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  1. Stuart Nash came along waving the big stick about clamping down on dumping ,cameras,foreign ownership etc But I guess the big back handers pays more dividends?? Been reading about The Faroe Islands Fisheries. You lease the quota from govt and you can sell to markets ,direct of the boat etc you are not bound to sell to sanfords/talleys etc. Must use local labour.interesting read. https://www.faroeseseafood.com/fishery-aquaculture/fishery-legislation-and-management One small detail I forgot to mention about our commercial fleet.They didnt pay a brass rassoo for the quota.They got for free based on previous catch records.The only money the government gets (a part from normal taxes) is a token amount for conservation.And this can be anywhere from 20c to $1.20 per tonne. When quota is sold,it is sold amongst themselves and still money to government. I have no problem with deep sea trawling catching hoki/orange roughy.As proven again they have destroyed that fisherary as well.
  2. The gulf is fixable. Those who say they do not fish but buy it,Think again. Trawlers drag a net along the bottom and destroy all fauna,at the end of the net is a cod 4" diamond mesh which allows undersize fish to escape but as net fills up the mesh closes so no fish escapes.Once onboard undersize dumped as per the law.Those bruised ,dumped.Who wants bruised fish?? There are 2 types of fisherman,those with quota those with out who fish on contract.The contractors catch according to what holder wants(generally overseas investor)wrong size/species contractor dumps as no money in it. Those who hold quota fish when right size/species is around. Longliners are our friends/may lay 3000 hooks but once set ,start the retrieval and release unwanted fish alive in most cases.fish is treated with care,not thrown in to hold but placed on ice. Now our kelp beds have gone and the kina have taken over to over fishing,the kelp provided a haven for small fish Yes maybe ban the taking of shellfish from local onshore beaches. Who remembers about 4 yrs ago a major scallop bed found off corromandel.wasnt reccs who destoyed it comm managed to destroy it in 2 seasons. Recreational provide jobs/gst/ through fuel bait new purchases servicing etc we are a Billion Dollar industry. https://www.nzmrf.org.nz/files/New-Zealand-Fishing-Economic-Report.pdf Remember comms never paid a $ for quota,they were given it.The only money Govt recieves is between 20c to $1.20 per tonne a conservation fee. The fish belong to the people. Reccs/customary first comms gets whats left.Shame this never made it to the Statuary books. http://www.option4.co.nz/Your_Rights/moyles.htm Council is responsible for water quality seabed/foreshore and fauna but lots of $$ required to challenge. May change now the green light has been given to BOP council But mpi/fisheries to control stock. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/bay-of-plenty-times/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503343&objectid=12328396 Thirty odd years on and there is still little form of life,fish/kelp etc in the cable zone.Trawl marks still visible today. https://knowledgeauckland.org.nz/media/1269/tr2016-004-assessment-of-the-hauraki-gulf-cable-protection-area.pdf Be careful of what you wish for.Who knows it maybe deemed yachts anchored in a bay as an environment eye sore(visual pollution) Hope that gives a bit of insight to what is happening in our gulf.
  3. Bit like the WOF on your car,only valid on day of issue,up to you to keep things in order. Inspector inspects today and all good,inspector walks away and you return borrowed gear.Cat 4/5 not much chance of a snap inspection.
  4. Boil the crap out of it ,while hot use like a wire tooth brush.
  5. He did a major sell off last year but little information about it.No longer major shareholder.
  6. Goodfellow had a major sell off his shares last year just to Japanese company
  7. Shane Porno Jones as well Ban the bottom trawler. Long lining is the best practice.
  8. Wellsford just out AK so 10c regional tax does not apply.The 2 truck stops around the back of Waharoa can be 20c differerence.z and caltex yet both owned by same company,we have z cards but fill up at caltex.. Cheapest Gull is Ngatea 20c on paeroa gull. According Holden my 3.6lt 2005 vz to use bio fuel.Now thats a joke. Gull bio 13lt per 100km v z 95 8.5lt per 100km open rd at 100k. Checked on a holden forum and seems most had simular results.Cannot see bio in Aussie being any different to ours but who knows? Just checked Wellsford still AK.buggered if I know Why can Rotorua be so cheap,not a one off as down there Wednesday and Saturdays.
  9. I thought it did not matter when the ship left as to price drop/increase. swings and roundabouts?They put fuel up instantly,. fuel all ready in NZ ,overseas oil price increase and it goes up straight away,more profit.fuel drops overseas and the excuse is,waiting to see if it settles before dropping price. This is something the AA keeps gong on about.Its all in the fuel COs favour. Here in Ak south 91 $1.96 yet in Rotorua this morning 91 $1.67 add on 10c reginal tax so AK should be $1.77. Yet Hamilton 91 $1.83.
  10. But does the RRS exempt a vessel racing to pass a non racing vessel closer than 50m at more than 5knots?? NO the RRs is over ridden by collision regs Been out fishing and due to wind change has put us in line for the a race fleet,have had to yell out Anchored. Been in the opposite and made room around those anchored.It call courtesy.Which we all need to play apart.
  11. Risk of collision ynz https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/sites/default/files/2018-10/YNZ Safety Regulations of Sailing 17-20 (Final) (small).pdf 2.0 SKIPPER’S (MASTER’S) RESPONSIBILITY, CREW RESPONSIBILITY 2.2 The Maritime Transport Act 1994 states that the master of the vessel is at all times responsible for the safety of the vessel, the safety of those on board, discipline on board and for complying with all maritime rules, regulations and bylaws. 2.3 Neither the establishment of these Safety Regulations, their use by Organising Authorities, nor the inspection of a yacht under these Regulations in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the skipper. I take it from YNZ that in a situation where collision is enimate(port/starbord/luffing etc)if the give way vessels then the obligation is on the vessel who has rights to give way to avoid a collision then take action by form of protest. I still claim a non racing vessel meets a racing vessel collision reg apply.
  12. Whether racing or cruising the collision rules will always over ride YNZ or any other local rules,including local bylaws from harbour master.Just where you find the harbour master rules remains a mystery.Use to be posted at various ramps,wharfs and seem to recall them at Westhaven.
  13. Can some one please point out the use of a fog horn,if in dense fog very hard to direct what direction it is coming from.So you have a fleet of 15 vessels all horning away at 1 long/2 short every 2 minutes.Utter confusion. As per international collision regs 22.35 yet nothing YNZ apart from carrying a horn??
  14. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/spear-fisher-rescued-600-metres-off-shore-kaikoura-beach-coastguard
  15. Fuel rebates. Off road,logging trucks or vehicles used in the bush.non public rds. Loggers take hubo reading and claim distance not used and those vehicles which are solely bush used are generally refuelled by tanker in bush or supply tank at base. So no tax. Marine should be tax free providing you refuel at a marina or other marine facility. Tax should not be charged.(perhaps like the aussies,different coloured fuel,get caught using it other than the purpose forestry/agri big fines). To fund marine facilities like boat ramps etc quite simple really.I am a fan of compulsory boat registration when the fee would be used for such facilities.(not an over the top fee) but then again rates etc pay for sports fields that I do not use so a ramp is my sport facility?? Private aircraft fuel should tax free as you pay club/aerodrome fee I suppose.Its not like drive to BP and refuel plane so if fuel was same colour as agri/log sector why tax. get caught using it in private vehicle yeah have a fine. The diesel tax on small trucks was set at 3t from memory and if you work it out via road user charges probably paying more than we do to run 40 odd tonne.And part of the reason is running more axles does less damage.But with 4 axle 26 deck trailers around suburbs yep I can chew up the road nicely with tight turns as our suburban rds are not designed for these trailers. Not matter how or what they do with fuel taxes it is going to be unfair for some.
  16. Boating Tasmania during lockdown. https://www.mast.tas.gov.au/covid-19-updated-recreational-boating-guidelines-2/?fbclid=IwAR29My_ZAYgB29xNHB-kZ0YC5RDRYGmXuAf8oQKzdP-76S7rm3wCtZTNlL4 Can I stay overnight on my larger cruising boat? Only if it is your primary residence and you have elected to stay there from 11:59pm on 30 March 2020. Can I carry out essential maintenance on my boat? Yes, but if the boat is in a marina please check with the marina manager for conditions that may apply. Fishing etc is still allowed.
  17. There may lie your problem hr drive each way,Which may suggest you might going from one suburb to another?? But I wouldnt worry too much looking at the amount of cars on the southern motorway in fact cars in general.Went to Tauranga and back(work) and the police were at the Thames sh2 roundabout today.obviously some come to AK for a weekend and Mr plod and friend were issuing tickets I presume as pads in hand.
  18. Theres a catch to those ,must be stopped and smooth water.Tried one out ,thought for the price cant go wrong.might be ok in a kayak.
  19. Had reason for them to tow us up the tamaki river to our mooring once,water pump failure and where was the spare impeller,at home by mistake,left the old one onboard.Out going tide with no wind.Any way they towed us up on a short tow to almost our mooring and the barged us to the mooring ,did it in a complete seamanship manner,no issues what so ever. For a VOLUNTEER coast guard and I have no problem paying them to do what they do .$115 is fair and reasonable.
  20. acetone will be fine on dacron ,do you have a piece of mylar around as test??Some yrs ago at lake pupuke a moth turned up with a bunrt type hole in sail,turned out was cat pee.
  21. I was just thinking the other day whether sloop had anything on the board,Well done!
  22. You will be have to a log book course,easy as,Med cert,then maybe get a class 2,4 wheeler,6 months maybe class 4 then if you want the full monty truck n trailer in 2 yrs but you can do a 3 day course I believe and get the whole lot in one hit $1600 there abouts.Been off work fully paid last 3 weeks,semi driver, quad 26 deck DAF 520 or 620r scania. money is there nowdays.
  23. Fish, How long ago did you let your licence lapse??? Depending on time frame its not just Med cert and a driving test,and your away rules have changed, What class did you have. I think more than 5yrs its a restart.
  24. Ardern said"No motorised boating"so sail on/off marina,buy a kayak,go rowing??
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