothing to rebuild stock.
  9. Yes quota is quota set amount you do not have quota to take kingfish but you get 300 kg of them.what do you do ? Dump them ?? Then that's a waste so under what's proposed you can keep and sell.there becomes no bycatch.quota is tonnage per species so catch varies species you need to buy/ lease quota for each species.fisheries set tonnage per species.not hard to understand.
  10. Hate doing this on a phone.
  11. Wheels the whole proposal in a nutshell is.anyone can lease tonnage and sell to whoever.all catch must be landed no size limit.you caught it you land it.throwing back dead undersize achieves nothing. If you contract to me as I own the quota and I want 2 ton snapper at 350 mm and catch280 mm I don't want it.what are going to do?? Find a quota holder to land it under and accept little $$ for it or dump it and go for the bigger $$$ under the orosal you land and sell it to me or the public.you can fillet it and get more $$.. Wheels you really need to watch doco most species are well below the biomass of Burgan stock.size has been fished.what was normal size of 600 mm snapper the new normal us around 450mm. Dr Daniel Pauly on YouTube has video dumbing down the oceans.you will get a better understanding watching it. Or contact legasea.co.nz.
  12. This came through via email from MNZ so maybe relevant ?? If you’ve ever wondered why your VHF radio isn’t working very well, we recommend carrying out a simple test to avoid a potential safety hazard. The United States Coast Guard released a safety alert warning of the potential for LED lighting to compromise reception on VHF frequencies used for radiotelephone, Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automatic Identification System (AIS). The safety alert was issued after radio frequency interference caused by LED lighting created a hazard that led to a serious accident. Similar issues have been reported in New Zealand, including on the FV Apollo in Timaru (see photo). So even if you’re not already aware of any problems with your radio, it could be worth testing for interference or desensitisation – caused by LED lighting or other electronic devices, such as battery chargers or solar charge regulators. Better to discover a problem now than when you’re trying to call for help. We'll be issuing a detailed safety bulletin in upcoming months, but in the meantime, here’s how to test for desensitisation: Turn off all equipment on your vessel apart from your VHF radio. Turn the squelch control back until you can hear noise, then up until the noise just stops. Tune the radio to a far away station – a distant nowcasting or weather broadcast works well. Turn on all other equipment, one by one. If the VHF radio stops receiving the distant station or the signal is degraded, you have a desensitisation issue. Experiencing desensitisation? We recommend asking a surveyor or radio inspector for advice.
  13. Colin moyles tried to get this across the line but unfortunately never made it in full. http://www.option4.co.nz/Your_Rights/moyles.htm Cannot remember if I have posted before but makes an interesting read,who spends what,but the govt(nats) dismissed it, yetparts of USA Mexico and a few other places adopted recreational value and have moved commercial out of certain areas,they realised the true value of tourist $$,fish close to base,photo and releas.The fish can be caught again and again,yet once taken can never be replaced. https://www.nzmrf.org.nz/files/New-Zealand-Fishing-Economic-Report.pdf
  14. Not hard to call for change,discuss with work mates get them to sign,its not just fish,birds/penguins etc even those that dont fish can help. The fish belong to You and I. as said before they got quota for free,what other resource can /did you get for free and trading it for huge profit and not benefiting NZ?? Not going to happen today tomorrow but enough pressure it will happen,as the Faroe islands stated the lease/profit runs their healthcare win for all.
  15. I have done 2 boat trailers and works great,no sanding but wouldnt hurt to scuff rust,500ml goes along way.paint over any surface rust or not.gives a speckle finish. nephew trailer 25yrs old gets lots of use and original galv holding up,friends trailer 5yr old and yep wheres the galv??did mine a few yrs ago and lasted 5yrs with no rust sign,just done my current trailer,so i expect at least 5 yrs as well.
  16. Just done a trailer with Hammerite,its like a rubber type paint,lasts about 5yrs,galvinising today is done too light,I know galv is done by weight but it nevers seems to last like galv on trailers 20yrs ago. Oh yeah the hammerite https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/hammerite-metal-paint-750ml-silver-grey/p/360894
  17. https://www.threenow.co.nz/shows/the-price-of-fish/the-price-of-fish/S2260-341/M39425-058 It is a must watch,not sure if you need to log in. Have met Dr Daniel Pauly and Everlyn Pinkerton.spent a day with "legasea"at a sypnosium a few yrs ago.They make perfect sense.
  18. harrytom

    Pilot boat

    Can someone explain why poal need 30knt capable vessels,when the old Waitimata/akarana did the same job and lesser speeds.Ships arent going faster,poal know arrival times.So if expecting 2 ships around same time take 2 pilots out.Maybe they need too either A) follow main shipping channel or B )observe safe speeds. Bit like waiheke ferries,yes maintain or suppose to maintain 12knts?? from terminal to bean rock then can exceed but must display all round flashing orange light.Then must use ferry channel from Emu rock to Waiheke. Now my question is,seeing how there is no defined ferry channel from bean rock to Emu rock.Does the ferry have to give way/slow down etc for other users. My understanding is you cannot impede a ferry on a timetable run or vessel over 500t,but for this requierement to met,should their tracks not be marked on a chart. So we cannot impede them or if ferry chose a different course they should loose alrights?
  19. Finally a fine worthy of a mention.Not a wet bus ticket thats for sure. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/sealord-ordered-forfeit-24-million-vessel-bottom-trawling-in-protected-area?fbclid=IwAR3y8tPNskRaCcU3HC0-s-Ne0b-CxGtGfAs3jmLA6xR4Bai2H2_TX6agJeY Sealord has today been ordered to forfeit a $24 million fishing vessel for bottom trawling in a protected area.
  20. export to china australia https://www.seafoodnewzealand.org.nz/fileadmin/documents/Export_data/20.05.10b.pdf Have a scroll you will find the answers.
  21. Hmm boating no good in winter🤣
  22. Km biomass is very important part of the equation .As for bycatch under the proposal there is no bycatch all fish must landed. You must understand "Legasea" is non profit organisation which relies on generous sponsors and donations.There is world of knowledge within and is mostly a volunteer group of like minded persons who want what is best practice to leave stock for furture generations Unlike "Sanfords" and Co who spring up on TV with ads"we only take this much" The commercial sector runs these ads when ever an advocacy group has something over them or knows the truth is going to be expose. Well worth a listen KM infact all. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/07/scrutinising-our-fisheries-quota-regulatory-system.html?fbclid=IwAR1WJ8MFlwq18cUAGR5tL5h_mrfIFfNImQ6CMUEF9JDxR3Rm5wuKgK294DE
  23. 26th july I think you will find?? LegaSea Hawkes Bay 1d · "The Price of Fish" The Documentary TV3 Sunday 26th at 4.50pm Look for it. And if anyone gets this email from mpi beaware it has commercial ties or at least the promoter has. Fish4al wants you to download an app.This app if used possibly will give comms ammo,look its not us but the reccs doing the damage.On good advice from a legasea team member why should we log our details of where how or how many caught when we do not know what comms catch/dump true records are. Department of Conservation: Fishing Survey Dear Fishers, forward to friend and this is part of reply I got. – ex long time leader at WWF, sits very comfortably now making a living from commercial fishing companies with he partner in business .
  24. Knot me,they did not pay 1 single cent for quota at the beginning of QSM,their allocation was based on catch reports,those who falsified reports got little quota. The govt gets nothing from sale of quota between fisherman. Its like buying selling houses,govt gets nil.only time any money is passed on to govt is when one exceeds catch limits and they get a deemed value charge,so its not landed its dumped and if landed they pay a conservation fee of around $1.10 per tonne depending on species. These are facts and general public have no idea what goes on,all Joe Blogs knows is the price in the shop for 5 day old fish. Need to do some homework KMM
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