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  1. One another thing to check is worn or loose zinc on shaft. Have you checked engine mounts?
  2. had that before and simple matter,it a transfer from prop to engine,bit of growth once cleaned noise stopped
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=2328299 Mangawai now,was warkworth same person,tried to bid on this https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2465520428&archive=1
  4. He was selling one at Okahu Bay haul out $15k,Had a boat builder(who happened to working on vessel next door)He said it had delaminated as very unfair. Question Jason about it and got blocked.
  5. Yep,I questioned him once and got black listed,was interested on a jack Cropp about 5yrs ago,didnt like my question
  6. Under health and safety they would as you are a paying client.
  7. The seal has made westhaven its home? The marina management have accepted the seal? So if the marina have accepted it surely they must have an obligation to provide safe passage to or from the marina or dinghy ramps.
  8. Might want to check that out first, https://customsdutyfree.com/new-zealand-free-trade-agreements-and-tax-exemptions-2 Austtralia does not appear on list New Zealand – Free trade agreements and tax exemptions
  9. harrytom


  10. havent chem bags been out lawed in marinas for sometime now?
  11. In the bilge I have found good old sunlight detergent has worked a treat. As for diesel smell in jackets etc no success. Smell good when dry and put away till needed and theres that smell again.
  12. might have a small filter before the carb which can clog,if not dirt in needles
  13. harrytom


    plugged in my cfx waeco after sitting for 12 months and yep still ok,apparently seals dry out so Im lucky.
  14. Does the pump bulb stay tight??if not it is the bulb.
  15. harrytom


    Do not buy the waeco tropica??cold/warm useless,as above the waeco cfx 40 is the way to go.can leave running all day/night no problem but like every others chiller food/drink needs to cold first for best result.
  16. seems clear enough you pay https://www.customs.govt.nz/personal/move-to-nz-permanently/vehicles-boats-and-planes You can get a “household items” concession if: you’re moving to NZ, or moving back after 21 months or more away, and you’ve used the items for their intended purpose. This means you won’t have to pay GST and duties on some items. You can also get concessions on: private vehicles, including: motorcycles cars scooters motorhomes camper vans ambulances boats aircraft. If you don’t qualify for concessionsIf you don’t qualify for concessions, you will have to pay: GST on motorcycles, cars and planes GST and Customs duty of 5% on private boats (yachts and other vessels for pleasure or sport) New rules 1/12/19 buying online subject to gst regardless of value.
  17. Do not forget all overseas purchases now how GST from 1/12/2019 At a guess the GST was payable when yacht being built in NZ and a claim for GST filed when exported,so now you want to import it maybe subject to GST
  18. How will the effect the viaduct for the next cup??hopefully be forced to dump on land.
  19. The question is,Did someone row out from the marina as being the closest or someone roaming around in dinghy targeting vessels just that other possible robberies havent been reported yet?? Thought security did their rounds via water??
  20. This would annoy them if everyone kept ringing http://www.leopardseals.org/ 1. PHONE; please immediately call 0800 LEOPARD (0800 5367273) (valid in New Zealand only)
  21. Unfortunately the only way DOC or Council will act is when someone actually gets attacked,
  22. litle honda 2.3 are great air cooled motors,bit on the heavy side if carrying a distance but never had a starting issue,the thing to watch out for is water getting up in the housing,the centrifugal clutch doesnt like it.
  23. Bugger,which piles though??
  24. Yep 50% of sunscreens didn't met Their claim but they still protect.
  25. harrytom


    surf clams most likely exported,what you get in the supermarket are dredge cockles and we all know the beds are thinning,lots of AK beach get closures.There was a bay on Ponui island that produce 50mm/70mm cockles right through the 70s well in to the 90s.Went back in 2012 and nil,what we found was a black sludge which has since found out is sediment washed from the beachlands area and even dredging silt from pine harbour,speaking of which since pine harbour has gone in the little island to the south of pine harbour had sweet mussels. The mussels there now will make you crook.The beach south of beachlands Te puna?? had cockle right up to early 2000,now nil and black sludge.
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