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  1. nilodor.you can get it from the chemist
  2. My understanding is that there is a large waiting list for boats to get into Westhaven.
  3. I Don't agree with "A". Isn't there already a waiting list ?
  4. Das Boot is brilliant. There's also a TV series on netflix of it. Not as good as the movie but still pretty good. Con Thode said that Das Boot was the nearest he had ever seen to the real thing.
  5. twisty

    Theft on piles

    I'm sure it was another yachty as they left a pair of sailing gloves behind. I agree Waikiore, the boat is definately minimalist in stuff worth stealing. On a brighter note I was contacted by an officer in the Maritime police unit so someone has stirred up some action! To be fair I don't expect the police to spend much time on it as there are plenty more important things out there.
  6. twisty

    Theft on piles

    Date was sometime after last wednesday (not 100% sure) and before monday which is when I reported it. Pile # 469 (Iorangi). As I said earlier I have no problem with westhaven office staff, they were very helpful.
  7. twisty

    Theft on piles

    The new buiding on College Hill
  8. twisty

    Theft on piles

    I went to the marina office yesterday. They were very good. They said they could only release camera footage to the police, which they were happy to do. I went to the police to file a report. They couldn't be less interested. The lady behind the counter said they would take the details but would not be doing anything about it. She then put on her best patronising tone and said I should check the boat more often and take the electronics home. I can't say they impressed me much. Unfortunately my excess is reasonably high to keep the premium a bit less nasty, so no point claiming. First time in 35 years that I've had a boat burgled, not a great feeling.
  9. twisty

    Theft on piles

    right on the end by the floating dock in westhaven
  10. Hi You might like to be aware that there is a thief around on the piles. My boat was broken into and the GPS and Autohelm was stolen within the last few days. Be wary ! Was very kind of the b#$#@^& to leave a set of sailing gloves.
  11. Done. They actually answered and were aware of it.
  12. Rang coast guard, no answer. Rang non emergency police, no answer. Welcome to the modern automated don't give a s#$@ world. Anyone got any ideas on who to contact ?
  13. I have a mate who owns a Beale. He is always a bit disparaging of it. I keep telling him that in 50 years it will be seen as a 1980's Logan along with Townson's Youngs etc
  14. twisty

    Copper tingle

    Hadn't thought of that !
  15. twisty

    Copper tingle

    Hi I've got a leak I want to do a temporary repair on until the boat comes out next year. I want to put a copper tingle on it but can't figure out where to buy copper sheet from. Any ideas ? Thanks
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