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  1. we had it on to warm up on the sunday morning this year, it was rather nice I might be on a different boat next year....
  2. yes, sounds exactly like what he got. at that stage the thru hull exhaust was an imported part as they were still setting up manufacturing of their own.
  3. I know someone that has installed on of those. He is a marine engineer and a bit fussy, he is very happy with the unit.
  4. I have a cracked alternator bracket, its cast and has been welded already. Its been suggested that further welding isn't likely to be that great. Tired the Engine Room but they have a different bracket and don't have any suggestions on this one. Thought I would try here before getting something made...
  5. not very far at all, the weather was much better though, and the tugs were attached.
  6. Zozza, looking at the GoFlex website they seem to be around 9v nominal voltage, is that right? https://goflexsolar.co.nz/ourproducts/
  7. grant

    marine deals

    that would be Barton Marine (physical store) and Discount marine is their on-line store
  8. there are annual surveys done around most ports, wharves etc to identify and track and pest species, not sure if they extend to checking anchorages, MPI should be able to answer that
  9. no, that's not correct.
  10. Mana to the sounds is not that bad, I've done in a boat slower than a weta,(see my photo) also had the benefit of a motor when the wind died and easy to adjust sail. If you can get it delivered I would talk to the freight office at StraitNZ (Bluebridge) you need the freight part not the Bluebridge passenger side. Mana cruising club is a good idea too.
  11. If i was ducking the stern of a boat out for a cruise I'd be worried about fishing lines.....
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