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  1. but he does Ak council Govt on his back.No more of our money till sorted.Good!
  2. Be interesting to see if Dalton does a David Clarke??
  3. Just watched the AM show and interviews Tom??ex boss for Connor reckons Dalton is on very shaky ground for not seperating his hats cannot be team ceo as well as ceo for finance.tine will tell.
  4. Yes I can think of one admirals cup boat that went to England,based on owner not performance.1970s
  5. So does rule 76.1 not valid with club racing?? 76.1 Yachting New Zealand prescribesthat organising authoritiesshall not accept entriesfrom keel, trailer or multihull boats which are not registered with Yachting New Zealand or with their national authority, or with their International Class Associationsin the names of the current owners and such boats shall not be entitled to race.
  6. As mean as it sounds but I do not support those charities.Ever since the late 90s when aid was sent to such countries as Ethiopia where upon it was discovered warehouse full of rice/grain etc were not being handed out to those in need.Instead weapons were brought.Sounds mean I know. but those countries are looking for aid.This is where I believe the UN needs to enter and distribute food etc. I would have no issue to be taxed an extra $5/10 pw as long as the money aid was being properly supervised and gets to where it is needed. Not having a bunch of collectors roaming the street and making a living and handing over what is left after expenses.
  7. Great thing about NZ defence forces is the ability to respond in natural crisis around the pacific.Cyclones tsunamis etc Sad part is those we help often get the cheque book out and buy from those who have not invested aid. When it comes to helping our pacific nations we need an agreement of Yes we supply relief but in return you need to buy from NZ. Interesting Kevin,no surprises there with Charity.Like most big organisations.Out front "Wow look at what they are doing for the community"behind the scenes how much more profit can squeeze out of those we are helping. Bit like save the children funds.Yep $10 a month to save a child but how much has that organisation taken off the top??
  8. Correct me if I am wrong. To race in most clubs your vessel needs to be registered with YNZ ,current owner details,so YNZ should already have the information required Do they need to who each individual club member is??NO How many race without crew members of a club?? YNZ funding generated through grants and club levies?By insisting asking clubs for member details is it YNZ way of making sure they are receiving all levies??. A club which holds no regattas just has an in house cruising races what benefit do they receive from being affiliated to YNZ.Safety regs can be done in house with a general signing by owners that vessel complies taking away the onus from the race committee??But would it under current OSH rules.About 4yrs ago we had a meeting,the night before the start,to decide on the weekend course due to weather as the race committee felt under OSH regs if it turned to custard they would be seen as trying to eliminate the risks. As some have pointed out they belong to more than one club so double dipping by YNZ.What those on the social membership??
  9. I presume you have tri colour mast light?? if what i am looking at on the pushpit is the port/star nav lights would be near impossible to see from ahead,does the glow at night impede cockpit vision.
  10. Found guilty on 2 of Olivia's hairs found on his vessel?? Now if the police at the time tested every person/vessel who was there and had made contact with Ben/Olivia how many would possibly hair some of there hair on clothing?? My cat has never been in the truck yet I have cat hair purely from brushing against the cat, transmission by association?
  11. if you belong to more than one club,why should you pay additional levy?? The following information is required for each individual club member, including volunteers, life members and club patrons: Member (individual) name and surname Member subscription category Club subscription amount paid Date of birth (not an age band) Email address Gender Ethnicity Surely all a club has to do is say we 300 members and this is levy payable??Guess clubs could supply average entries per race,if they to know how many participate per event?what has gender,ethnicity date of birth,non of ynz bussiness what a club rates are(easy to find out by visiting club web sites) I would have to agree with IT breach of privacy. It would like asking IT/BP for a forum members information.Cannot or should not supply.
  12. If someone has a question and km.wheels answer and then original poster replies.The conversation can still continue after 5 posts by pm each other??
  13. harrytom


    seem to recall 10k was the start price Reserve was $10,000.00 Final bid $20,049.00 Total Bids: 68 Reserve met Reserve was $10,000.00
  14. National is owned by the big fishing companies.The average kiwi wouldnt know what happens in the industry unless its a major accident and gets in the news.The average kiwi moans about the price but buys anyway..Fish are a out of sight out mind food,not farmed natural resource and there is only a limited amount of people who care/understand the destruction of our fisheries. So little public money available to those groups who advocate on our behalf. As in previous threads what political party is going to upset the industry that donates to them??
  15. Just been quoted a cdi pack for a outboard $950 Not happening When I can get one from USA for $225 landed NZ marine industry are not doing themselves any favours.Time will come when the niche sector dries up and they will need to rely on joe average.
  16. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503462&objectid=12291341 Karl does live streaming of what is landed + whats in his cage.His trawl net thing is a first can see what he is catching and can release whats not requiered. Does live stream so customers can see his catch.He is not tied to the big boys.Has his own market. https://www.wwf.org.nz/what_we_do/marine/sustainable_fisheries/better_fishing
  17. MPI minister NASH said cameras must be installed by JUNE this year.Once again industry rules the nest and not happening.Time for NASH to grow balls and say "no cameras no going to sea" https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2019/02/duncan-garner-slams-stuart-nash-over-lack-of-cameras-on-fishing-boats.html https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/381912/fishing-industry-letter-to-stuart-nash-opposes-cameras-on-boats
  18. What he did or try to do is it any worse than Collin Quincy rowing the tasman or kayaking oz to nz?? 1983 sailed a hartly 16 from devonport down to coromandel up to kawau across to barier back to kawau then home. no outboard just me and the cat.trick was no rush over a three week period just waited till reaching and running.no issues at all.The old man was not impressed.
  19. https://rescuefish.co.nz Latest project from Legasea
  20. https://rescuefish.co.nz
  21. Its what we call a learning curve🤣 Who hasnt attempted something out of the ordinary
  22. They are in a 50/50 partnership with "Sanfords" http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/9919782/Korean-fishing-crews-underpaid Dongwon 519, 530 and 701 and the Juham Industries vessel Pacinui. Dongwon is a 50-50 partner with Sanford in a fish-processing operation.
  23. Sealord is 50% Japanese and 50% Maori through Aotearoa fisheries/Moana and yes they do engage foreign crews and vessels. Aotearoa are Ngapuhi based and received their rights from a waitangi tribunal win back 2011
  24. harrytom

    Maritime NZ

    But also fishing out of zone.
  25. harrytom

    Maritime NZ

    Be interesting over the next 6 months how many vehicles do not have WOFs as the govt have passed an exemption bill.Now will that give insurance COs an out??But it up to us to maintain to standards,lights/tread etc but how would one know if the pads are down and brakes not efficient? The insurance have said covered unless a major fault that caused the accident.
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